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The Crying of Rainbirds

Author : Noel D. Williams
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When the Rainbird Cries

Author : Alexander Kanengoni
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Season of the Rainbirds

Author : Nadeem Aslam
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The highly acclaimed and Betty Trask Award winning debut from the author of Maps for Lost Lovers A sack of letters lost in a train crash nineteen years previously has mysteriously reappeared, and the inhabitants of a small town in Pakistan are waiting anxiously to see what long buried secrets will come to light. Could the letters have any bearing on Judge Anwar's murder? In one of the most exquisite fictional debuts of recent years, Nadeem Aslam creates an exotic and timeless world, but one whose traditional rituals of everyday life are played out against an ominous backdrop of faraway civil wars, assassinations, changing regimes, and religious tensions. 'Vivid and poignant.' Evening Standard 'Poised and troubling.' The Times 'A real treat.' Daily Telegraph 'One of the most impressive first novels of recent years.' Salman Rushdie

Rainbird s Revenge

Author : M.C. Beaton
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The final book in M.C. Beaton's charming A House for the Season series. Love comes home to A House for the Season! When the Duke of Pelham returns to his town house at 67 Clarges Street he is grimly determined to find himself a suitable wife, and love will have nothing to do with his selection. The duke's search is soon disrupted by the arrival in town of Miss Jenny Sutherland - a beautiful but hugely spoilt country girl whose vanity is overwhelming. In fact it was her guardian who brought her to London in the hope her ward will get the put-down she so sorely deserves. But no one had counted on the intervention of Rainbird, the duke's shrewd and resourceful butler. Befriending Jenny, they devise a mischievous scheme that will ensure Jenny's social success - and secure, once and for all, the fate of the close-knit family of servants at No. 67 Clarges Street! 'Romance fans are in for a treat' - Booklist '[M. C. Beaton] is the best of the Regency writers' - Kirkus Reviews

The Rainbird

Author : Nancy Garfield Woodbridge
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In The Rainbird, the land is in drought. There is danger that the herds of goats may die because there is no grass to eat and no water to drink. Gideon has heard of the rainbird that lives high up at the top of a mountain in Kenya in East Africa and, if seen, could bring his tribe rain. Gideon climbs to the top of the mountain against his parents’ wishes to try to save his tribe and the animals. After he climbs the mountain trying to find the rainbird, he comes down the mountain, not sure if he has seen it. His feet are torn and bleeding from the climb, and waiting for him at the bottom of the mountain is his little brother, Peter, who helps him get home to their hut safely.


Author : Rabia Gale
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She’s a halfbreed in hiding. Rainbird never belonged. To one race, she’s chattel. To the other, she’s an abomination that should never have existed. She lives on the sunway. High above the ground, Rainbird is safe, as long as she does her job, keeps her head down, and never ever draws attention to herself. But one act of sabotage is about to change everything. For Rainbird. And for her world.

The Novel in Africa and the Caribbean since 1950

Author : Simon Gikandi
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Why did the novel take such a long time to emerge in the colonial world? And, what cultural work did it come to perform in societies where subjects were not free and modes of social organization diverged from the European cultural centers where the novel gained its form and audience? Answering these questions and more, Volume 11, The Novel in Africa and the Caribbean since 1950 explores the institutions of cultural production that exerted influence in late colonialism, from missionary schools and metropolitan publishers to universities and small presses. How these structures provoke and respond to the literary trends and social peculiarities of Africa and the Caribbean impacts not only the writing and reading of novels in those regions, but also has a transformative effect on the novel as a global phenomenon. Together, the volume's 32 contributing experts tell a story about the close relationship between the novel and the project of decolonization, and explore the multiple ways in which novels enable readers to imagine communities beyond their own and thus made this form of literature a compelling catalyst for cultural transformation. The authors show that, even as the novel grows in Africa and the Caribbean as a mark of the elites' mastery of European form, it becomes the essential instrument for critiquing colonialism and for articulating the new horizons of cultural nationalism. Within this historical context, the volume examines works by authors such as Chinua Achebe, Nadine Gordimer, George Lamming, Jamaica Kincaid, V.S. Naipaul, Zoe Wicomb, J. M. Coetzee, and many others.

Short Story

Author : Paul March-Russell
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This new general introduction emphasises the importance of the short story to an understanding of modern fiction.In twenty succinct chapters, the study paints a complete portrait of the short story - its history, culture, aesthetics and economics. European innovators such as Chekhov, Flaubert and Kafka are compared to Irish, New Zealand and British practitioners such as Joyce, Mansfield and Carter as well as writers in the American tradition, from Hawthorne and Poe to Barthelme and Carver.Fresh attention is paid to experimental, postcolonial and popular fiction alongside developments in Anglo-American, Hispanic and European literature. Critical approaches to the short story are debated and reassessed, while discussion of the short story is related to contemporary critical theory. In what promises to be essential reading for students and academics, the study sets out to prove that the short story remains vital to the emerging culture of the twenty-first century.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Cultures

Author : Daniel Balderston
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This vast three-volume Encyclopedia offers more than 4000 entries on all aspects of the dynamic and exciting contemporary cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its coverage is unparalleled with more than 40 regions discussed and a time-span of 1920 to the present day. "Culture" is broadly defined to include food, sport, religion, television, transport, alongside architecture, dance, film, literature, music and sculpture. The international team of contributors include many who are based in Latin America and the Caribbean making this the most essential, authoritative and authentic Encyclopedia for anyone studying Latin American and Caribbean studies. Key features include: * over 4000 entries ranging from extensive overview entries which provide context for general issues to shorter, factual or biographical pieces * articles followed by bibliographic references which offer a starting point for further research * extensive cross-referencing and thematic and regional contents lists direct users to relevant articles and help map a route through the entries * a comprehensive index provides further guidance.

Rastafari and the Arts

Author : Darren J. N. Middleton
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Drawing on literary, musical, and visual representations of and by Rastafari, Darren J. N. Middleton provides an introduction to Rasta through the arts, broadly conceived. The religious underpinnings of the Rasta movement are often overshadowed by Rasta’s association with reggae music, dub, and performance poetry. Rastafari and the Arts: An Introduction takes a fresh view of Rasta, considering the relationship between the artistic and religious dimensions of the movement in depth. Middleton’s analysis complements current introductions to Afro-Caribbean religions and offers an engaging example of the role of popular culture in illuminating the beliefs and practices of emerging religions. Recognizing that outsiders as well as insiders have shaped the Rasta movement since its modest beginnings in Jamaica, Middleton includes interviews with members of both groups, including: Ejay Khan, Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah, Geoffrey Philp, Asante Amen, Reggae Rajahs, Benjamin Zephaniah, Monica Haim, Blakk Rasta, Rocky Dawuni, and Marvin D. Sterling.