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The Discourses as Reported by Arrian The discourses books III IV Fragments Encheiridion

Author : Epictetus
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These volumes contain the teachings ("Discourses") of the slave-philosopher Epictetus (55 A.D-135 AD). Also included in volume 2 are "Fragments", additional pieces from other (now lost) books of the "Discourses"; and "The Encheirdion", a collection of practical precepts for stoicism which can be seen as a handbook for life.

Politics Policy and the Discourses of Heritage in Britain

Author : Emma Waterton
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This book offers a critique of the dominant conceptualization of heritage found in policy, which tends to privilege the white, middle and upper classes. Using Britain as an illustration, Waterton explores how and why recent policies continue to lean towards the predictable melding of cultural diversity with tendencies of assimilation.

Discourses on Social Software

Author : Jan van Eijck
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The unusual format of a series of discussions among a logician, a computer scientist, a philosopher and some researchers from other disciplines encourages the reader to develop his own point of view. --Book Jacket.

Journal of Biblical Literature

Author :
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The Discourses of Food in Nineteenth Century British Fiction

Author : A. Cozzi
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The book offers readings of discourses about food in a wide range of sources, from canonical Victorian novels by authors such as Dickens, Gaskell, and Hardy to parliamentary speeches, royal proclamations, and Amendment Acts. It considers the cultural politics and poetics of food in relation to issues of race, class, gender, regionalism, urbanization, colonialism, and imperialism in order to discover how national identity and Otherness are constructed and internalized.

The Natural Truth of Christianity Selections from the Select Discourses of John Smith M A

Author : John Smith
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Learning Discourses and the Discourses of Learning

Author : Helen E. Marriott
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Learning Discourses and the Discourses of Learning is an edited collection of papers exploring issues of teaching and learning in academic settings. The key theme of the volume is 'discourses' - especially as these relate to institutional policies, disciplinary practices and students' processes of learning in the academy. Particular attention is paid to the experiences of second-language students studying at Australian universities as well as those learning foreign languages in Australia. Employing a variety of methodologies and theoretical perspectives, the papers in Learning Discourses are unified by a focus on rich and socially situated empirical data. The book addresses issues highly pertinent to the dynamic character of contemporary higher education in Australia, one dominated by trends towards the internationalisation and professionalisation of university programs, and the growing intercultural nature of social and academic interactions.Part one covers issues of discourse and change, exploring processes of discourse acquisition and production in a range of disciplinary contexts, along with the nexus between academic and professional discourses.Part two deals with broader issues of the participation and socialisation of students in second-language-use situations, ranging from macro (social planning and policy) issues to the micro (interpersonal) level.Part three looks at the social mediation of foreign language learning covering a range of tertiary and secondary settings in Australia and has a particular focus on Japanese as a foreign language.This book is intended for academics and students - postgraduate and undergraduate - working in foreign language programs, academic and language support programs, and applied linguistics.

Women Contesting the Mainstream Discourses of the Art World

Author : Penelope Josephine Collet
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A neglected area of publishing in the visual arts is that of women's perceptions and strategies for sustaining their careers as artists. This book reports on research which investigated the formative life experiences of nine women and how they perceived their positions as students, artists, art teachers and family members in relation to the discourses dominant in their lives. The study aimed to identify new discursive practices undertaken by the women to contest their positioning. It used feminist poststructuralist methodology that acknowledged the notion of constitution and positioning of the subject in discourse. This innovative methodology is valuable for researchers in a range of disciplines not only in studying careers of women but also other marginalised groups. Because of the reliance on the women's voices, the text contributes rich pictures of women's lives and their attempts to negotiate their careers in workplaces they described as battle grounds. Consequently the text has a wider appeal to readers interested in women's careers and art practice. experiences of the women who were able to challenge and restructure constraining discourses. They utilised a range of strategies to negotiate obstacles and, based on the women's experiences and the literature, the author is then able to propose further possible strategies.

Discourses and Sayings of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Author : John Brown
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Signs of the Unseen

Author : Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī (Maulana)
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Lectures and speeches on Sufism cover God's beauty, the connection between form and substance, the hereafter, individuality, and the role of love in spiritual development