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The Cultural Logic of Computation

Author : David Golumbia
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Golumbia, who worked as a software designer for more than ten years, argues that computers are cultural "all the way down"--that there is no part of the apparent technological transformation that is not shaped by historical and cultural processes, or that escapes existing cultural politics.

Digital Shift

Author : Jeff Scheible
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Emoticons matter. Equal signs do, too. This book takes them seriously and shows how and why they matter. Digital Shift explores the increasingly ubiquitous presence of punctuation and typographical marks in our lives⎯using them as reading lenses to consider a broad range of textual objects and practices across the digital age. Jeff Scheible argues that pronounced shifts in textual practices have occurred with the growing overlap of crucial spheres of language and visual culture, that is, as screen technologies have proliferated and come to form the interface of our everyday existence. Specifically, he demonstrates that punctuation and typographical marks have provided us with a rare opportunity to harness these shifts and make sense of our new media environments. He does so through key films and media phenomena of the twenty-first century, from the popular and familiar to the avant-garde and the obscure: the mass profile-picture change on Facebook to equal signs (by 2.7 million users on a single day in 2013, signaling support for gay marriage); the widely viewed hashtag skit in Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show; Spike Jonze’s Adaptation; Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We Know; Ryan Trecartin’s Comma Boat; and more. Extending the dialogue about media and culture in the digital age in original directions, Digital Shift is a uniquely cross-disciplinary work that reveals the impact of punctuation on the politics of visual culture and everyday life in the digital age.

We Are Data

Author : John Cheney-Lippold
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What identity means in an algorithmic age: how it works, how our lives are controlled by it, and how we can resist it Algorithms are everywhere, organizing the near limitless data that exists in our world. Derived from our every search, like, click, and purchase, algorithms determine the news we get, the ads we see, the information accessible to us and even who our friends are. These complex configurations not only form knowledge and social relationships in the digital and physical world, but also determine who we are and who we can be, both on and offline. Algorithms create and recreate us, using our data to assign and reassign our gender, race, sexuality, and citizenship status. They can recognize us as celebrities or mark us as terrorists. In this era of ubiquitous surveillance, contemporary data collection entails more than gathering information about us. Entities like Google, Facebook, and the NSA also decide what that information means, constructing our worlds and the identities we inhabit in the process. We have little control over who we algorithmically are. Our identities are made useful not for us—but for someone else. Through a series of entertaining and engaging examples, John Cheney-Lippold draws on the social constructions of identity to advance a new understanding of our algorithmic identities. We Are Data will educate and inspire readers who want to wrest back some freedom in our increasingly surveilled and algorithmically-constructed world.

Publications of the Modern Language Association of America

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The Oxford Handbook of Film and Media Studies

Author : Robert Kolker
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This handbook examines film and new media in the light of their convergence. It draws on leading scholars in the field to discuss traditional areas of history and theory of film and digital media. Its focus, however, is on the cycle of technologically driven arts. Film was born of a number ofexperiments in reproducing motion, all of which culminated in the nineteenth-century projection of short films. The creation of digital media resulted from experiments in alternative forms of representation in the early 1960s. John Whitney began creating avant-garde films from digital graphicsaround 1960 (and some of his ideas and methods were incorporated by Stanley Kubrick in 2001: A Space Odyssey). By the early 1990s, commercial filmmakers began to employ digital effects in their work. By the late nineties, digital arts had come fully into their own, both in the form of stand-alone orinteractive artworks and films created with and for the computer. At the same time, digital effects had completely overtaken optical printing and matte painting in film. From special effects to creating "realistic" backgrounds and crowds, the digital is infiltrating all aspects of filmmaking. Theinfiltration is about to become a takeover, as celluloid is replaced by high definition digital recording and projection processes. Many aspects of film will change as this latest convergence takes place. Already, cultural response to film has changed as viewers begin to teach themselves about filmthrough supplementary material on DVDs and to make their own films on home computers. But this handbook is not a technical history or manual. Quite the contrary, it is a scholarly work discussing the aesthetics, economics, and cultural results of these changes and convergences. The book balancestraditional scholarship and analysis with essays addressing technological change and the concurrent changes in cultural responses to these changes, responses already acknowledged by the profession.

Film and Risk

Author : Mette Hjort
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An interdisciplinary collection exploring the many ways risk plays a role in film.


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Radical Philosophy

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The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Design Book Review

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