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The Emergence of the Gulf States

Author : John Peterson
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CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2017 The Emergence of the Gulf States covers the history of the Gulf from the 18th century to the late 20th century. Employing a broad perspective, the volume brings together experts in the field to consider the region's political, economic and social development. The contributions address key themes including the impact of early history, religious movements, social structures, identity and language, imperialism, 20th-century economic transformation and relations with the wider Indian Ocean and Arab world. The work as a whole provides a new interpretive approach based on new research coupled with extensive reviews of the relevant literature. It offers a valuable contribution to the knowledge of the area and sets a new standard for the future scholarship and understanding of this vital region.

The Political Economy of Arab Gulf States

Author : Kristian Ulrichsen
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'This volume brings together some of the most important articles on the Persian Gulf over the last two decades. All of the articles in the volume have been central to our understanding of the region, and some have been game-changers. for anyone interested in knowledge of the Middle East in general and the Persian Gulf in particular, this book is essential reading.' - Mehran Kamrava, School of Foreign Services, Qatar

Oil Monarchies

Author : F. Gregory Gause
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This timely book demystifies the politics of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman, and focuses on the new pressures that have emerged since the Gulf War. Gause illuminates the foreign policy tightrope these states walk in the Middle East: self-defense is problematic, regional pressures translate directly into the domestic arena, and relations with the United States cause as well as solve many problems. Gause examines the interplay of Islamic fundamentalism, tribalism, and, most importantly, oil wealth that has determined the power structure of the Gulf monarchies. He shows what influences really drive politics in the Middle East as well as how U.S. foreign policy must respond to them in order to forge more meaningful ties with each country and preserve the stability of a fragile region that is vital to U.S. interests.

The Gulf States in International Political Economy

Author : Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
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Kristian Coates Ulrichsen documents the startling rise of the Arab Gulf States as regional powers with international reach and provides a definitive account of how they have become embedded in the global system of power, politics, and policy-making.

The Arab Gulf States and the West

Author : Dania Koleilat Khatib
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This book examines the changing image of the Arab Gulf States in the West. It addresses the question of perception in international relations and how the Arab States of the Gulf have pursued various endeavors to project themselves into Western imagination. The book chapters generate ideas on how perceptions came about and ways to improve cultural and political realities on the ground in the Arab Gulf States. Thus, it paves the way for a new area of research in the field of Gulf Studies that extends beyond traditional international relations frameworks by weaving elements of intercultural communication into the mix. Recognizing, yet extending beyond, a traditionally realist framework, which has dominated the analysis of Arab Gulf States' foreign relations with western countries, this book tackles both the materialist and the symbolic in the efforts and initiatives launched by the Arab Gulf States. Some chapters maintain a social-scientific approach about the politics of the Arab Gulf States in the West from an international relations lens. Others employ theoretical frameworks that were founded on the notion of the "encounter," with anthropological lenses and concepts of intercultural communication. In addition to the value of this academic research agenda, as such, some of the chapters also touch upon the added importance of policy-oriented input. As the Arab Gulf States actively engage with the West, the book would widely appeal to students and researchers of Gulf politics and international relations.

The Persian Gulf States

Author : Alvin J. Cottrell
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Scholars explore a variety of topics related to the geography, history, military affairs, economics, urban development, religion, law, language, literature, arts, society, and politics of the Persian Gulf states

Culture and Customs of the Arab Gulf States

Author : Rebecca L. Torstrick
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Exciting, exhaustive, and essential coverage on the Arab Gulf States, ideal for high school students and general readers.

The Emergence of the Gulf States

Author : J. E. Peterson
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Offers comprehensive coverage of the political, economic and social history of the six Gulf Arab States from the 18th to the 20th century

Popular Culture and Political Identity in the Arab Gulf States

Author : Alanoud Alsharekh
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An examination of the Gulf's dynamic popular and political culture.

The Development of Intellectual Property Regimes in the Arabian Gulf States

Author : David Price
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This book examines the development of national legislative regimes for the protection of intellectual property rights in the Arabian Gulf states: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. David Price analyses IP rights in these states in the context of WTO membership, and consequent compliance with the requirements of the WTO’s TRIPS Agreement. The challenges of domestic enforcement of the states’ IP laws receive critical attention. A particular focus of the book is on foreign forces which have shaped or influenced the character of the states’ IP protection regimes. It includes commentary on the contribution of foreign states, the WTO and WIPO in the pre-TRIPS and TRIPS compliance stages, and the US bilateral trade strategy for pursuing IP protection standards that exceed those enshrined in TRIPS, and the impact of these forces upon the states’ enforcement performance. The role of the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) and the Special 301 provisions as a powerful tool in the US’ bilateral strategy receives particular attention. The intellectual property laws of these states have been developed virtually in the span of a single generation, and the process of change is continuing. As such, this book will interest practitioners both in and outside of the region, and those with an interest in intellectual property law, comparative law, Middle East legal systems and affairs, and international trade.