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The Economics of Tropical Farming Systems

Author : Martin Upton
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Clear student text on theory and practice of economic decision making in tropical agriculture.

The Economics of Tropical Farm Management

Author : J. P. Makeham
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In the tropics farmers have to work from a limited resource base which does not lend itself to highly productive crop and animal yields. The principles of farm management economics and the application of farm management analysis and planning can help small farmers in the tropics to produce 'a bit more' from their lots.

The Economics of Tropical Agriculture

Author : Bernd Andreae
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Minimum cost combination in agriculture with special reference to developing countries in tropical areas. Typology of the climatic zones and farming systems in the tropics and sub-tropics. Increasing productivity in extensive grassland farming in semi-arid areas. Increasing the productivity of arable rain-fed farming. Increasing the productivity of irrigated arable farming types of irrigated farming. Systems with perennial crops. Development of farming regions and farm enterprises during general economic-growth.

Alternative Farming Systems economic Aspects 1970 1986

Author : Karl Schneider
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Farming Systems in the Tropics

Author : Hans Ruthenberg
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Some general charscteristics of farming in a tropical environment; Shifting cultivation systems; Fallow systems; Ley systems; Systems with permanent upland cultivation; Systems with arable irrigation farming; Systems with perennial crops; Grazing systems; General tendences in the development of tropical farm systems.

Computers and Information Technologies in Agricultural Production and Management

Author :
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Foreign Assistance Authorization Hearings Before the Committee on Foreign Relations 93 2 June 7 21 26 July 24 25 1974

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations
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Journal of Economic Literature

Author :
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Socio economic Complexities of Smallholder Resource poor Ruminant Livestock Production Systems in Sub Saharan Africa

Author : Aldo Stroebel
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The Economics of Soil Conservation in Developing Countries

Author : Olaf Erenstein
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The author can be contacted at:[email protected]

Traditional African Farming Systems in Eastern Nigeria

Author : Johannes Lagemann
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Conservation Tillage and Ley Farming Systems for the Semi arid Tropics

Author : P. S. Carberry
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This volume comprises invited reviews and research papers presented at a workshop entitled Conservation Tillage and Ley Farming Systems for the Semi-Arid Tropics, held in Katherine, Northern Territories, Australia, from 18 to 20 July 1995. The overview paper gives a scientist's view of dryland farming systems in the semi-arid tropics since 1980. The scientific papers address the major themes of the workshop: evaluation of tropical pastures; agronomy and sustainability of ley farming methods; animal production in the semi-arid tropics; weed control and herbicides; nutrient requirements and nitrogen inputs of legume leys; interaction of soil properties and tillage practices; and economic constraints to farming systems in the semi-arid tropics.

Economics of Agricultural Development in Tropical Africa

Author : Seth La-Anyane
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This book presents an analysis of agricultural economic development in tropical Africa which highlights the fundamental social and political processes of this development. It examines the factors involved in change and modernization of tropical agriculture and introduces the involvement of African intergovernmental organizations and international, bilateral, and multilateral agencies in the development of tropical African agriculture.

Improving Smallholder Farming Systems in Imperata Areas of Southeast Asia

Author : Kenneth Menz
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The Economics of Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge Systems Into Agricultural Development

Author : Sunday O. Titilola
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Do Tropical Forests Provide Natural Insurance

Author : Suhbrendu Pattanayak
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Tropical Legumes for Sustainable Farming Systems in Southern Africa and Australia

Author : Anthony M. Whitbread
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The papers in this book come from an ACIAR project to develop sustainable animal and cropping systems in southern Africa. The papers focus on aspects of forage and ley legumes and include the interactions with animal and crop production, and farmer evaluation and adoption of new technologies in farming systems of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Socio Economic Impact of Soil Degradation on Upland Farming Systems in West Sumatra Indonesia

Author : Matthias Grüninger
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Abstracts on Tropical Agriculture

Author :
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Banana manioc Farming Systems of the Tropical Forest

Author : Paul Thomas Perrault
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