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The Early Latin Verb System

Author : Wolfgang David Cirilo de Melo
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This is the first comprehensive treatment of Latin extra-paradigmatic verb forms, that is, verb forms which cannot easily be assigned to any particular tense in the Latin verbal system. In order to see what functions such forms fulfil, one has to compare their usage to that of the regular verb forms. In Part 1, Wolfgang de Melo outlines the usage of regular verb forms, which, surprisingly, has not always been described adequately in the standard grammars. In Part 2, the central part of the book, he compares the usage of the extra-paradigmatic verb forms to that of the regular ones, restricting himself to Archaic Latin (roughly before 100 BC); here he makes many new and unexpected discoveries. In Part 3, de Melo shows how synchronic usage can help us to reconstruct earlier stages of the language which are not attested; he also points out that, while most of the extra-paradigmatic forms die out after 100 BC, some survive - and that such survival is by no means a matter of chance.

Attraction of Mood in Early Latin

Author : Tenney Frank
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Origins of the Greek Verb

Author : Andreas Willi
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This book traces the evolution of the Indo-European verbal system from the early proto-language to the period of the first Greek texts.

The Oscan Umbrian Verb system

Author : Carl Darling Buck
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Plautus Poenulus

Author : Erin Moodie
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The first English commentary on Plautus' unabridged text

Gildersleeve s Latin Grammar

Author : Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve
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The New York Latin Leaflet

Author :
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Edinburgh Companion to Ancient Greece and Rome

Author : Edward Bispham
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The Edinburgh Companion, newly available in paperback, is a gateway to the fascinating worlds of ancient Greece and Rome. Wide-ranging in its approach, it demonstrates the multifaceted nature of classical civilisation and enables readers to gain guidance in drawing together the perspectives and methods of different disciplines, from philosophy to history, from poetry to archaeology, from art history to numismatics, and many more.

The Encyclop dia Britannica Husband Italic

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The Encyclopaedia Britannica Har to Ita

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