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The Economic Development of the Third World Since 1900

Author : Paul Bairoch
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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Japanese Economic Development

Author : Penelope Francks
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Japanese companies are household names throughout the world, and the economy vies with America as the greatest in the world. But how much do we really know about the forces that have made this possible? This book is based on the premise that it is vital to know something about Japanese life in order to study the economic, political and social aspects of its economic development. The book traces the roots of the Japanese post-war miracle, looking behind the international influence of Japanese business to the millions of ordinary workers in factories, in workshops, and on farms, who have made it possible. How have their lives changed over the hundred years of industrialization? Is the Japanese work ethic uniquely equipped for such a challenge, or could the Japanese example be extended to today's Third World? This book mixes detailed case study material with description and analysis of Japanese economic and social history, and it presents a comparative survey of the development experience in the rest of the world.

An Economic History of London 1800 1914

Author : Michael Ball
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This is the first comprehensive survey of the economic development of the world's first great industrial metropolis. Modern theories of urban economics are used to shed new light on the process of change in the city.

Communism and Development Routledge Revivals

Author : Robert Bideleux
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First published in 1985, this book provides a comprehensive reappraisal of the diverse Communist development strategies that shaped the twentieth century. Robert Bideleux emphasises the appalling human and economic costs of the most widely adopted ‘Stalinist’ strategies of forced industrialisation and rural collectivisation. He also reconsiders the powerful arguments in favour of the most feasible and cost-effective alternatives to Stalinism, including ‘village communisms’ and ‘market socialisms’. A highly readable and challenging study, this reissue will be of particular value to students with research interests in Development Studies, East European History and Politics.

The Organisation of Labour Markets

Author : Bo Stråth
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This book explores changes in the behaviour of labour markets and the conduct of industrial relations in the last century, in the context of 4 very different societies: Germany, Sweden, Britain and Japan.

Sport and the Physical Emancipation of English Women 1870 1914

Author : Kathleen E. McCrone
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Originally published in 1978, this book goes beyond conventional studies of economic history to discuss wider political and social questions pertinent to the development of the German political economy of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The interaction between economic development and social structure played a unique and extremely important role in the development of 19th century Germany and accounts for the distinct manner in which German society developed during this period. This book examines the origins and nature of the German industrial revolution, and effects of the Zollverein on economic growth and national unity, and the critical role of railway building.

The Economic Development of Ireland in the Twentieth Century

Author : Kieran Anthony Kennedy
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Traces and assesses the growth of the Republic's economy from its separation from Britain in the early 1920s through to the present. This book should be of interest to students of economics and Irish studies.

Westernizing the Third World

Author : Ozay Mehmet
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The second edition of this successful and popular text has been updated and revised to include recent issues in development economics. Significant new additions include: * Asian values and development * democracy, human rights and good governance * globalization and development * boxed summaries of key arguments and glossary. Westernizing the Third World identifies the mainstream economic theories which have been employed in developing countries. The author examines these and explains why Eurocentric concepts are not suitable for the developing world.

The Routledge History Handbook of Central and Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century

Author : Włodzimierz Borodziej
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Challenges of Modernity offers a broad account of the social and economic history of Central and Eastern Europe in the twentieth century and asks critical questions about the structure and experience of modernity in different contexts and periods. This volume focuses on central questions such as: How did the various aspects of modernity manifest themselves in the region, and what were their limits? How was the multifaceted transition from a mainly agrarian to an industrial and post-industrial society experienced and perceived by historical subjects? Did Central and Eastern Europe in fact approximate its dream of modernity in the twentieth century despite all the reversals, detours and third-way visions? Structured chronologically and taking a comparative approach, a range of international contributors combine a focus on the overarching problems of the region with a discussion of individual countries and societies, offering the reader a comprehensive, nuanced survey of the social and economic history of this complex region in the recent past. The first in a four-volume set on Central and Eastern Europe in the twentieth century, it is the go-to resource for those interested in the ‘challenges of modernity‘ faced by this dynamic region.

Development and Social Change

Author : Philip McMichael
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The Second Edition of this popular textbook has been conceptually reworked to take account of the instabilities underlying the project of global development. While the conceptual framework of viewing development as shifting from a national, to a global, project remains, new issues such as the active engagement in the development project by Third World elites and peoples are considered. The first four chapters cover the rise and fall of the "development project" around the world. The next three cover the period of globalization, from the mid 1980s onwards. The final two chapters rethink globalization and development for the 21st century. Throughout, extensive use is made of case studies.