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The Dancing Bear

Author : Ron McDole
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From the early sixties to the late seventies, defensive end Ron McDole experienced football's golden age from inside his old‑school, two‑bar helmet. During an eighteen‑year pro career, McDole--nicknamed "The Dancing Bear"--played in over 250 games, including two AFL Championships with the Buffalo Bills and one NFL Championship with the Washington Redskins. A cagey and deceptively agile athlete, McDole wreaked havoc on football's best offenses as part of a Bills defensive line that held opponents without a rushing touchdown for seventeen straight games. His twelve interceptions remain a pro record for defensive ends. Traded by the Bills in 1970, he was given new life in Washington as one of the most famous members of George Allen's game‑smart veterans known as "The Over‑the‑Hill Gang." Through it all, McDole was known and loved by teammates and foes alike for his knowledge and skill on the field and his ability to have fun off it. In The Dancing Bear McDole the storyteller traces his life from his humble beginnings in Toledo, Ohio, to his four years at the University of Nebraska, his marriage to high school sweetheart Paula, and his long, accomplished professional career. He recounts the days when a pro football player needed an off‑season job to pay the bills and teams had to drive around in buses to find a city park in which to practice. The old AFL and NFL blitz back to life through McDole's straightforward stories of time when the game was played more for love and glory than for money.

Must I Weep for the Dancing Bear and other Stories

Author : Louis Phillips
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Louis Phillips writes and teaches. Mostly he writes. He's published well over forty books, including poems, plays, novels, and short stories. He's published compilations of theatre quotes, TV history, sports nicknames, and jokes. He's a walking encyclopedia of cultural trivia. And he can't stop writing. We're very happy about that. This is the second book of his that we've published, the first being The Woman Who Wrote 'King Lear,' and Other Stories. He lives in New York City.

DIDO THE DANCING BEAR a Children s Story abou Dido the Bear

Author : Richard Barnum
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In the woods, on top of a mountain, in a far-off country there once lived a family of nice bears. The author calls them nice bears, for they were. Of course they had long claws, and sharp teeth, but they never bit anyone, or scratched anyone, because there was no-one living in that part of the woods who bothered them, or shot at them or teased them. The bears lived quietly by themselves in a den amongst the rocks. It was a nice, cosy, warm place. In this den lived five bears. There was Mr. Bear, the papa, and Mrs. Bear, the mother, and there were three little bear cubs. One little bear was named Gruffo, because he had such a deep, gruff voice, though it was not at all cross. And another bear was named Muffo, because he had such big, soft furry paws that when he folded them together it looked just as if he were carrying a muff. And there was the smallest of the three, called Dido. Now, in this book, the author is going to tell twelve of the adventures Dido had. They are: I Dido Cuts Up II Dido Is Caught III Dido Is Trained IV Dido Learns To Dance V Dido Crosses The Ocean VI Dido In The Country VII Dido Meets Don VIII Dido Helps A Girl IX Dido In The Bakery X Dido Scares A Man XI Dido In The Circus XII Dido In A Fire In all nursery literature animals have played a conspicuous part; and the reason is obvious, for nothing entertains a child more than the antics of an animal. These stories abound in amusing incidents such as children adore and the characters are so full of life, so appealing to a child's imagination, that none will be satisfied until they have met all of their favorites- Squinty, Slicko, Mappo, and the rest. 10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities. Yesterday’s Books for Today’s Charities. ============= KEYWORDS/TAGS: Dido the dancing bear, animal, fairy tales, folklore, myths, legends, bears, forest, glade, storyteller, fables, children’s stories, children’s fiction, action, adventure, bakery, barn, Bear, bears, berries, Blackie, brass, buns, cage, caught, chains, child, children, circus, claws, collar, dancing, dog, Don, elephant, efalent, ephalent, escape, fire, fish, forest, funny, George, Gruffo, hand-organ, home, honey, horn, horses, hungry, Jacko, jolly, keeper, lake, Mama, master, monkey, mountain, Muffo, music, nice, ocean, papa, paws, pennies, rocks, runaway, ship, smell, soldier, somersaults, stable, sugar, sun, sweet, tame, teeth, telegraph, Tom, trap, traveled, traveled, tree, tricks, wagon, water, wild, woods,

The Dancing Bear

Author : Edzard Schaper
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Dancing Bear

Author : James Crumley
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Detective Milo Dragovitch spends too much time boozing until he gets caught up in a case involving two-bit criminals and an old lady on the run. His friends call him Milo. No one has ever called him Bud except his father, long dead, and now Sarah Weddington, stirring painful memoires and offering him his first case since he abandoned his private practice and took a job marking time on the night shift for Haliburton Security. The case seems almost too easy, hardly worth the large fee, just to satisfy this old woman's curiosity. But things are soon exploding all over the place and Milo is turning up grenades, machine guns, a kilo of marijuana and a bag of coke . . . and suddenly Milo is on the run.

Hannah s Dancing Bear

Author : Marygrace Snook
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Perhaps the author could say Hannah's Dancing Bear is a recycling project""so much better than the original. About sixty years ago, when the author was in the third or fourth grade, the teacher told her to write a poem. The subject: her own teddy bear, George. Her older cousin had "kidnapped" George from some girl and gave him to her. George had no eyes, and one ear was torn half off. There's lots of wear and tear in teddy bear's life. Marygrace loved George. He was old and experienced in raising children. Nevertheless, George gave her years of joy. He was faithful and the best secret keeper she has ever known. When her dad moved their family to the West Coast, George remained in New York with so many childhood memories. She was seventeen. Many would say that she was too old for a teddy bear. In some ways that may have been true, for the seasons of our lives change. However, when she looks back into her memories, George is always there. He keeps all those memories in a safe place where they remain unchanged by time. To this day, she has never seen a bear that looks like George. Marygrace would never have guessed that her love of stuffed furry bears would bring her to write this poem for her dear granddaughter. Together, Hannah the Dancing Bear and Marygrace will have this happy, warm, and fuzzy memory to share through the years; and they invite all other children to join them. After you enjoy this poem, you may want to make your own special memories with your own bear, bunny, or other toy.

Dancing Bears

Author : Witold Szabłowski
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'One of the truest and most beautiful things I've read.’ Tim Flannery I used to bottle-feed my father’s two bears. When my son was born, they were kept together. There were plenty of times when I got it wrong—the baby drank from the bear’s bottle, and the bear from his. So when they fired me from the collective farm, I knew one thing: if I wanted to go on living, I had to find a bear. A brilliant, funny and heartbreaking account of people in formerly Communist countries who are nostalgic for how they used to live. For hundreds of years, Bulgarian Gypsies trained bears to dance, welcoming them into their families and taking them on the road to perform. In the early 2000s, after the fall of Communism, they were forced to release the bears into a wildlife refuge. But, even today, whenever the bears see a human, they still get up on their hind legs to dance. In the tradition of Ryszard Kapuściński, award-winning Polish journalist Witold Szablowski tells remarkable stories of people throughout Eastern Europe and in Cuba who, like Bulgaria’s dancing bears, are now free but long for when they were not. He describes hitchhiking through Kosovo as it declares independence, arguing with the guides at the Stalin Museum, and sleeping in London’s Victoria Station alongside a homeless Polish woman. Dancing Bears is a fascinating portrait of social and economic upheaval, and a lesson in the challenges of freedom and the seductions of authoritarian rule. Witold Szablowski is an award-winning Polish journalist. His 2013 book about Turkey, The Assassin from Apricot City, won the Beata Pawlak Award and an English PEN award, and was nominated for the Nike Award, Poland’s most prestigious book prize. Antonia Lloyd-Jones is a leading translator from Polish, and has twice won the Found in Translation Award. She is a mentor for the UK’s Emerging Translators’ Mentorship Programme, and a former co-chair of the Translators Association. ‘Heartrending...A sharply drawn account of people in “newly free societies” who long for life to be the same as it was in the unfree past...Connected by the allegory of performing bears, Szabłowski’s melancholy personality studies underscore freedom’s challenges and the seductions of authoritarian rule.’ Publishers Weekly ‘Elegantly pulling together the varied threads, Szabłowski combines personal histories, letting his interviewee do the talking, with a unique storytelling device. As a result, Dancing Bears is both a compelling social history and a stunning example of literary journalism.’ AU Review ‘Polish journalist Witold Szabłowski uncovers life after communism with a curious, humorous and, at times, tender account of regular folk struggling to come to terms with the new world.’ Adelaide Review ‘Witold Szabłowski is a born storyteller. His reports from the post-Communist world read like fairy-tales with the stench of reality. Absurd, darkly funny, compassionate, his book is a literary jewel.’Ian Buruma ‘Mixing bold journalism with bolder allegories, Mr Szablowski teaches us with witty persistence that we must desire freedom rather than simply expect it.’Timothy Snyder ‘Utterly original...Provokes a far-reaching and unresolved conversation about what freedom might really mean.’ New York Times Book Review ‘Fascinating.’ Otago Daily Times ‘A compelling and nuanced portrait of the push between the freedoms of modernity and nostalgia for the old communist system...[Szablowski ] displays the qualities of a top-notch reporter: an eye for telling detail and – inherent sympathy for his subject.’ Australian ‘Riveting.’ Overland

Dancing Bears

Author : Fred Saberhagen
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 The 20th century is new and Russia is on the cusp of revolutionary change. In London, Gregori Lohmatski, an ardent big game hunter and son of a Russian estate owner, is suddenly and urgently summoned home. On the estate two men have been killed by a man-eating bear. Gregori invites John Sherwood, his American hunting companion, to join him in pursuit of the man eating bear. Sherwood is unaware that the Lohmatski men have been rumored to have the ability to change into bears. Events in Russia become more than a bear hunt, as Sherwood and Gregori’s revolutionary minded sister flee across Russia pursued by the police and the attacking were-bear.

The Dancing Bear

Author : Peter Dickinson
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Following a raid by the Huns, the slave Silvester, his dancing bear, Bubba, and Holy John attempt to find Lady Ariadne.

Amy the Dancing Bear

Author : Carly Simon
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Mother Bear tries to persuade her young daughter Amy to stop dancing and go to bed with unexpected results.