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The Designed Self

Author : Carlo Strenger
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What can contemporary psychoanalysis bring to the understanding of Generation X, a cohort for whom the trivialization of a dizzying array of possible experiences teamed with the pressure to lead spectacular lives often leads to diffuse feelings of confusion, depression, and disorientation. The Designed Self chronicles Strenger's therapeutic encounters with five extraordinarily gifted young adults for whom the ideal of authenticity long associated with the Baby-Boom generation was supplanted by the need to experiment endlessly with the self. Perpetual self-experimentation, constantly reinforced by the media, came to encompass everything from career choice, to hair color, to body shape, to gender identity. In compelling clinical stories, Strenger introduces us to patients for whom the project of shaping the self had become a cultural imperative no less than an expression of individuality. At once insightful and cautionary, The Designed Self investigates how psychoanalysis must change if it is to claim cultural relevance and therapeutic effectiveness in The Age of the Designed Self.

Principles of the Design of Self learning Systems USSR

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The Created Self

Author : John Preston
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The author presents an interpretation of four novels: Moll Flanders, Clarissa, Tom Jones, and Tristram Shandy.

The Word Made Self

Author : Thomas J. Seifrid
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When Osip Mandelstam wrote that the Russian word was "sentient and breathing flesh," he voiced one of the most powerful themes in his culture. In The Word Made Self, Thomas Seifrid explores this Russian fascination with the power of the word as expressed in the work of philosophers, theologians, and artists of the Silver Age and early Soviet period. He shows that their diverse works (poems, novels, philosophical and religious tracts) share an attempt to articulate "a model of selfhood within the phenomenon of language." The thinkers included in this book—among them Pavel Florenskii, Roman Jakobson, Aleksei Losev, and Gustav Shpet—frequently responded to the work of contemporary European philosophers even as they drew upon and revitalized powerful elements of early Russian religious thought. On Seifrid's view, this highly original body of writing about language was the essential context for the development of Russian Futurism, Formalism, and the work of Mikhail Bakhtin and the Soviet structuralists—movements and ideas whose influence has extended far beyond Russia and long past their years of efflorescence. This book will have a lasting impact among readers who will be fascinated to discover the richness of this long-suppressed chapter in the history of Russian culture.

Design Principle and Application of Self Assembled Nanobiomaterials in Biology and Medicine

Author : Alok Pandya
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Design, Principle and Application of Self-Assembled Nanobiomaterials in Biology and Medicine discusses recent advances in science and technology using nanoscale units that show the novel concept of combining nanotechnology with various research disciplines within both the biomedical and medicine fields. Self-assembly of molecules, macromolecules, and polymers is a fascinating strategy for the construction of various desired nanofabrication in chemistry, biology, and medicine for advanced applications. It has a number of advantages: (1) It is involving atomic-level modification of molecular structure using bond formation advanced techniques of synthetic chemistry. (2) It draws from the enormous wealth of examples in biology for the development of complex, functional structures. (3) It can incorporate biological structures directly as components in the final systems. (4) It requires that the target self-assembled structures be thermodynamically most stable with relatively defect-free and self-healing. In this book, we cover the various emerging self-assembled nanostructured objects including molecular machines, nano-cars molecular rotors, nanoparticles, nanosheets, nanotubes, nanowires, nano-flakes, nano-cubes, nano-disks, nanorings, DNA origami, transmembrane channels, and vesicles. These self-assembled materials are used for sensing, drug delivery, molecular recognition, tissue engineering energy generation, and molecular tuning. Provides a basic understanding of how to design, and implement various self-assembled nanobiomaterials Covers principles implemented in the constructions of novel nanostructured materials Offers many applications of self-assemblies in fluorescent biological labels, drug and gene delivery, bio-detection of pathogens, detection of proteins, probing of DNA structure, tissue engineering, and many more

State aided emigration made self supporting 3 letters

Author : Edward Thomas Wakefield
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The Encyclop dia Britannica

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Design Communication for Landscape Architects

Author : Lari M. Wester
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An introduction to the graphic communication process, explaining the transformation of thoughts, concepts, and verbal statements into diagrams and graphics for visual communication. The appended warm-ups and exercises help to sharpen eye-mind-hand skills. Thoroughly illustrated of course. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Problems in the Design and Interpretation of Research on Human Relations Training

Author : Roger Harrison
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