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The Cosmos of the Yucatec Maya

Author : Merideth Paxton
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Flourishing by A.D. 250-300, Maya civilization extended over large sections of modern Mexico and Guatemala, as well as Belize, and into present-day El Salvador and Honduras. The pre-Conquest inhabitants of this vast area left important clues to their understanding of religious and historical events in the remains of their architecture, painting, sculpture, distinctive polychrome ceramics, and sophisticated hieroglyphic writing. A vital key to understanding these clues is an appreciation of the solar, lunar, and planetary cycles that are woven through the Maya chronological records. The Maya concepts of time figured heavily in their association of human rulers with celestial deities and cosmic events, and in the physical orientation of cities and buildings. In fact, scholars are now realizing that virtually every aspect of pre-Hispanic Mayan life was ordered by a religion based on the apparent annual movement of the sun through the sky. In The Cosmos of the Yucatec Maya, Merideth Paxton provides an ingenious and thorough new study of parts of two of the Maya books, or codices, with particular focus on a previously unrecognized image of the solar year that appears in the manuscript known as the Madrid Codex. The motif of the solar year also underlies her identification of a regional organization among the ruins of the Yucatec Maya settlements. Incorporating analyses of art, archaeology, astronomy, and colonial and modern ethnography pertaining to Yucatán, as well as studies of sixteenth-century Spanish beliefs, Dr. Paxton elicits fascinating new meanings from her sources and she invites Mesoamerican specialists and students to consider links between components of pre-Conquest Maya civilization. This innovative, scholarly text is essential reading for all who are interested in Mesoamerica, and it is sure to stimulate additional developments in the field of Maya cosmology and ideology.

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

Author : John Major Jenkins
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While researching the 2012 end-date of the Maya Calendar, John Major Jenkins decoded the Maya's galactic cosmology. The Maya discovered that the periodic alignment of the Sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy is the formative influence on human evolution. These alignments also define a series of World Ages. The fourth age ends on December 21, 2012, when an epoch chapter in human history will come to an end. Maya Cosmogenisis 2012 reveals the Maya's insight into the cyclic nature of time, and prepares us for our own cosmogenesis--the birth of a new world.

The PARI Journal

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Yucatec Maya Stories

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Star Gods of the Maya

Author : Susan Milbrath
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Observations of the sun, moon, planets, and stars played a central role in ancient Maya lifeways, as they do today among contemporary Maya who maintain the traditional ways. This pathfinding book reconstructs ancient Maya astronomy and cosmology through the astronomical information encoded in Precolumbian Maya art and confirmed by the current practices of living Maya peoples. Susan Milbrath opens the book with a discussion of modern Maya beliefs about astronomy, along with essential information on naked-eye observation. She devotes subsequent chapters to Precolumbian astronomical imagery, which she traces back through time, starting from the Colonial and Postclassic eras. She delves into many aspects of the Maya astronomical images, including the major astronomical gods and their associated glyphs, astronomical almanacs in the Maya codices [painted books], and changes in the imagery of the heavens over time. This investigation yields new data and a new synthesis of information about the specific astronomical events and cycles recorded in Maya art and architecture. Indeed, it constitutes the first major study of the relationship between art and astronomy in ancient Maya culture.

Latin American Indian Literatures Journal

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Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World

Author : Lynn V. Foster
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This comprehensive and accessible reference explores the greatest and most mysterious of civilizations, hailed for its contributions to science, mathematics, and technology. Each chapter is supplemented by an extensive bibliography as well as photos, original line drawings, and maps.

Time and the Highland Maya

Author : Barbara Tedlock
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Described as a landmark in the ethnographic study of the Maya, this study of ritual and cosmology among the contemporary Quiché Indians of highland Guatemala has now been updated to address changes that have occurred in the last decade. The Classic Mayan obsession with time has never been better known. Here, Barbara Tedlock redirects our attention to the present-day keepers of the ancient calendar. Combining anthropology with formal apprenticeship to a diviner, she refutes long-held ethnographic assumptions and opens a door to the order of the Mayan cosmos and its daily ritual. Unable to visit the region for over ten years, Tedlock returned in 1989 to find that observance of the traditional calendar and religion is stronger than ever, despite a brutal civil war. ". . . a well-written, highly readable, and deeply convincing contribution. . . ." --Michael Coe

British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America the Caribbean Portugal and Spain

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The Cygnus Mystery

Author : Andrew Collins
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In this book, Andrew Collins reveals that the Cygnus constellation is the key to unlocking humanity's belief in the orgin of life in the heavens.

The Yucatan and Mayan Mexico

Author : Nick Rider
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Whether travelers are planning their city break in advance or want instant guidance exploring, Cadogan City Guides are the ideal companions. They provide a truly accessible way into the heart of a city, with a unique introductory full-color section packed with ideas for days out and itineraries and extensive, cross-referenced maps with all listings clearly marked (the fullest listings of any city guide available). They also include a wealth of engaging cultural and historical knowledge, along with anecdotes and colorful stories written in the enthusiastic, informed, personal way for which Cadogan is renowned. The Yucatan capital of Cancun boasts one of the ten biggest resorts in the world, and Mexico's stunning Caribbean coastline is one of the world's fastest-growing holiday areas. Visitor figures have risen to over 10 million a year, and 90% of them come from the United States. The guide balances practical advice and information on the best places to dive, kayak, and parasail, with engrossing background detail. It features informed and sensitive commentary on the culture and history of the Yucatan, its Spanish colonial heritage, and modern Mayan communities. The author lived in Spain for many years and has traveled tens rely in Mexico. Special sections provide insights into the area's prolific ancient Mayan legacy: the magnificent ins of Tulum and Chichen ltza and the Giant Catacombs at Loltun. The guide encompasses the staggering diversity of the southern states, revealing empty tropical beaches, wild-turtle islands, old pirate villages, and the most glorious coral reefs in the world.

The Madrid Codex

Author : Gabrielle Vail
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This volume offers new calendrical models and methodologies for reading, dating, and interpreting the general significance of the Madrid Codex. The longest of the surviving Maya codices, this manuscript includes texts and images painted by scribes conversant in Maya hieroglyphic writing, a written means of communication practiced by Maya elites from the second to the fifteenth centuries A.D. Some scholars have recently argued that the Madrid Codex originated in the Petén region of Guatemala and postdates European contact. The contributors to this volume challenge that view by demonstrating convincingly that it originated in northern Yucatán and was painted in the Pre-Columbian era. In addition, several contributors reveal provocative connections among the Madrid and Borgia group of codices from Central Mexico. Contributors include: Harvey M. Bricker, Victoria R. Bricker, John F. Chuchiak IV, Christine L. Hernández, Bryan R. Just, Merideth Paxton, and John Pohl. Additional support for this publication was generously provided by the Eugene M. Kayden Fund at the University of Colorado.

The Impact of Christianity on Colonial Maya Ancient Mexico China and Japan

Author : Shinji Yamase
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Author : Graham St. John
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A cultural history of global electronic dance music countercultures, Technomad explores the pleasurable and activist trajectories of post-rave. The book documents an emerging network of techno-tribes, exploring their pleasure principles and cultural politics. Attending to sound system culture, electro-humanitarianism, secret sonic societies, teknivals and other gatherings, intentional parties, revitalisation movements and counter-colonial interventions, Technomad investigates how the dance party has been harnessed for transgressive and progressive ends, for manifold freedoms. Seeking freedom from moral prohibitions and standards, pleasure in rebellion, refuge from sexual and gender prejudice, exile from oppression, rupturing aesthetic boundaries, re-enchanting the world, reclaiming space, fighting for the right to party, and responding to a host of critical concerns, electronic dance music cultures are multivalent sites of resistance. Drawing on extensive ethnographic, netogaphic and documentary research, Technomad details the post-rave trajectory through various local sites and global scenes, with each chapter attending to unique developments in the techno counterculture: e.g. Spiral Tribe, teknivals, psytrance, Burning Man, Reclaim the Streets, Earthdream. The book offers an original nuanced theory of resistance to assist understanding of these developments. This cultural history of hitherto uncharted territory will be of interest to students of cultural, performance, music, media, and new social movement studies, along with enthusiasts of dance culture and popular politics.

Handbook of Mesoamerican Mythology

Author : Kay Almere Read
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Continuity and invention characterize Mesoamerican mythic tradition. Some contemporary themes have endured relatively unchanged for thousands of years, others have appeared as new inventions drawing on older traditions. Many myths since the Spanish conquest in 1521 combine essential elements of both indigenous traditions and Christianity in a way that expressess simultaneously their close links with the past and ability to creatively adapt to new situations and demands.

In Love and War Hummingbird Lore and Other Selected Papers from LAILA ALILA s 1988 Symposium

Author : Mary H. Preuss
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The Hispanic American Historical Review

Author : James Alexander Robertson
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Includes "Bibliographical section".

An Epoch of Miracles

Author : Allan F. Burns
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Author : Peter J. Schmidt
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A Linguistic Analysis of Tzeltal Maya Ethnosymptomatology

Author : Luisa Maffi
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