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The Elephant Mask

Author : Bob Garland
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The Elephant Mask is the fourth Humboldt Prior Mystery. Now an aging executive of a troubled computer company, Prior is given responsibility for a promising new project that applies computer science to Latin American archeology. From the ruins of the ancient Moche people, the project surfaces the strange problem of the Elephant Mask and then nearly dissolves in a mysterious triple assassination. Prior travels to Lima, Peru to try to salvage the project. There, he is entangled by unscrupulous enemies, unpredictable old friends, and the assets and liabilities of his distant past. In Peru, New York, and San Francisco, Prior must weave his way through a maze of attempted seduction, trickery and betrayal, further killings, and cutting edge software technology. To survive, he must solve the triple problem of the murders, the underlying crime, and the age-old mystery of the Elephant Mask. Beneath an enormous relic of military technology, the story ends in an unexpected, ghastly execution, and more of Prior's past reaches out to him.

The World of Spirits and Ancestors in the Art of Western Sub Saharan Africa

Author : Elizabeth Skidmore Sasser
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The World of Spirits and Ancestors in the Art of Western Sub-Saharan Africa illustrates for the first time a collection of African Sculpture at the Museum of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The masks and figurative carvings from the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century are from two sources: Ambassador and Mrs. Julius Walker's gift to ICASALS (International Center for Arid and Semiarid Land Studies), now on permanent loan to the Museum, and the Elliot Howard Collection. Howard, an artist and authority on antiques, chose examples of sculpture for their "variety and aesthetic appeal." His hope was that the pieces he assembled would provide new discoveries for those unacquainted with the art of Africa and an art experience that would "enhance mutual respect among people." Fittingly, then, a context for understanding is the focus of Elizabeth Skidmore Sasser's book. As the title suggests, The World of Spirits and Ancestors introduces carefully chosen examples of masks and figures as social and spiritual communications imbued with the living history and culture of the various peoples of western sub-Saharan Africa. Sasser emphasizes that geography and climate - ranging from semiarid deserts to tropical rain forests - influence not only the art but also the habitations and ceremonial life of the region. More than 180 drawings and illustrations reflect the creative genius that continues to meet environmental challenges and to express the distinctive contributions of the cultures and the people of western sub-Saharan Africa.

Continuum Encyclopedia of Animal Symbolism in World Art

Author : Hope B. Werness
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Animals and their symbolism in diverse world cultures and different eras of human history are chronicled in this lovely volume.

Ebony Jr

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Created by the publishers of EBONY. During its years of publishing it was the largest ever children-focused publication for African Americans.

Continuum Encyclopedia of Native Art

Author : Hope B. Werness
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This lavishly produced voulume is the first reference work to focus on the symbols, meaning, and significance of art in native, or indigenous, cultures.

Portal to Hell

Author : Reynaldo Reyes
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Jesus Christ is not a human man, Jesus Christ is a deity. He can transform himself into anything. Jesus Christ and his angels can make human beings experience ectoplasm and can possess you in broad daylight and at night. Any spirit or deity that can shift-shape himself into anything like a fog, smoke, fire, clouds, insects, people or animals is considered not human, suspicious, unknown, scary, sneaky, secretive, and evil.

Africa for Kids

Author : Harvey Croze
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Africa is brought to life in this imaginative look at the plants, animals, and people that make it such a fascinating continent. Studies of both traditional tribes and modern African cities showcase Africa's diversity, and authentic activities allow kids to dive into the rich culture by making a Maasai bivouac shelter, writing a fable in the African style, working as a field biologist, making a ritual elephant mask, and learning to tie an African Kanga dress. This cross-cultural study also shows kids what challenges Africa faces today while giving them a look at what it is like to live on this interesting continent.

Ethnic Groups of Africa and the Middle East An Encyclopedia

Author : John A. Shoup III
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This encyclopedia is an essential guide to the different ethno-linguistic groups in Africa and today's complicated Middle East region. • Contains contributions from international scholars and independent researchers who have lived and worked in countries such as Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Guinea Conakry, Jordan, Lesotho, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, and Syria • Includes bibliographic information after each entry, photographs, and an index

Boys Life

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Boys' Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.


Author : Doran H. Ross
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The elephant is abundantly represented in African culture. In this lavishly illustrated anthology, eighteen scholars pay homage to both the African elephant and African creativity. The elephant's natural history is the starting point for this collection. Other essays discuss the animal's place in religious imagery, local economies, and regional cultures. The global appetite for ivory and the consequences of the ivory trade are the focus of two essays and of the epilogue, which also discusses the elephant as an endangered species. This volume bridges the gap that often separates the scholar from the general reader. Its visual mini-essays are entertaining and also broaden the scope of the book, and the spectacular photographs invite hours of pleasurable exploration.