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The Dark Side of the Universe

Author : James Trefil
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Provides lay reports on the state of the universe as now understood on the frontiers of physics.

Dark Side of the Universe

Author : Iain Nicolson
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Once we thought the universe was filled with shining stars, dust, planets, and galaxies. We now know that more than 98 percent of all matter in the universe is dark. It emits absolutely nothing yet bends space and time; keeps stars speeding around galaxies; and determines the fate of the universe. But dark matter is only part of the story. Scientists have recently discovered that the expansion of the universe is speeding up, driven by a mysterious commodity called dark energy. Depending on what dark matter and energy happen to be, our seemingly quiet universe could end its days in a Big Rip, tearing itself apart, or a Big Crunch, collapsing down to a universe the size of nothing, ready to be reincarnated in a Big Bang once again. For the general reader and armchair astronomer alike, Iain Nicolson’s fascinating account shows how our ideas about the nature and the content of the universe have developed. He highlights key discoveries, explains underlying concepts, and examines current thinking on dark matter and dark energy. He describes techniques that astronomers use to explore the remote recesses of the cosmos in their quest to understand its composition, evolution, and ultimate fate.

Dark Matter Dark Energy

Author : Teaching Company
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Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Author : Nils Andersson
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This book is an introduction to gravitational waves and related astrophysics. It provides a bridge across the range of astronomy, physics and cosmology that comes into play when trying to understand the gravitational-wave sky. Starting with Einstein's theory of gravity, chapters develop the key ideas step by step, leading up to the technology that finally caught these faint whispers from the distant universe. The second part of the book makes a direct connection with current research, introducing the relevant language and making the involved concepts less "mysterious". The book is intended to work as a platform, low enough that anyone with an elementary understanding of gravitational waves can scramble onto it, but at the same time high enough to connect readers with active research - and the many exciting discoveries that are happening right now. The first part of the book introduces the key ideas, following a general overview chapter and including a brief reminder of Einstein's theory. This part can be taught as a self-contained one semester course. The second part of the book is written to work as a collection of "set pieces" with core material that can be adapted to specific lectures and additional material that provide context and depth. A range of readers may find this book useful, including graduate students, astronomers looking for basic understanding of the gravitational-wave window to the universe, researchers analysing data from gravitational-wave detectors, and nuclear and particle physicists.

5th International Workshop on the Dark Side of the Universe

Author : Csaba Balazs
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Researchers and academics in particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology discussed the theoretical, phenomenological, and experimental aspects of dark matter and dark energy. The purpose of DSU09 was to further the understanding of the origin and microscopic composition of the dark sector. This collection of scientific articles documents the meeting.

The Dark Side of the Universe

Author : R Bernabei
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The search for dark matter is one of the most relevant topics in astroparticle physics today. It involves many different experimental techniques that should collectively contribute significantly to the identification of the nature and characteristics of the dark matter constituents, offering at the same time much room for new technological developments. The theoretical framework is also essential, both for properly interpreting the different results and for suggesting the most interesting possible candidates and search strategies. This book compares the methods, the developments and the results. Contents:AstrophysicsBaryonic DM SearchesExperimentsNeutrinosAxionsTheorySearch at AcceleratorsLow Radioactivity TechniquesWIMPS Direct SearchesWIMPS Indirect Searches Readership: Astrophysicists and high energy physicists. keywords:

Dark Side Of The Universe The Experimental Efforts And Theoretical Framework Proceedings Of International Workshop

Author : Rita Bernabei
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Most of the relevant topics on the dark matter in the universe are discussed. The present knowledge of the problem is presented and possible solutions are discussed. The actual experimental efforts devoted to determining the nature of the dark matter — baryonic (for instance, brown dwarfs) or non-baryonic (such as supersymmetric particles) — and to detecting it are illustrated, paying particular attention to necessary technological developments.

The Dark Side of the Universe

Author : Carlos Muñoz
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The aim of this workshop was to bring the experts in the field of Astroparticle Physics and related topics (particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology) to discuss on the latest theroetical and experimental advances. The topics of the workshop included: direct and indirect detection of dark matter, particle candidates for dark matter, supersymmetry, astrophysical analyses of galactic halos, dark energy, inflation, leptogenesis, neutrinos, axion-like particles, ultra high energy cosmic rays, gamma ray bursts, string landscape and anthropic reasoning.

The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life

Author : Pekka Teerikorpi
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Sir Isaac Newton famously said, regarding his discoveries, "If I have seen further it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life describes, complete with fascinating biographical details of the thinkers involved, the ascent to the metaphorical shoulders accomplished by the greatest minds in history. For the first time, a single book can take the reader on a journey through the history of the universe as interpreted by the expanding body of knowledge of humankind. From subatomic particles to the protein chains that form life, and expanding in scale to the entire universe, this book covers the science that explains how we came to be. The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life contains a great breadth of knowledge, from astronomy to physics, from chemistry to biology. It includes over 350 figures that enhance the comprehension of concepts both basic and advanced, and is a non-technical, easy-to-read text at an introductory college level that is ideal for anyone interested in science as well as its history.

Beware the Dark Side

Author : Simon Beecroft
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Introduces the characters in the Star Wars universe that used the dark side of the Force, those that supported the evildoers, and those that stood up for the right side, including Jedis.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Author : Sabino Matarrese
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This book brings together reviews from leading international authorities on the developments in the study of dark matter and dark energy, as seen from both their cosmological and particle physics side. Studying the physical and astrophysical properties of the dark components of our Universe is a crucial step towards the ultimate goal of unveiling their nature. The work developed from a doctoral school sponsored by the Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation. The book starts with a concise introduction to the standard cosmological model, as well as with a presentation of the theory of linear perturbations around a homogeneous and isotropic background. It covers the particle physics and cosmological aspects of dark matter and (dynamical) dark energy, including a discussion of how modified theories of gravity could provide a possible candidate for dark energy. A detailed presentation is also given of the possible ways of testing the theory in terms of cosmic microwave background, galaxy redshift surveys and weak gravitational lensing observations. Included is a chapter reviewing extensively the direct and indirect methods of detection of the hypothetical dark matter particles. Also included is a self-contained introduction to the techniques and most important results of numerical (e.g. N-body) simulations in cosmology. " This volume will be useful to researchers, PhD and graduate students in Astrophysics, Cosmology Physics and Mathematics, who are interested in cosmology, dark matter and dark energy.

Dynamical Stabilization of the Fermi Scale

Author : Francesco Sannino
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Strong dynamics constitutes one of the pillars of the standard model of particle interactions, and it accounts for the bulk of the visible matter in the universe made by ordinary protons and neutrons. It is therefore a well posed question to ask if the rest of the universe can be described in terms of new highly natural four-dimensional strongly coupled theories. The main goal of this lecture-based primer is to provide a coherent overview of how new strong dynamics can be employed to address the relevant challenges in particle physics and cosmology from composite Higgs dynamics to dark matter and inflation. We will first introduce the topic of dynamical breaking of the electroweak symmetry also known as technicolor. The knowledge of the phase diagram of strongly coupled theories plays a fundamental role when trying to construct viable extensions of the standard model. Therefore we present the state-of-the-art of the phase diagram for gauge theories as function of the number of colors, flavors, matter representation and gauge group. Recent extensions of the standard model featuring minimal technicolor theories are then introduced as relevant examples. We finally show how technicolor or in general new strongly coupled theories can lead to natural candidates of composite dark matter and inflation.

Visions of the Future Astronomy and Earth Science

Author : J. M. T. Thompson
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Leading young scientists give engaging reviews of their research areas and exciting visions of future developments.

Matter Dark Matter and Anti Matter

Author : Alain Mazure
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For over ten years, the dark side of the universe has been headline news. Detailed studies of the rotation of spiral galaxies, and 'mirages' created by clusters of galaxies bending the light from very remote objects, have convinced astronomers of the presence of large quantities of dark (unseen) matter in the cosmos. The most striking fact is that they seem to compromise about 95% of the matter/energy content of the universe. As for ordinary matter, although we are immersed in a sea of dark particles, including primordial neutrinos and photons from fossil cosmological radiation, both we and our environment are made of ordinary, 'baryonic' matter. Authors Mazure and Le Brun present the inventory of matter, baryonic and exotic, and investigating the nature and fate of matter's twin, anti-matter. They show how technological progress has been a result of basic research, in tandem with the evolution of new ideas, and how the combined effect of these advances might help lift the cosmic veil.

Physics in Collision 19

Author : M. Campbell
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The XIX Physics in Collision conference reviewed experimental results in electroweak, quantum chromodynamics, neutrino, bottom and rare kaon physics, and updated recent developments in the area of gamma ray bursts as well as the issue of the cosmological constant and dark matter.The conference opened with reports on electroweak physics. A decade of precision experiments in laboratories around the world failed to uncover any significant deviations from standard model predictions. Precise W boson and top quark mass measurements suggest a low mass Higgs boson in the standard model, possibly within the reach of the LEP II and the upgraded Tevatron colliders. These presentations were followed by a summary of the latest results on searches for Higgs and supersymmetry.There were three reports on neutrino physics: atmospheric, solar and reactor/accelerator based neutrino experiments and results. Impressive Super-K results strongly suggest ????? oscillation, a scenario confirmed by less precise Soudan2 and MACRO data.The latest results on strange and heavy quark physics were summarized. High statistics from CLEO, LEP I and Tevatron have enabled experimenters to study many rare charm and bottom quark decays for the first time. Among many other interesting results presented, the first measurements of sin 2? by CDF and î?/î by KTeV provide a preview of expected developments in the near future.

George and the Big Bang

Author : Lucy Hawking
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Meet George. He's an ordinary boy with an incredible secret - the power to go on intergalactic adventures! Join him as he battles a sinister rebel-scientist, who's hell bent on sabotaging the most exciting - and dangerous - experiment of the century. A deadly bomb is ticking. The whole world is watching. Can George stop the second big bang? Featuring the latest scientific theories - plus all-new content about the Higgs boson!

Theological Reflections at the Boundaries

Author : Paul O. Ingram
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The interdependence of boundary questions and the experience of cognitive dissonance reveal that knowledge in all fields of inquiry is always incomplete and tentative. The issues are particularly acute for Christian theological reflection. Ingram illustrates the importance of boundary questions and cognitive dissonance as a means of creatively transforming contemporary Christian theological reflection through dialogue with the natural sciences and the world's religions, particularly Buddhism, filtered through the lenses of Whiteheadian process philosophy.

The Boilerplate Rhino

Author : David Quammen
File Size : 28.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A collection of twentysix essays about the natural world captures the relationship between human and animal, with such topics as rattlesnakes and their handlers, and spiders and arachnophobia, all told in an entertaining, enlightening style.

Creative Evolution Revisited

Author : Donald Austin
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Henri Bergson was a great French philosopher whose life overlapped that of Charles Darwin. He had serious concerns about Darwins atheistic concept of man and animals evolution. Bergson also presented ideas of Intelligent Design almost 200 years prior to it's regeneration in the 20th century. My book separates God from Evolution of the cosmos and all it contains by espousing the "elan vitale" as "of God" and the true creater of the Universe. To Permissions Department: To complete my book I need permission to insert portions from your Republishing organization of "Science" 2003 Author/Editor Mohamed A.F. Noor, Publisher Nature Publishing Company, an article Donald C. Austin, MD [email protected]

Fundamentals of Cosmic Particle Physics

Author : Maxim Khlopov
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This current updated and expanded text reflects the large number of scientific advances, both theoretically and experimentally, within the discipline of cosmoparticle physics in the last 10 years. Some of the topics that have been added, updated include but are not limited to; HND or CMD+HND scenarios being implemented into sterile neutrino scenarios, the ramifications of extending the forms of dark matter with respect to our view of neutrinos, the origin of baryon matter and the need for non-baryonic matter in current theories, problems the existence of dark matters raises with respect to cosmoparticle physics and the relationship with (meta) stable (super) weakly interacting particles predicted by the extension of the standard model, restrictions on baryon and lepton photons, as well as problems associated with cosmological expansion just to name a few. These and many other topics are readdressed in light of recent both experimental and theoretical developments. Other areas of that will be of interest to the reader include the puzzles presented by direct and indirect effects of dark matter (e.g, results of experiments such as DAMA/NaI, DAMA/LIBRA and PAMELA) may lead to nontrivial new solutions for the problem of its nature, like the existence of new stable families of quarks and leptons and composite dark matter scenario. The present work will be of interest to any researcher interested in this fascinating field dealing with fundamental interactions of the micro- and macroworld.