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The Don t Diet Live It Workbook

Author : Andrea Wachter
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This sensitive workbook teaches readers how to be at peace with their bodies.

The Don t Diet Live It Workbook

Author : Marsea Marcus
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This unique workbook is full of in - depth information' moving personal stories' and insightful exercises to help people understand and resolve their food' weight and body issues. It takes readers through four Journeys on such topics as; Isolation vs. Reaching Out Thoughts vs. Feelings Criticism vs. Praise Emotional Hunger vs. Physical Hunger Weight Control vs. Natural Weight Holding On vs. Letting Go Diet vs. Live - it .Includes a special section for professionals who want to lead Don't Diet' Live - It! Groups' with a sample structure for meetings' group guidelines' goals' and responses to common problems. Also includes lists of Internet sites' organizations' support groups' and recommended readings.

Getting Over Overeating for Teens

Author : Andrea Wachter
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Transform your relationship with food, once and for all. Written by a family therapist and eating disorder specialist, this skills-based workbook will give you the tools you need to manage your emotions and find the comfort and sweetness you truly seek in life—without overeating! If you struggle with overeating, you are not alone. Studies show that millions of teens face problems with emotional eating, weight gain, and negative body image. However, these facts and figures do not include sneak eaters, overeaters who do not binge, and teens who overeat but manage their weight through excessive exercise. So, if you’re struggling with the habit of overeating, where can you turn? Getting Over Overeating for Teens, written by an eating disorders specialist who struggled with her own issues as a teen, provides a wealth of tools to help you change your relationship with food. Using an integrated approach that includes mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and intuitive eating, this book will focus on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual factors that are essential to overcoming overeating. With the practical advice and powerful exercises in this book, you’ll come to a better understanding of your urge to overeat, and learn skills such as emotion regulation, assertive communication, moderate eating, and working with cravings. Most importantly, you’ll find better ways to fill up and be ready to apply what you’ve learned to living a healthier, happier life.

The Intuitive Eating Workbook for Teens

Author : Elyse Resch
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A new, non-diet approach to adopting healthy eating habits! Drawing on the same evidence-based practices introduced in Intuitive Eating, this workbook for teens addresses the ten principles of intuitive eating to help you listen to your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues. Do you struggle with stress eating, overeating, emotional eating, or binge eating? You aren’t alone. Sometimes, when we’re not feeling so good, food can seem like a great comfort. The problem is that over time, overeating can lead to several physical health problems, as well as depression and lowered self-esteem. So, how can you put a stop to unhealthy eating behaviors before they become ingrained, lifelong habits? With this breakthrough workbook, you’ll learn to notice and respect your body’s natural hunger and fullness signals, find real eating satisfaction, cultivate body positivity, and build a profound connection to your mind and body for years to come. Each chapter includes an important principle of intuitive eating, and includes worksheets and activities to help you connect with and deepen your skills. Whether you’re a teen, a parent, a clinician, or a certified intuitive eating counselor, this proven-effective workbook is an essential resource.


Author : Annette Aberdale-Kendra
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A patient, thorough, affirming guide to recovery from eating disorders and body image issues. The book follows a skilled counselor and five bright, forthright young women through their evolution. Attention is devoted to what is behind the eating disorder behavior - how it develops and how individual characteristics and life cirumstances can impact behaviors - rather than focusing on just the behaviors themselves.

Scale Down Live it Up Wellness Workbook

Author : Danna Demetre
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This 8-week companion study-guide to Scale Down walks women step-by-step through Danna Demetre's best-selling book, giving them a balanced, realistic approach to good health that lasts. Part of the Scale Down--Live It Up! Curriculum.


Author : Jocelyn Golden
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"Having read many books on eating disorders, I am always inspired by ones that are written from a personal perspective. Learning To Be Me is so honest and bravely written. It offers readers immense hope, and I am already recommending it to some of my clients." -Andrea Wachter, coauthor of The Don't Diet, Live-It! Workbook Many women in the United States who suffer from eating disorders die from the diseases annually. Learning To Be Me: My Twenty-Three-Year Battle with Bulimia is one woman's courageous battle to not become a statistic. From violent self-abuse to feelings of despair as her cries for help went unanswered, author Jocelyn Golden's Learning To Be Me chronicles her battle and ultimate victory over one of the most silent, misunderstood, and deadly eating disorders in America. With candor and wit, Golden recounts the miserable realities of living with bulimia for more than two decades and paints a vivid self-portrait of a woman obsessed with being thin. An inspirational memoir about the search for strength, motivation, and support, Learning To Be Me illustrates the importance of self-love on the journey to healing.

Body Wars

Author : Margo Maine, Ph.D.
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Margo Maine spares no target in this straightforward and entertaining expose. Loaded with facts and inspirational quotes, this is an activist's guide for parents, educators, therapists, patients, former patients, or anyone who wants to fight against the forces that prevent women from being comfortable in their own bodies. Included are extensive Strategies for Change with ideas for personal and cultural growth, as well as resources with addresses, organizations, and recommended reading. * 25 Ways to Love Your Body * Guidelines for Letter Writing * Top Ten Reasons to Give Up Dieting * Join the Fight Against Fashion * See the Homogenizing Effects of Cosmetic Surgery * Stop Violence Against Women * Fight Size, Sex, and Age Discrimination * Tactics for Healthy Eating * Facts about Kids and Dieting

The Elimination Diet Workbook

Author : Maggie Moon, MS, RDN
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EAT GREAT! FEEL GREAT! Do you forgo delicious foods out of fear they’ll make you sick later? If so, The Elimination Diet Workbook is for you. The program in this hands-on guide pinpoints your exact food sensitivities no matter what they are—gluten, dairy, egg, soy, peanuts, seafood or anything else. It takes the guesswork out of your diet so you discover which foods you can enjoy and which to avoid. Follow the program in this book and you’re guaranteed to: •Identify Your Food Intolerances •Discover Allergies Your Doctor Can’t •Eliminate Problem Foods •End Pain and Discomfort •Experience Trouble-Free Digestive Health Whether you suffer cramps, fatigue, diarrhea, migraines or any negative reaction to what you eat, The Elimination Diet Workbook offers an easy-to-follow, DIY approach to taking control of your diet, digestion and health once and for all.

I Love My Workbook

Author : Glenn Livingston
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Now you can walk yourself through the very same coaching process Dr Livingston has taken hundreds of clients through, step by precious step. Never Binge Again is a radically different approach to overcoming overeating, and this workbook will help you embrace and integrate all its powerful principles:Eat Healthy without Relying on Willpower: As you work your way through this book, starting with the very first exercise, you should find yourself dramatically less drained by constant decision making about food...and that energy can be finally be put to other, more important, healthier use!Discover the Body You Were Meant to Live In: As food becomes less and less of an issue your body can and should gradually shed the excess weight you've been holding until you reach a natural, comfortable weight.Escape the Tyranny of "Emotional Eating": Never again feel compelled to put bad food in your body just because you don't like the way you feel!Find Freedom from Food Obsession: As you eliminate and automate difficult food decisions, the mental obsession with food should lift. Put your mind to better use, including simply being present, mindful, and aware.Break Free from the Diet Mentality: Find sustainable habits you can live with for a lifetime!Uncover Your Most Personal and Sustainable Motivation: Get BOTH a short-term boost in motivation AND the power to carry you through the long run! All personalized to your specific needs.Reclaim Your Power: To this point you've been letting your Lizard Brain (lower brain) control you. It's time to take back the reins and show the Lizard who's boss!End Your War with Food: Ever fought a war with a bagel, donut, chocolate bar, piece of pizza, or dish of pasta?and lost? Are you exhausted from constantly trying to wage a "war on food" in your own head? where YOU are the primary casualty? See how to declare the war over once and for all so youcan find peace again. You'll love this workbook because within it is the power to put overeating and binge eating behind you for good!

Binge Compulsive Eating Workbook for Kids and Teens

Author : Anita Bohensky, PhD
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Our culture has a problem with eating. Not so much the act of eating itself, but the kinds of foods and the amount of such foods. Foods are everywhere, all the time. But oddly enough, at the very same time, we are obsessed with physical beauty. Or more precisely, a particular, often unobtainable version of beauty. We, as a culture, no longer encourage our children to be accepting for who they are physically. Nor do we seem able to accept ourselves for who we are. We must be thinner, more muscular, less wrinkled and less gray ? all in the name of physical perfection. Temptation is everywhere, and we have lost the ability to say ?no?. And at the same time, when we give our children the message that they should strive for an unattainable physical ideal, what can we expect other than great difficulties with the process of eating? This clinically developed and proven workbook employs the major eating interventions by using model presentations, rehearsal, positive feedback and promoting. The Workbook is designed to reduce levels of guilt, shame, and isolation underlying the eating problem and is written especially for adolescents and pre-adolescents.

Real Solution Binge Compulsive Eating Workbook

Author : Richard H. Pfeiffer
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Weight Management

Author : Michele Laliberte
File Size : 24.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We all think we know what we have to do to manage our weight, and blame ourselves when we don't meet the goals we have set. In reality, we need to understand the biology behind the body's regulation of weight to achieve the control we are hoping for. And we need strategies for overcoming obstacles: the stress of daily life, emotional upsets, and people who sabotage our efforts or attack our self-esteem. The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Weight Management is a different kind of weight management guide that focuses on helping you stay disciplined and dedicated to your weight management goals by using cognitive behavioral therapy. This approach has been used by therapists for years to treat a diverse range of mental health conditions, and researchers have found that it also helps people make healthy changes that last. This workbook includes exercises and worksheets to help you design a customized weight management strategy most likely to be effective for you based on the habits and lifestyle you have now. You'll set specific goals to improve your body image and your health, and follow a realistic weight management plan designed specifically for you. It is possible to feel good about yourself as you work toward a healthier lifestyle. This book will show you how. Learn to: •Manage situational, emotional, and interpersonal eating triggers •Overcome body image difficulties and critical thoughts •Make changes toward weight management that you actually enjoy •Use support from friends and family to bolster success

The Complete Live Don t Diet

Author : Vicki Park
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Format : PDF, Docs
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The Self Inquiry Workbook

Author : Linda Brierty
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Living the Low Carb Life

Author : Jonny Bowden
File Size : 47.57 MB
Format : PDF
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Explains the science behind low-carbohydrate dieting and offers information on how to pick a low-carb plan and customize it for individual metabolisms and lifestyles.

The Chemistry of Joy Workbook

Author : Henry Emmons
File Size : 26.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Every one of us has the capacity for joy, but many forces in our lives keep us from enjoying this contented and healthy state of being. When our resilience is depleted, we find it difficult to adapt to change, face challenges, and deal with the ups and downs life brings. If your natural resilience has been consumed by stress or depression, you can reclaim it with the resilience-building program in The Chemistry of Joy Workbook. Through the questionnaires, exercises, and practices in this guide, you’ll explore the nine pathways to restoring mood, regaining balance, and rediscovering your capacity for joy. Reclaim your joy by: • Balancing your body with proper nutrition and principles from ayurvedic medicine • Settling your mind with mindfulness practices • Skillfully managing “emotional tsunamis” • Finding the right medications and supplements • Tapping into the wisdom, generosity, and openness that lie within • Building your self-acceptance and connection with others

The Food and Feelings Workbook

Author : Karen R. Koenig
File Size : 73.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An extraordinary, powerful connection exists between feeling and feeding that, if damaged, may lead to one relying on food for emotional support, rather than seeking authentic happiness. This unique workbook takes on the seven emotions that plague problem eaters — guilt, shame, helplessness, anxiety, disappointment, confusion, and loneliness — and shows readers how to embrace and learn from their feelings. Written with honesty and humor, the book explains how to identify and label a specific emotion, the function of that emotion, and why the emotion drives food and eating problems. Each chapter has two sets of exercises: experiential exercises that relate to emotions and eating, and questionnaires that provoke thinking about and understanding feelings and their purpose. Supplemental pages help readers identify emotions and chart emotional development. The final part of the workbook focuses on strategies for disconnecting feeling from food, discovering emotional triggers, and using one’s feelings to get what one wants out of life.

Lectionary Preaching Workbook

Author : John R. Brokhoff
File Size : 46.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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One of the most comprehensive lectionary preaching resources available, the "Lectionary Preaching Workbook" is the one tool you will want to have close at hand to help you get the most out of every minute you spend preparing your Sunday sermon. This completely revised and updated volume provides you with a host of practical aids for effectively proclaiming God's Word. In addition to theological reflections on the three lessons for each Sunday, each chapter also explores a theme for the day (including a prayer and a suggested hymn) and outlines numerous preaching options. You'll also find a handy, easy-to-use Sermon Planner template to facilitate the process of building your sermon. Special features include: - an introduction to Matthew's gospel - overviews for each liturgical season that pinpoint preaching goals and possible sermon series -- and examine the season's customs, history, meaning, and message - a listing of applicable Revised Common, Roman Catholic, and Episcopal lectionary texts - commentary on each Sunday's Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel lessons - theological reflections to help you explore the relationships among all the texts - a variety of preaching options, complete with suggested outlines - available in either paperback or 3-ring binder formats, with wide margins for convenient, easy use John R. Brokhoff, a celebrated preacher, teacher, and writer, is Professor Emeritus of Homiletics at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. He has also served as the pastor of Lutheran congregations in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and is a recipient of the George Washington medal from the Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The original author of the ever-popular CSS "Lectionary Preaching Workbook" series, Brokhoff has written over 30 other works, including three-volume series on "Preaching The Parables" and "Preaching The Miracles" for Cycles A, B, and C, also from CSS Publishing Company.

The Holt Workbook

Author : Nancy Conrad Martinez
File Size : 20.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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