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The Dark Side of My Mind Volume 6

Author : Briana Blair
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Explore the Dark Side of My Mind with this collection of poetry. These works cover a variety of emotions and poetic styles. Every volume is a new adventure into the life and mind of Briana Blair. Explore feelings of love, hate, fear, hope, pain and everything in between. All of my work arose from things in my own life, whether it was an actual event, a dream, a memory or just the strange roamings of my brain. Each piece has meaning to me, but the reader is left to create their own interpretations. An excellent series, even for those who don’t typically enjoy poetry.

Harvest of Souls Crossover Part 2

Author : VA McCloud
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The battle is mine I will fight your battle Put your trust in me Cast your cares upon me For I am the deliverer, a warrior I am the healer you need I am the riches you seek I am the eternal life you need I am the protector I will deliver you I will deliver you from the power of darkness I am the light that overcomes darkness I am your refuge and strength I am your helper in the time of trouble I will help you and right early will I deliver you The battle is mine I will fi

The Dark Side Part 2

Author : Andy Thompson
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Following up on his well-received first book, Andy Thompson provides another captivating, thought-provoking and at times intense glimpse into the daily life of a Paramedic working in the UK's National Health Service. In the style of his first book, Andy recalls each event from the detailed documentation recorded at the time, each account written in a way that puts the reader right there next to him so that you live the events in realtime, hear the dialogue between paramedics, patient, their loved ones and other healthcare professionals as it would have been, and share in Andy's thought processes during each of the ten very different situations he encounters. The term 'The Dark Side' describes the frontline emergency aspect of the Ambulance Service, since paramedics frequently experience sombre situations. In 'The Dark Side, Part 2' you will share in some truly traumatic, tragic and tearful events involving a seemingly vibrant, healthy young patient, a prison inmate, the victims of an horrific car crash, heart attacks, a frightening epileptic fit, the alarming effects of an allergic reaction, and what can happen when under-strain doctors prescribe the wrong medication. But there's still room for lighthearted moments and a taste of the sometimes dark humour that allows paramedics to continually deal with events most of us would find too horrific. The detail in the descriptions of the care given to each patient on-scene by Andy and his colleagues will have you marvelling at the ability of these healthcare professionals to work at such speed of thought, buying enough time to deliver a patient into the specialist hands of hospital care and often full recovery. Of course there are inevitably also those times when tears of hope turn to tears of despair for loved ones. You cannot feel that pain until it happens to you, but this book will bring you mighty close to it at times.

Revenge Part 2 Intimate Souls

Author : Eve Naden
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The Dark Lord is still at large and Morden's powers have begun to emerge. But there is a new evil. An evil ready and willing to kill Morden and his friends. Will he stop them? And what of the curse? Is it true? Come and delve into the Kingdom of the White Knight where the horse roam wild and free. Ready to kill.

The Dark Side of Literacy

Author : Benjamin Bennett
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We are told that reading enlarges our horizons, that reading literature extends our experience beyond what we have happened upon in our own lives. But the moral and political dangers that attend the association of reading with experience have long been understood. And is that association even valid? What if precisely our most important literary texts are constructed so as to challenge or disrupt it? This book conducts a radical criticism of the concept of reading, especially of the concept of the reader, as these concepts are commonly used in literary criticism. It sketches in broad terms the historical provenance of the reader, in an argument that includes discussions of Dante, Boccaccio, Cervantes, Marlowe, and German idealist philosophy, then suggests that most major European literary works since the eighteenth century are written in direct opposition to the central concepts by which criticism has sought to lay hold of them.

The Dark Side of Science

Author : American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pacific Division. Meeting
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The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior

Author : Ricky W. Griffin
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In one comprehensive collection, The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior provides a framework for understanding the most current thinking on the negative consequences of organizational behavior. Written by experts in the field, the contributors to The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior focus on the causes, processes, and consequences of behaviors in organizations that have a negative effect on the organization and the people in them.

Modern Painters pt 1 Of general principles pt 2 Of truth

Author : John Ruskin
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Disney Princess My Side of the Story The Little Mermaid Ursula Book 3

Author : Daphne Skinner
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The rumor that mean, nasty Ursula turned Ariel into a human just so the sea witch could take over the seven seas? To hear Ursula tell it, she was only trying to help Ariel find her true love (and wanted to impress that hunky King Triton in the process!).

Ductor dubitantium part II books III and IV

Author : Jeremy Taylor
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The Dark Side of Hospitality

Author : James Towson Ford
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Pope John Paul II and the Law Part II

Author :
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Extraterrestrial Life A Bibliography Part II Published Literature 1900 1964

Author :
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The Dark Side of the House

Author : Yale David Koskoff
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Catalog of Copyright Entries Fourth Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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The Dark Side of School Reform

Author : Jeffrey S. Brooks
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Recounts how reform affected the work and personal lives of a group of high school teachers, describing the effects these reforms had on the pace of the day, changes in teacher duties, and maintenance of policies and procedures.

BBSs for Dummies

Author : Beth Slick
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Walking the reader through logging on and moving around the top 40 BBSs in the United States, this book takes the reader on a whirlwind tour that includes navigational tips, helpful commands and real-world use of concepts. It focuses more on the unique BBSs and avoids the major on-line services covered by other books.


Author : Joan Kron
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Drawing together her expertise, her own experience, and other real-life stories, a reporter on plastic surgery issues for Allure magazine discusses the history, types, and techniques of facial cosmetic surgery, as well as its psychological aspects.

The Successful Audit

Author : Felix Pomeranz
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Delicate Threads

Author : Debbie Staub
File Size : 79.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Looks at examples of friendships between children with and without special needs, and discusses the value of childhood friendship