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The Dark Side of the House

Author : Yale David Koskoff
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Lane Family

Author : Shirley Cribb-Matlock
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Diaries of the Dark Side

Author : Cassidy O'Connor
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Young Cassidy O'Connor was an avid researcher of the supernatural. When she found herself involved in a case that was unlike any other, however, she was forced to open her eyes. With the introduction of young Matthew into her life, she began to realize this was not a normal haunting. This was something very different - this was evil. Cassidy dug through layers of historical events and learned how the past can always come back to haunt you. Combining history with folklore, she discovered that what tormented Matthew and his family was not a ghost or a simple whisper, but something out of Hell itself. This is a true, first-person account from the woman who aided that family over a three year period. Not even medical diagnoses, hospitals, or the legal system could explain what plagued Matthew, but Cassidy, without any experience of the demonic, had to prepare herself for the fight. This story is a warning to those who believe that the world of the demonic is something to toy with. It is a warning to those who feel that fame and fortune can come from entering that forbidden world.

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Author : William Corlett
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A motiveless kidnapping and a solo flight to the dark side of the moon are juxtaposed in William Corlett's extraordinary novel. At first the narratives seem unrelated until the reader sees the dramatic parallels in the two situations, which give the book its force and relevance. The story begins with the kidnapping. A boy is taken from his Scottish boarding school but there seems to be no reason behind the kidnapping: no ransom, no threats, just a note saying WE HAVE GOT YOUR BOY. MAY SOCIETY ROT AND THIS MESS OF A WORLD PERISH. While the police sift through the evidence, a lonely astronaut faces his private terrors during a critical moon flight.

The Dark Side of the House by Yale David Koskoff and Richard Goldhurst

Author : Yale David Koskoff
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The Dark Side of the Cross

Author : James S. Parker
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In this fast-paced mystery surrounding ancient artifacts, long forgotten manuscripts and a malignant evil lurking in the shadows, MacBridan finds himself up against an enemy more ruthless, more deadly than he has ever faced before. The body count and the suspense continue to rise the closer he gets, all in a place where no one is who they appear to be.

Tales from the Dark Side of the Mind

Author : Anthony DiBruno
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Tales from the Dark Side of the Mind By: Anthony DiBruno In this collection of short stories, there are many twists and turns. Some have a science-fiction theme, some are horror, but there is one thing all these stories have in common: the endings are unexpected and intense.

The Dark Side of the Lake

Author : Gregg Cameron
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On a warm September evening as the last shards of twilight reflect off the water and pass into the shadows of the night, Jason Maher pilots his antique 1937 Hacker speedboat slowly around the lake for the first time in over sixteen years. After a failed marriage and the death of his father, Jason has returned to Mahermar, his family’s Lake George estate, to start a new life. He finds a new love, but a chance encounter with a relic from the past threatens to take her away as a forty-three year old mystery begins to unfold. Together they are confronted with a tangled web of deception and murder, which stretches from the1940’s to the present. Drawn to the past and its grim secrets, they must uncover the link that ties them both to the mystery before it’s too late. The Dark Side of the Lake weaves a tale of romance and intrigue played out along millionaire’s row on Lake George. Old mansions, money, and power provide a backdrop for those who would murder to protect a dark secret from the past.


Author : Dr Tessie Herbst
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This book highlights the fact that leaders do indeed affect the performance of organizations or the well-being of society for better or worse—to cast either a shadow or light by the exercise of their leadership. Modern psychology with its theories of human behavior, which does not acknowledge the existence of the spiritual realm, cannot explain the carnage and evil often associated with the dark side of leadership. This book focuses on the dark side of leadership in a multidimensional manner and provides a psychospiritual approach toward understanding personality disorders and leader derailment. It highlights an area that has not been widely studied by leadership researchers to date—the dynamic relationship between the psychological and spiritual domains in shaping the dark side, which lead to leadership failure and derailment. This book calls for a more interdisciplinary approach and holistic understanding of the dark side of leadership, inseparably relating body, soul, and spirit as they function individually and relationally. It highlights the fact that the restoration of personality will require sustained dialogue between theologians and the medical and psychological professions. Such a theoretical perspective would help us better understand how personality disorders develop, not only emotionally and psychologically, but spiritually.

The Dark Side of Decorating

Author : G a Peters
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A non-fiction humorous memoir that takes the reader on a riotous romp through the underbelly of Interior Design. Each story is complimented with an insightful and entertaining original cartoon illustration by author G.A. Peters.

The Dark Side of East London

Author : David Charnick
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Just hearing the phrase the East End summons up images of slums and dark alleyways, with Jack the Ripper appearing from the mist, or housing estates and pubs where you might find the Kray twins. It is a place of poverty and menace, yet these images can prevent us from seeing the reality of life east of the City of London, and of its dark history. This study features stories of crimes and misdeeds that show what life was like in this area before the 'East End' existed. They also reflect the changes caused as the settlements of the Tower Hamlets became absorbed by the new metropolis of London.As there is nothing new under the sun, so these stories find their modern counterparts in our times. However, they also take us into unfamiliar territory as they bring to light the often forgotten past that underlies the present-day streets and lurks behind the faades of some of the areas older buildings. Many of the stories will be unfamiliar and indeed strange, but yet they show how the character and notoriety of the Citys famous shadow has been formed. Paying scrupulous attention to place, this volume features a wealth of specially-commissioned photographs, allowing the reader to locate these stories in the present-day London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Tales From The Darkside Scripts by Joe Hill

Author : Joe Hill
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The storied history of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE winds ever darker and weirder with this collection of scripts by Joe Hill from the never-broadcast 2015 television reboot. TV's loss is your gain as these all-new tales break out of the shadows and spring to vivid life at Hill's command, accompanied by striking illustrations provided by Charles Paul Wilson III (Wraith). Fans of horror, Darkside, and Hill will not be disappointed.

The Dark Side of the Mountain

Author : S a Carter
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Author : Christina Daltro
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Author : Jesus Trejo Mora
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After completing this research for several years. Writing this book was very hard work, questions and discussions with ministers, priests and religious leaders, but it helped me organize my thoughts. Although some were experts who forced me to force my mind, but from what I had expected. Seeking every day to learn about what is written. Because when you get really prepared to look at reality, wherever it takes you, then at some point, you realize that all those dealing with a total slave, and the more research and educate yourself, the more you will understand. You will begin to see lies everywhere. You have to know the truth, seek truth and the truth will set you free.

The Dark Side

Author : David f Runciman
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A compelling debut novel of nineteen short and diverse stories,touching a host of subjects including aliens,death and horror. With each story completely different from the last,it takes the reader on a journey through a cross section of debauched human life. A look on the dark side of life and beyond,with more twists and turns than the monaco grand prix.

The Dark Side

Author : Jane Mayer
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The Dark Side is a dramatic, riveting, and definitive narrative account of how the United States made self-destructive decisions in the pursuit of terrorists around the world—decisions that not only violated the Constitution, but also hampered the pursuit of Al Qaeda. In spellbinding detail, Jane Mayer relates the impact of these decisions by which key players, namely Vice President Dick Cheney and his powerful, secretive adviser David Addington, exploited September 11 to further a long held agenda to enhance presidential powers to a degree never known in U.S. history, and obliterate Constitutional protections that define the very essence of the American experiment. With a new afterward. One of The New York Times 10 Best Books of the Year National Bestseller National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist A Best Book of the Year: Salon, Slate, The Economist, The Washington Post, Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Real Monsters Gruesome Critters and Beasts from the Darkside

Author : Brad Steiger
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Spotlighting news articles, historical accounts, and firstperson interviews, this chronicle of human interactions with monsters will convince even the most hardened skeptic of the existence of the bogeyman, bigfoot, werewolves, and swamp creatures. Offering an array of wild reports—from the police officer who begrudgingly responded to a call about a longhaired woman flying over a suburban neighborhood only to find himself calling for backup when she attacked his patrol car to the motorist whose headlights illuminated a sevenfoot tall, wolflike creature that stood on its hind legs—this historical record highlights scary and unbelievable narratives. From slightly demented humans to spinetingling paranormal encounters, each outlandish occurrence is detailed with thorough research and recounted with a storyteller's crafted voice.

The Dark Side of my Mind Volume 7

Author : Briana Blair
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Explore the Dark Side of My Mind with this collection of poetry. These works cover a variety of emotions and poetic styles. Every volume is a new adventure into the life and mind of Briana Blair. Explore feelings of love, hate, fear, hope, pain and everything in between. All of my work arose from things in my own life, whether it was an actual event, a dream, a memory or just the strange roamings of my brain. Each piece has meaning to me, but the reader is left to create their own interpretations. An excellent series, even for those who don’t typically enjoy poetry.

A Walk on the Dark side with LaGrif

Author : LaGrif
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A collection of Dark Poetry by LaGrif including many Award winning poems. LaGrif has an International following and has been published in many Poetry Anthologies.