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The Cross and the Prodigal

Author : Kenneth E. Bailey
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Drawing on his extensive knowledge of both the New Testament and Middle Eastern culture, Kenneth E. Bailey presents an interpretation of the parable of the prodigal son from a Middle Eastern perspective and, in doing so, powerfully demonstrates its essentially Christian message.

The Cross and the Prodigal

Author : Kenneth E. Bailey
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During his many years in the Middle East, Kenneth Bailey often lived in villages, thus experiencing peasant life first hand. In getting to know the local people, his understanding of the original meaning of the parables of Christ was greatly enriched. In The Cross and the Prodigal, Kenneth Bailey draws on these insights to bring out not only the literary meaning of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, but also its emotional impact on the original hearers.In the one-act play, 'Two Sons Have I Not', contained in the second part of the book, the author brings into the open the parable's underlying conflicts: Law versus love, servanthood versus sonship, preservation of family honour versus restoration of family fellowship. These conflicts are brought to a climax in the banquet scene that ends the parable.With this reprint, the author's insights into the Parable of the Prodigal Son are made available to a new generation. Kenneth Bailey's writings on the parables of Jesus continue to be brilliantly illuminating.

A Prodigal Return

Author : Ken Jones
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In A Prodigal Return: Reflections of a Grateful Heart, you will be encouraged in your walk with God. Ken Jones shares intimately from his own experiences, from his struggle as an alcoholic to his days working as a counselor for troubled kids. Personally familiar with God's forgiveness and compassion, he passionately expresses what God has shown him. If you've ever thought, I'm a Christian. Now what? these devotions will speak to your heart and inspire you to greater faith. Ken Jones gives faith-building suggestions that are touching and humorous. A Prodigal Return shows that God always welcomes the prodigal. If you're seeking to draw closer to God, A Prodigal Return will help you on your path to greater commitment. You no longer have to struggle alone. These devotions will guide you on your daily journey.

The Cross of Christ

Author : John Stott
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Why should the cross--an object of Roman distaste and Jewish disgust--be the emblem of our worship and the axiom of our faith? And what does it mean for us today? In this thoughtful, comprehensive study of Scripture, tradition and the modern world, John R. W. Stott brings you face to face with the centrality of the cross in God's plan of redemption.

The Music of the Cross Or Songs of the Ransomed Designed to Celebrate the Praises of Atoning Love Especially Adapted to the Lord s Supper

Author : David Ives
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Prodigal Christianity

Author : David E. Fitch
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An engaging and thoughtful book that guides readers into the frontiers of being a missional Christian Prodigal Christianity offers a down-to-earth, accessible, and yet provocative understanding of God's mission of redemption in the world, and how followers of Christ can participate in this work. It speaks into the discontent of all those who have exhausted conservative, liberal, and even emergent ways of being Christian and are looking for a new way forward. It offers building blocks for missional theology and practice that moves Christians into a gospel-centered way of life for our culture and our times. Offers a compelling and creative vision for North American Christians Puts forth a theology and ten critical signposts that must be observed to follow a missional way of life: post-Christendom, missio Dei, incarnation, witness, scripture, gospel, church, sexuality, justice, pluralism Asks questions and points to issues that trouble many leaders in the post-modern, post-denominational, post-Christendom church This book can fill the gap for the average Christian left discontented with the current options "after evangelicalism."

The Prodigal Son A Sermon on Luke Xv 20 Etc

Author : Charles WHITE (Dissenting Minister.)
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The Prodigal Son

Author : John F. MacArthur
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Previously published as A Tale of Two Sons Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus told a simple parable about a family . . . a father and his two sons. It was a story of rebellion, repentance, and unfathomable grace. The Parable of the Prodigal Son still stands out as a crucial lesson about our struggle with sin and dependence on divine salvation. But there is a part of this story that often goes untold. It’s a message you need to hear. This powerful book provides fascinating new insight into one of the Bible’s most important stories. Using accurate and captivating historical context, John MacArthur invites you to hear the parable of the prodigal son as it was originally intended. Beautiful in their simplicity, rich in God’s forgiveness, these twenty-two verses from Luke will reawaken you to a new understanding of God’s love and the joy our repentance brings to Him. You are about to experience a tale of inexhaustible grace and an ending you’ve never heard before.

Prodigal Son Prodigal Daughter Come Back Home

Author :
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Prodigal Pig Bait

Author : Susan Becker
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Cross and Kh ra

Author : Marko Zlomislic
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This volume poses the question of the relationship between the two main influences on the thought of John D. Caputo, one of the most well-known philosophers of religion working in North America today: Jacques Derrida and Jesus Christ. Given the seemingly abstract character of Derrida's account of the messianic, how can one reconcile deconstruction and the concrete messianism of Christianity, as Caputo tries to do over and over again? How can one hold together the love of a God willing to be crucified and the dry, desert khôra, which doesn't care? This collection of essays from world-renowned scholars seeks to illuminate the difficulties inherent in this seemingly contradictory pair of influences. With his trademark wit and humor, Caputo responds to his interlocutors while clarifying his position on numerous matters of interest to the church and in the academy. In addition to dealing with the concern for issues of hermeneutics, phenomenology, and negative theology for which Caputo has become famous, these essays also evaluate Caputo's legacy in fields previously not thought to be affected by his deconstructive version of religion: feminism, sacramental theology, Analytic philosophy of religion, and Christology.

The Prodigal Judge Volume 1 of 2 EasyRead Super Large 20pt Edition

Author : Vaughan Kester
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The Prodigal Evangelical

Author : Gerard Kelly
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The Christian faith is about grace, not law, yet the evangelical church gets it wrong. Gerard Kelly uses the story of the Prodigal Son to unpack the idea, explaining as he does so why he is still willing to describe himself as part of the tribe. This book explores in depth the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, suggesting that this one story carries in concentrated form the DNA of the message of Jesus. Exploring this parable and the wider biblical story arc in which it is set, The Prodigal Evangelical suggests a reframing of the gospel narrative in four key words: beauty, brokenness, forgiveness and invitation. These four words describe the human condition ' we are beautiful, broken, forgiven and invited ' and create a telling of the Christian story that centres on the breadth and depth of the love of God. This is the narrative at the heart of evangelical faith. The Prodigal Evangelical embraces the death of Christ as essentially about forgiveness. The cross is where it becomes possible both to be forgiven and to forgive: this is the game-changing force that creates the Christian movement. In both dimensions the forgiveness offered is unilateral. The Prodigal Evangelical leads directly to Gerard's personal experience of the cross as a life-changing encounter.

The Prodigal Daughter

Author : Barbara Wilson
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4313 tells of a young man's colorful initiation into the United States Marine Corps, his discovery of Radio, and his journey into and through that selective and often veiled world. The book tells, not without irony and wit, of Quantico, Parris Island and Camp Lejeune as the story moves into the sphere of more than a dozen radio stations from North Carolina to New York City. It is a revealing tale of two worlds beyond whose portals few ever get to see.

The Prodigal God

Author : Timothy Keller
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In THE PRODIGAL GOD, New York pastor Timothy Keller uses the story of the prodigal son to shine a light on the central, beautiful message of Jesus: the gospel of grace, hope and salvation.Keller argues that the parable of the prodigal son, while Jesus’ best-known parable, is also his least understood. He introduces the reader to all the characters in this timeless story, showing that it concerns not just a wayward son, but also a judgemental older brother and, most importantly, a loving father.This short but powerful book is a reminder to the faithful, an explanation to the seeker, and finally an invitation to all – both older and younger brothers – to enter in to the ‘unique, radical nature of the gospel’: the reckless, spendthrift love of God.

The Cross of Christ

Author : John R. W. Stott
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In this thoughtful, comprehensive study of Scripture, tradition and the modern world, John R. W. Stott brings readers face to face with the centrality of the cross in God's plan of redemption.

The Prodigal System of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Author : J. Emmett Beam
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In today's world, relationships and lives are destroyed by conflict, greed, deception, betrayal, abandonment, abuse and other cruel acts of violence. Stories of Ponzi schemes, unethical financial dealings, infidelity, gang violence and terrorism are common place in the news. Such acts result in financial ruin, divorce, physical pain, emotional trauma and even death of loved ones. Our first instinct is to pay back evil for evil and take our own revenge. Yet is that the best course? This book explores and examines some tough questions, including: [ Is it possible to recover from the loss, grief and trauma resulting from an injustice? [ Will post-traumatic stress plague a victim of violence forever? [ How can relationships be restored after betrayal or adultery? [ Is it possible to forgive someone who has cruelly or violently injured us? [ Can we actually "love our enemies" as instructed in the Bible? [ Can we get forgiveness from God after committing violence, infidelity or murder? [ Is there a key to personal healing, no matter what someone has experienced? The good news is there is a key to personal healing and a way to recover from the losses, grief and traumas of life. And it's called forgiveness. The Parable System of Forgiveness and Reconciliation provides a practical, proven method of forgiving anyone for any type of injustice. It also describes how to restore and reconcile broken relationships. This invaluable resource will help you do one of the hardest things you'll ever do for your own personal healing: forgive someone who has betrayed, abused, violated, or committed a violent offense against you or a loved one.

When a Prodigal Breaks Your Heart

Author : Nancy Ferrin
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By 1993, God had blessed Nancy Ferrin with six precious children. One was taken home to heaven soon after birth, but the others were her treasures here on earth. The early years were uneventful and filled with activities, family fun, and spiritual training. However, the teen years led one son on an unexpected, destructive path. Heartbreak grew when a few years later, her only daughter followed in her brother’s footsteps. During those agonizing years, God’s peace sustained Nancy as she turned to Him repeatedly for understanding and strength. Because there are countless other parents dealing with similar struggles, this book is intended to help with the confusion and uncertainty of the prodigal years.

Through the Eyes of a Prodigal

Author : Danny Casas Jr
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Have you lost hope that your wayward son or daughter will ever return to Christ? In this powerful book, Through the Eyes of a Prodigal, Pastor Danny challenges you to believe that God is still able to set them free! A former prodigal himself, he knows this personally. As a teenager, Danny turned away from the Lord and fell deep into sin. Eventually, returning to the Lord, he shares his poignant story and examples of other prodigals to re-ignite hope to those whose flame is dying. In this inspiring book, you will find: Powerful stories of prodigals coming home Insight for parents with "rebellious church kids" A direct message to prodigals Practical steps in reaching them today What awesome revelation and insight into the mind and heart of a former prodigal. Pastor Danny's openness and transparency about his life experiences gives us firsthand knowledge into how and why someone who is raised in church by godly parents can turn away from God. More importantly, his book gives parents hope that no matter how impossible things might look, God's word never left him. For parents who look to Proverbs 22:6 as God's promise for their children, this book reinforces that promise. -Richard Salazar, senior pastor, New Harvest Norwalk

If the Prodigal Were a Daughter

Author : Janice Chaffee
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Chaffee invites readers to explore four parables that she sensitively retells using female characters, 21st-Century settings, and contemporary situations. This powerful, insightful journey encourages women to look at the power of the parable verses plus the contemporary retellings, helping them look closer at why Jesus was sharing the message during His day.