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The Deaf Child in a Hearing Family

Author : Arthur Boothroyd
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The Deaf Child in the Family and at School

Author : Patricia Elizab Spencer
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This book presents chapters by many eminent researchers and interventionists, all of whom address the development of deaf and hard-of-hearing children in the context of family and school. A variety of disciplines and perspectives are provided in order to capture the complexity of factors affecting development of these children in their diverse environments. Consistent with current theory and educational practice, the book focuses most strongly on the interaction of family and child strengths and needs and the role of educational and other interventionists in supporting family and child growth. This work, and the authors represented in it, have been influenced by the seminal work of Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans, whose work continues to apply a multidisciplinary, developmental approach to understanding the development of deaf children. The book differs from other collections in the degree to which the chapters share ecological and developmental theoretical bases. A synthesis of information is provided in section introductions and in an afterword provided by Dr. Meadow-Orlans. The book reflects emerging research practice in the field by representing both qualitative and quantitative approaches. In addition, the book is notable for the contributions of deaf as well as hearing authors and for chapters in which research participants speak for themselves--providing first-person accounts of experiences and feelings of deaf children and their parents. Some chapters in the book may surprise readers in that they present a more positive view of family and child functioning than has historically been the case in this field. This is consistent with emerging data from deaf and hard of hearing children who have benefitted from early identification and intervention. In addition, it represents an emerging recognition of strengths shown by the children and by their deaf and hearing parents. The book moves from consideration of child and family to a focus on the role and effects of school environments on development. Issues of culture and expectations pervade the chapters in this section of the book, which includes chapters addressing effects of school placement options, positive effects of learning about deaf culture and history, effects of changing educational practice in developing nations, and the need for increased knowledge about ways to meet individual needs of the diverse group of deaf and hard of hearing students. Thus, the book gives the reader a coherent view of current knowledge and issues in research and intervention for deaf and hard of hearing children and their families. Because the focus is on child and family instead of a specific discipline, the book can serve as a helpful supplemental text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in a variety of disciplines, including education, psychology, sociology, and language studies with an emphasis on deaf and hard of hearing children.

Deaf Children and Their Families

Author : Susan Gregory
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Republication of a landmark in the study of early deafness coinciding with the publication of the longitudinal follow-up to this study.

Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Families

Author : Barbara Bodner-Johnson
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This study emphasizes the importance of family support for deaf members, particularly through the use of both American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken and/or written English. Research has shown how these factors influence such areas as a child's development, performance in school, and relationships with brothers and sisters. In this volume, authors Barbara Bodner-Johnson and Beth S. Benedict concentrate on the vital, positive effects of bilingualism and how families that share their experiences with other families can enhance all of their children's achievement and enrichment. Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Families: Narrative Interviews describes the experiences of ten families who have at least one deaf family member. In five of the families, the parents are hearing and they have a deaf child; two of the children in these families have cochlear implants. In three families, both the parents and children are deaf. In one family, the parents are deaf and their daughter is heÅ and in one family, the parents and one child are deaf and they all have cochlear implants, and the deaf child's twin is hearing. The interviews were conducted in the families' homes using set topics and questions. The family discussions cover a wide range of subjects: cochlear implants, where they live, their thoughts about family relationships, how they participate in the Deaf community, how they arrive at certain decisions, their children's friendships, and the goals and resiliencies they have as a family.

Raising and Educating a Deaf Child

Author : Marc Marschark
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A concise guide explains the current research on the development of deaf children, urges the importance of communication with deaf children by sign language as early as possible, and provides information on resources for the deaf and their parents. UP.

You and Your Deaf Child

Author : John W. Adams
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Completely rewritten and expanded, You and Your Deaf Child helps parents deal with their emotions in learning that their child is deaf or hard of hearing, and it also allows them to explore how they interact as a family. This down-to-earth book focuses on such topics as feelings about hearing loss, the importance of communication in the family, and effective behavior management. Many chapters contain practice activities and questions to help parents retain new skills, while the appendices include references, general resources, checklists, and guidelines for evaluating educational programs. Once parents have worked through You and Your Deaf Child, this friendly guide can be referred to for specific information and advice as different situations arise.

Education of Deaf Children

Author : Joseph Claybaugh Gordon
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Education of Deaf Children

Author : Edward Miner Gallaudet
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This 1892 volume contains a treatise on the education of deaf children.

The Family as Supportive Personnel in Speech and Hearing Remediation

Author : United States. Rehabilitation Services Administration
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Rehabilitation Act of 1972

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Public Welfare. Subcommittee on the Handicapped
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Keys to Raising a Deaf Child

Author : Virginia Frazier-Maiwald
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Offers advice and encouragement on helping children adapt to hearing disabilities and discusses sign language, bimodal communication, and parenting the deaf child

Hearings Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Public Welfare
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Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Public Welfare
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American Annals of the Deaf

Author :
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Deaf Children in China

Author : Alison Callaway
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She also made fact-finding visits to several other schools and programs for deaf preschoolers, and had discussions with teachers, administrators, and staff members. The findings from her study form the remarkable body of information presented in Deaf Children in China."--BOOK JACKET.


Author :
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Literacy and Your Deaf Child

Author : David Alan Stewart
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Annotation. This incisive book provides parents with the means to ensure that their deaf or hard of hearing child becomes a proficient reader and writer. In nine chapters, parents will learn about the relationship of language to reading and writing, including the associated terminology, the challenges that deaf children face, and the role of schools. They'll also learn activities that they can engage in at home that will strengthen their children's reading and writing capabilities. Literacy and Your Deaf Child outlines how children acquire language and describes the auditory and visual links to literacy. With this information parents can make informed decisions regarding hearing aids, cochlear implants, speechreading, and sign communication to best enhance their child's language development. Parents will discover how to create environments at home and in their community for fostering their child's literacy, especially in school by learning how to work closely with their child's teachers. The book also refersthroughout,to the developmental link between American Sign Language and English literacy for children who use sign communication, making it the best guide available for all deaf children and their parents.

Deaf Daughter Hearing Father

Author : Richard Medugno
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"In Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father, Medugno shares practical information on many of the common challenges faced by hearing parents. He provides a list of games that hearing and deaf children can play together, an important consideration for many families. His enthusiasm for all possibilities, from exploring the potential of video phones to helping stage CSD musicals, reveals his abiding devotion to Miranda."--BOOK JACKET.

Mother Father Deaf

Author : Paul Preston
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"Mother father deaf" is the phrase commonly used within the Deaf community to refer to hearing children of deaf parents. These children grow up between two cultures, the Hearing and the Deaf. The author is one of these children, and in this book based on 150 interviews, he takes us to the place where Deaf and Hearing cultures meet.

Resilience in Deaf Children

Author : Debra H. Zand
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Historically, the diagnosis of deafness in a child has been closely associated with profound disability, including such typical outcomes as unmet potential and a life of isolation. A major shift away from this negative view has led to improved prospects for deaf children. Resilience in Deaf Children emphasizes not only the capability of deaf individuals to withstand adversity, but also their positive adaptation through interactions with parents, peers, school, and community. In this engaging volume, leading researchers and professionals pay particular attention to such issues as attachment, self-concept, and social competence, which are crucial to the development of all young people. In addition, the volume offers strategies for family members, professionals, and others for promoting the well-being of deaf children and youth. Coverage includes: Attachment formation among deaf infants and their primary caregivers. Deaf parents as sources of positive development and resilience for deaf infants. Enhancing resilience to mental health disorders in deaf school children. Strength-based guidelines for improving the developmental environments of deaf children and youth. Community cultural wealth and deaf adolescents’ resilience. Self-efficacy in the management of anticipated work-family conflict as a resilience factor among young deaf adults. Resilience in Deaf Children is essential reading for researchers, clinicians, and graduate students in clinical child, school, and developmental psychology as well as for allied researchers and professionals in such disciplines as school counseling, occupational therapy, and social work.