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The Early Latin Verb System

Author : Wolfgang David Cirilo de Melo
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"Any verb form of Classical Latin can be assigned to one of the three stems : the infectum-stem, the perfectum-stem, or the supine-stem. In Archaic Latin, on the other hand, there are also verb forms which do not belong to these stems, the so-called extra-paradigmatic forms. Such forms are at the heart of Wolfgang de Melo's study, which asks what they mean, how they are used, and what they go back to. Since their meaning is best examined by contrasting them with the regular forms, the first part of the book discusses selected problems of the regular verbal system of Archaic Latin. In the second part, the meaning of the extra-paradigmatic forms is established by contrasting them with the regular ones. The third part goes beyond Archaic Latin, not only examining the origins of the extra-paradigmatic forms, but outlining their survival after the archaic period. The meaning and use of the forms in Archaic Latin provides the basis for both types of diachronic study."--Résumé de l'éditeur

Terence and the Verb to Be in Latin

Author : Giuseppe Pezzini
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"Terence and the verb 'to be' in Latin is the first in-depth study of the verb 'to be' in Latin (esse) and some of its hidden properties. Like the English 'be' (e.g. it's), the Latin forms of esse could undergo phonetic reduction or contraction. This phenomenon is largely unknown since classical texts have undergone a long process of transmission over the centuries, which has altered or deleted its traces. Although they are often neglected by scholars and puzzling to students, the use of contracted forms is shown to be widespread and significant. These forms expose the clitic nature of esse, which also explains other properties of the verb, including its participation in a prosodic simplification with a host ending in -s (sigmatic ecthlipsis), a phenomenon which is also discussed in the volume. After an introduction on methodology, the volume discusses the linguistic significance of such phenomena, focusing in particular on analysis of their behaviour in the plays of the ancient Roman playwright, Terence.0Combining traditional scholarship with the use of digital resources, the volume explores the orthographic, phonological, semantic, and syntactic aspects of the verb esse, revealing that cliticization is a key feature of the verb 'to be' in Latin, and that contractions deserve a place within its paradigm."-- dust jacket

Early and Late Latin

Author : J. N. Adams
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This book focuses on the continuity between the documented stages in the history of Latin and its development into Romance.

A First Latin Book Introductory to C sar s Commentaries on the Gallic War

Author : Daniel Greenleaf Thompson
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Origins of the Greek Verb

Author : Andreas Willi
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Situated at the crossroads of comparative philology, classics and general historical linguistics, this study is the first ever attempt to outline in full the developments which led from the remotest recoverable stages of the Indo-European proto-language to the complex verbal system encountered in Homer and other early Greek texts. By combining the methods of comparative and internal reconstruction with a careful examination of large collections of primary data and insights gained from the study of language change and linguistic typology, Andreas Willi uncovers the deeper reasons behind many surface irregularities and offers a new understanding of how categories such as aspect, tense and voice interact. Drawing upon evidence from all major branches of Indo-European, and providing exhaustive critical coverage of scholarly debate on the most controversial issues, this book will be an essential reference tool for anyone seeking orientation in this burgeoning but increasingly fragmented area of linguistic research.


Author : Paolo Poccetti
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This volume assembles 50 contributions presented at the XVII International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics. They embrace essential topics of Latin linguistics with different theoretical and methodological approaches: phonetics, syntax, etymology and semantics, pragmatics and textual analysis. It is a useful resource for the study of comparative and general linguistics, not only for linguists but also for scholars of classical philology.

The Oxford Latin Syntax

Author : Harm Pinkster
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In this two-volume work, the first full-scale treatment of its kind in English, Harm Pinkster applies contemporary linguistic theories and the findings of traditional grammar to the study of Latin syntax. He takes a non-technical and principally descriptive approach, based on literary and non-literary texts dating from c.250 BC to c.450 AD. The volumes contain a wealth of examples to illustrate the grammatical phenomena under discussion, many of them from the works of Plautus and Cicero, alongside extensive references to other sources of examples such as the Oxford Latin Dictionary and the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae. While the first volume explored the simple clause, this second volume focuses on the complex sentence and discourse. The first three chapters examine different types of subordinate clause; the following four then explore relative clauses, coordination, comparison, and secondary predicates. Later chapters investigate information structure and extraclausal expressions, word order, and discourse and related features. The Oxford Latin Syntax will be a valuable and up-to-date resource both for professional Latinists and all linguists with an interest in Classics.

Language and Nature in the Classical Roman World

Author : Giuseppe Pezzini
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A familiar theme in Greek philosophy, largely due to the influence of Plato's Cratylus, linguistic naturalism (the notion that linguistic facts, structures or behaviour are in some significant sense determined by nature) constitutes a major but under-studied area of Roman linguistic thought. Indeed, it holds significance not only for the history of linguistics but also for philosophy, stylistics, rhetoric and more. The chapters in this volume deal with a range of naturalist theories in a variety of authors including Cicero, Varro, Nigidius Figulus, Posidonius, and Dionysius of Halicarnassus. The result is a complex and multi-faceted picture of how language and nature were believed to interrelate in the classical Roman world.

Plautus Poenulus

Author : Erin Moodie
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The first English commentary on Plautus' unabridged text

First Latin Book

Author : Ethan Allen Andrews
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