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The Day My Dream Ended

Author : Jimmy Holmes
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As a child, growing up Dublin, Jimmy Holmes dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. Spotted in the local youth team by the great Matt Busby and invited to go to Manchester United, he was persuaded, instead, to sign for Coventry City, heralding the start of a glittering career in football. The young Jimmy had it all ahead of him, or so he believed, but just a few years later, a serious injury brought an abrupt end to his dreams. In this frank autobiography, Jimmy reveals how he endured years of heartache and disappointment following the accident as he struggled to come to terms with the fact that his time as a First Division footballer was over. From being highly sought after, representing the Republic of Ireland and playing top flight football, Jimmy suddenly found himself looking for ways to continue in the game he loved, before pursuing a new career in the police force. With forewords by Glenn Hoddle and Johnny Giles, The Day My Dream Ended tells the compelling story of Jimmy’s meteoric rise to the top of his game and beyond, and the untimely end of one of the most promising football careers of his generation.

At The End of the Day I Burst Into Flames

Author : Nicholas Day
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These are his final moments. In the little city of Wood River, Illinois, a man nicknamed Firecracker knows the end is near. The fire is coming, just like it came for his father, his grandfather, and who knows how many men. After all, folks in those parts have a short-term memory when it comes to history, and lots of stories have a tendency to go to the grave. Maybe the fire was always there. Maybe it came along when the oil refinery went up in 1907. Who can say? Sometimes, a yarn like this is as close to a history book as a Midwest community and its people are apt to get. When it happened to his father, the doctors only called it an accident. But Firecracker's mother had a name for it: spontaneous combustion. Firecracker knows there is no way to escape this Act of God, so he retreats into his memories. Past and present become one and the same. The veil of reality pulls away and Death arrives in time for one last conversation, where Firecracker comes to terms with the mysteries of his own life, and realizes that some questions are not nearly as important as the moments which spawned them. From the first line of the tale that sees his eyes explode to--moments and pages later--his whole body being consumed by flame, Firecracker experiences his life and loves through a succession of memories, reveals his friendship with Death, and talks about the men in his family's unfortunate predisposition. This is a yarn about life and death and spontaneous human combustion. This is a tale of a man with a fire inside him. At the End of the Day I Burst into Flames is a horror story about how beautiful love can be.

Life in My Eyes

Author : Kiontae Pettis
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Life in My Eyes is a book created in a spiritual view. There are stories, morals, and hidden messages within this book. This book was created from a sign from God as the author prayed for guidance. He wanted to know how many pages the book should be. He went to the bank, took out 200 dollars for a bill, and on a 20 dollar bill was a sign 500. This is how many poems there are within the book, and twenty represented the age it would get published. This book is very powerful. The imagery is explicit and the rhythm flows. There is great love of poetry. Really good sayings and situations explained the book have a certain format. It can have love poetry mixed with serious poetry, but the middle to end is thrilling. You will see a spiritual side of the author, as there are stories with God throughout the book. Life in My Eyes expands an imagination in a person. This book is valuable; its importance is like a Bible because it can keep you on track. This book shall make you look at life differently. Life in My Eyes is a point of view through one, but it connects to all. It is a big fact of truth. It speaks to the youth. There are poems to famous people who have died, people living, and overall, there is a life-taking message. Readers must carefully look in-depth of the book read between lines, and you will find a special sign. This book travels into your mind; you are away from this world for a moment. Gradually, it comes into your spirit, then you can really hear it, the words of the wise. I bring you Life in My Eyes.

My Living Will

Author : John Trautwein
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My Living Will is the story of former major league pitcher John Trautwein, and the unbelievable tragedy which befell him and his family when his fifteen-year-old son, Will, took his own life. There had been no warnings, no obvious signs of anxiety, depression, or unhappiness; nothing. A family and a community were left stunned as they pondered how a young man like Will Trautwein, a healthy, happy, popular, athletic, and musical teenager, who came from such a loving home, could lose the will to live. “John Trautwein writes straight from the heart. And his words will save lives. The story Trautwein shares in these pages––a remarkable journey of passion and purpose––will literally save lives.” • Jeffrey Marx, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of Season of Life “John Trautwein’s story inspires hope. It empowers people, and it gives its readers the ‘hope for life.’ The triumph that this story imparts arouses the goodness in everyone as it drives people toward action.” • Joe Girardi, Manager, The New York Yankees “In my twenty-two years of broadcasting, I have told many stories of triumph over tragedy, but the story of Will Trautwein and his family has stayed with me. The loss of such a vibrant young man and the strength of his family to use their heartache to help has had an impact on how I parent my daughter, and how I report stories of teenage depression and suicide. This is a must-read if you have a teenager in your life.” • Stephany Fisher, Anchor, CBS News, Atlanta “Ever wonder if a young person in your own home might be at risk? Read this book. In “My Living Will,” John Trautwein takes the emotions of loss and turns them into a message of awareness and hope. A must read for parents and teenagers alike!” • Dan Shaughnessy, The Boston Globe

A Dream So Big

Author : Steve Peifer
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A Dream So Big is the story of Steve Peifer, a corporate manager who once oversaw 9,000 computer software consultants, who today helps provide daily lunches for over 20,000 Kenyan school children in thirty-five national public schools, and maintains solar-powered computer labs at twenty rural African schools. Steve and his wife, Nancy, were enjoying a successful management career with one of America’s high tech corporate giants during the dot-com boom of the 1990’s when, in 1997, he and his wife Nancy discovered they were pregnant with their third child. Tragically, doctors said a chromosomal condition left their baby “incompatible with life.” The Peifers only spent 8 days with baby Stephen before he died. Seeking to flee the pain, Steve and Nancy began a pilgrimage that thrust them into a third-world setting where daily life was often defined by tragedy—drought, disease, poverty, hunger, and death. They didn’t arrive in the service of any divine calling, but the truth of their surroundings spoke to their troubled hearts. A short-term, 12-month mission assignment as dorm parents for a Kenyan boarding school turned this ordinary man into the most unlikely internationally recognized hero, and his story will inspire you to pursue similar lives of service.

The Gift

Author : Sally Rhine Feather
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Can some people see the future? Do some dreams contain warnings? Can we observe events unfolding thousands of miles away? Dr. Sally Rhine Feather, a director of one of the world's most respected institutes for paranormal studies, says yes—and she provides dozens of examples of how ESP appears in real life. Referring to decades of research of hard facts and data as proof that ESP is real, Dr. Feather now reveals breakthrough discoveries which include: what circumstances trigger ESP experiences, why some people have more of this gift than others, and whether the fate revealed in a dream or vision can be changed. Don't miss: · The dream that prevented a fatal heart attack of a stranger · Children's visions of dead people bringing messages for the living · A letter written and mailed that precisely predicted a nephew's injury in war · The stolen car recovered in Cleveland with the help of a vision · ...and more!

The Living Past

Author : Marlyna O. Sevilla
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This is a story about a girl in the Philippines who showed signs of autism until the age of five. Her name is Marlyna. She was six years old when World War II broke out in 1941. In her life story, she takes us to evacuation places and to witness a Japanese soldier aim a shining bayonet at her pregnant aunt. Well walk with her in the darkness, treading on rocks among tall, thorny shrubs where footpaths ended. She was twelve when her parents separated and was eventually separated from her siblings as well. Marlyna rejoiced as she was reunited with her mother and siblings in 1954. She vows not to be separated from them again. She migrated to Canada with husband and daughter in 1967, and endures the frigid cold and the pangs of loneliness. Nothing stands against her dream of bringing her mother and siblings to her new country. Annie arrived first in 1969, the rest followed, and her ambition was realized when her mother arrived in 1974. Marlynas dream to be reunited with her family was no longer a dream but a reality. Marlyna believes that education is freedom, the intangible asset that enriches ones life. She takes courses in business, writing, and public speaking under government assistance. Her Service Excellence Award in 1993 is her crowning achievement. Now a Canadian snowbird in the Philippines since 2000, she works with community and church organizations. She enjoys sharing her knowledge gained from abroad with her own people. The Living Past is a story of the life struggle and triumphs of a girl who once had only spoke five words. Marlyna believes that her experience with World War II, her broken home, and migration to the great country of Canada has made her a well-seasoned grandmother. Her first book a must-read!


Author : D.B. Knight
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Sundance by D.B. Knight [--------------------------------------------]

My Dreams

Author : Andre Jones
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Do you have dreams? Are you paying close attention to your dreams? And if so, do you believe what you see in your dreams will come true one day? According to JOB 33:14-17, dreams are a way for GOD to speak to us. Well, in my book called MY DREAMS, I give my readers a personal and in-depth look into the dreams and visions I've had since I was young. The purpose of my book is to show people how important dreams are, and why we have them, and maybe even give my readers a better understanding of some of their own dreams. And to top it all off, give GOD all the glory for it. So hopefully you would be inspired to read a book that could be the key to unlock the mysteries of your dreams.

Signs of the Times and End of the Age

Author : Maisie Edwards
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The book is about the second coming of Christ; and the importance for everyone to be ready to meet their God. The book contains a compelling and inspirational message for all people how to be save, and prepare to receive eternal life. This is a must read for everyone to know how to get ready for this life changing event; if you are expecting heaven to be your final home when Christ returns. It is not His will that any should perish. Learn how you can be absolutely sure that you are ready to meet Him. Helpful Scripture verses are provided for further reading to identify truths. Your new life begins with this most compelling information how to prepare for this life changing event. Read it for yourself and see; your will be divinely bless; knowing that you are on the life path that your heavenly Father destine for you.

Dreamworld Dawns

Author : Allan Edward Tierney
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This is the second collection of stories and poems by author Allan Edward Tierney. These feature a a wide variety of themes, many in the science fiction genre, some quite fantastical. But the aim is, as ever, to give rise to wondrous and novel images in the mind of the reader. If you enjoy pushing your mental envelope out to its furthest reaches then you may be sure to find something in these stories and poems to do just that. Warning: You may find the border between your dreams and nightmares beginning to blur. Don't worry. It is all part of the experience of a yet another New Dawn...

I Have a Mic a Dream

Author : Jamal "Rise" Williams
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Jamal "Rise" Williams is a celebrated musician, actor in both film and theatre, radio personality, live show host, loving father, and a devoted husband. In this young man's life, financial struggle, coping with death, and life's many tribulations have stood between him and his goals. He has made a way for himself in the entertainment industry by relaying his life stories through his music and the characters he has portrayed. As a minority in America looking from the bottom up, Rise remained determine to see change in America's urban society. Even with the corruption in the entertainment industry growing parallel to the corruption in America's political system, staying focus on his dream has come through the lessons learned in life's many tests. Ironically, forty-four years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, the pursuit of a dream is still being defined.


Author : Robin Von Schwarz
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Life happens. We can’t always predict how it will happen or what obstacles we will encounter along the way, but we can choose how we respond to it. We can choose our perspective. Thresholds is comprised of seventy-five inspirational stories, representing the experiences of people from over sixteen countries around the world—people who have chosen to live life powerfully and intentionally, facing life’s challenges and their fears head-on.

Child of Promise

Author : Debbi Migit
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I stared at the letter and picture as the tears fell. I hadnt heard from Vickie in almost twenty years. And then tonight, of all nights, I had received such a letter! I held my breath as I sensed Gods presence all around me. Adoption, was that what God had in mind for us? Ten years of infertility brought Debbi and Phil Migit to a crisis of faith. Child of Promise is the true account of one couples journey from barrenness to the blessing of Tran racial adoption. There is a message that goes beyond infertility and adoption; it will touch any believer and bring them to a better understanding of Gods ultimate faithfulness. Walk with Debbi and Phil as they remain faithful to God and finally receive their Child of Promise.

Conversations with a Near Death Experiencer

Author : Diane Goble
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When Diane Goble started her first web site, A Near-Death Experience, in 1996 about her own near-death experience, thousands of people, ages 16 to 95 from all over the world began emailing her and asking questions about NDEs, death & dying, fear about death, grief, reincarnation, suicide. This ebook is a collection of FAQs and Diane's responses from her near-death perspective.I didn't just almost die, I drowned. I surrendered to the raging river and found myself out of my body looking down at the scene below. I traveled to another dimension accompanied by a beautiful, loving Being of Light and was given information to bring back to help humanity with the evolution of consciousness as we become Divine Humans. Specifically, the message I brought back is that we don't die. The body dies, but the essence of who we are continues. We are eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences in physical worlds as part of our spiritual journey returning to the Source of our being. As we learn to live without fear of death, we become more loving and compassionate toward each other, all sentient beings and this beautiful planet.Over the 40 years since my NDE, I've become a deeply spiritual person. I believe all religions have some truth but none have all the truth. My answers to your questions are from my heart to open yours to Unconditional Love. Namaste!

The Ways He Loves Me

Author : Eunice Espinosa Waldenberger
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Growing up, Eunice saw God as anything but loving. Prayer and worship were a forced activity used by her mother as a means of control. Eunice's mother taught that God was watching, waiting for you to mess up, and looking for any misdeeds to punish. Eunice's father taught that God was disinterested and uncaring. So how did this little girl with such a misperception of God's character come to realize the truth of his overwhelming love for her? In The Ways He Loves Me, author Eunice Espinosa Waldenberger shares her amazing journey in understanding the nature of God. Through a collection of anecdotes and visions she dispels the false teachings of her past, revealing the love God has for us all. If you have ever wondered how the Lord speaks to and makes his ways known to people, you have the answer in your hands. Eunice's true-life experiences with our Heavenly Father will bring light and encouragement to you and will raise your expectations to hear from God to their highest levels. Pastor Patrick Wellins, Senior Pastor, FHL Christian Fellowship

Bob Schieffer s America

Author : Bob Schieffer
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The Face the Nation commentator delivers ?a fitting companion to his career memoir, This Just In? (Texas Monthly). Bob Schieffer?s America brings together 171 of his smart, humorous, and pitch-perfect essays: from today?s hard issues to the human stories that show readers who they are; from politics and presidents and tragedy to the things that touch them, make them laugh, or record the small shifts in culture that just creep up. In addition, Schieffer has written ?commentaries on my commentaries? that run throughout the book, offering further anecdotes, reflections, updates, and insights.

It Was All a Dream

Author : Reniqua Allen
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Young Black Americans have been trying to realize the promise of the American Dream for centuries and coping with the reality of its limitations for just as long. Now, a new generation is pursuing success, happiness, and freedom -- on their own terms. In It Was All a Dream, Reniqua Allen tells the stories of Black millennials searching for a better future in spite of racist policies that have closed off traditional versions of success. Many watched their parents and grandparents play by the rules, only to sink deeper and deeper into debt. They witnessed their elders fight to escape cycles of oppression for more promising prospects, largely to no avail. Today, in this post-Obama era, they face a critical turning point. Interweaving her own experience with those of young Black Americans in cities and towns from New York to Los Angeles and Bluefield, West Virginia to Chicago, Allen shares surprising stories of hope and ingenuity. Instead of accepting downward mobility, Black millennials are flipping the script and rejecting White America's standards. Whether it means moving away from cities and heading South, hustling in the entertainment industry, challenging ideas about gender and sexuality, or building activist networks, they are determined to forge their own path. Compassionate and deeply reported, It Was All a Dream is a celebration of a generation's doggedness against all odds, as they fight for a country in which their dreams can become a reality.

God Saves

Author : Osazuwa Inneh
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This book is a chronological, blow-by-blow account of countless encounters and compelling testimonies of the Almighty Gods interactions with the author for over four decades. It is another proof that gives credence to the claim made by Jesus Christ concerning himself and who he is.

Phantasms of the Living

Author : Edmund Gurney
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This 1886 publication investigating the connection between ghost-seeing and telepathy is a key source on Victorian psychical research.