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The Empty Nest Chronicles

Author : Jerry Zezima
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Humorist Jerry Zezima has always had an empty head. Now that his two daughters have flown the coop, he and his wife have an empty nest. The girls aren't completely out of the house, of course, because a lot of their stuff is still there. Written with warmth and hilarity, "The Empty Nest Chronicles" is sure to appeal to parents who miss their kids but now have a chance to rediscover each other, to recall what life was like BC (Before Children), and to ask the eternal empty-nester question: Are we having fun yet? Praise for "The Empty Nest Chronicles" " 'The Empty Nest Chronicles' is brimming with laughs." — Bill Geist, "CBS News Sunday Morning" correspondent "Reading 'The Empty Nest Chronicles' is like having a hilarious conversation with the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Self-deprecating, gentle, and really funny." — W. Bruce Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter," "A Dog's Purpose," and "A Dog's Journey"

Empty Nest

Author : Anne Meckstroth Menter
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The Book Are you or someone you know having trouble coming to grips with the letting-go of your children into the world - and with the subsequent changes life deposits on your doorstep? Empty Nest: One Mother's Journey chronicles the emotional transition of the author during her early empty nest days. Through poetry, diary excerpts, quotations, and the visual expressions of Australian artist Taz Phillips, this book will guide the reader in their awareness of self and understanding, and of personally moving forward with life after their children have left home.

Fun without Dick and Jane

Author : Christie Mellor
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From Christie Mellor, the best-selling author of The Three-Martini Playdate, comes this hilarious (and helpful) guide to recovering from getting those little angels into college and out of the house. Filled with unapologetically funny yet entirely sympathetic advice, Mellor answers important questions (Is $200 an hour too much to spend for exam tutoring? Is moving to an apartment near campus ever an option?) and offers wise counsel on saying good-bye, getting kids to stay in touch (without begging), and coping when they come home to roost (which they will—for holidays, summer break, and possibly for years after graduation). Best of all, she inspires empty nesters to embrace their newfound freedom and enjoy their lives to the full.

Memoirs of an Empty Nester

Author : Dorothy Okung
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A Journey of life from West Africa to the united states, journey, loves, friends, trials and tribulations, An arresting confident, knowledgeable robustly narration of the journey of an empty nest.- Art imitating life which chronicles her life from youth into who she is now., From her experiences as an empty nester to overcoming and finding her purpose. An intriguing mix blend of memoirs peppered with snippets of Love, revenge, tales of betrayal money and power. A spellbinder where only the lonely can play. A tale of how she meets her friends- Four main character that brings a superb blend of rich personalities to the mix. From Mrs. Somebody the battered housewife, Sophie who is loaded down with baggage, bread winner of her family, Destiny who hides under the facade of pretty and her desire for finer things in life only dates wealthy men. Then flows in Gina - the housewife who validates herself worth through her marriage, Gina at this time is married to a much younger man with no means of support. Nicky- the player of the group, plays the game to the end; in a loveless marriage, plans the best parties to entertain her friends and her husband's client, her believes are centered on right circle right social gathering. Looks can be deceiving, the more you look the less you see. A must read.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Age Is Just a Number

Author : Amy Newmark
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Life begins again at 60! You'll be inspired by these tales of new love, new careers, new adventures, and new purpose by those living their best lives after 60! You’ll love these 101 true stories from dynamic, active people over 60 who prove the adage that age is just a number. Whether relaxing at home or traveling the world, married or single, working or retired, these folks do it all. You'll read about: • Finding romance and love again at 60, 70, or 80 • Downsizing and enjoying the freedom of less • Traveling the world and moving to new homes • Starting new businesses, new jobs, and volunteering • Getting in shape – with new sports and fitness routines • Trying new things and proudly overcoming fears • Finding new passions – for dancing, teaching, acting, sports cars and more • Proof that older really is wiser! • And plenty of comic relief about pesky technology, creaky joints, and those “senior moments” Chicken Soup for the Soul books are 100% made in the USA and each book includes stories from as diverse a group of writers as possible. Chicken Soup for the Soul solicits and publishes stories from the LGBTQ community and from people of all ethnicities, nationalities, and religions.

Barbara and Susan s Guide to the Empty Nest

Author : Barbara Rainey
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Discover New Passion and Purpose after the Kids Leave Home Many women approaching their empty-nest years do so with mixed emotions--feeling grief for what is no more but also excitement for what lies ahead. Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates are seasoned empty nesters, and they know firsthand the ups and downs, the uncertainty and challenges that accompany this new stage of life. Although Mom is a lifelong role, the job description changes significantly when the kids are grown. Questions abound: Who am I now? How do I relate to my kids? How will my marriage be affected? Where am I needed? Every woman in this stage needs to determine her own redefined role as wife, mother, friend, and more. Offering practical advice and biblical guidance, along with inspiring personal stories of women who have discovered how to live a meaningful life during the "second half," Barbara and Susan help you work out how to flourish and thrive in your own empty nests.

Winging it

Author : Catherine Goldhammer
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Continues the story of the author and her daughter in their rustic New England seaside home as her daughter's growing independence causes the author to recognize new beginnings and opportunities.

The Empty Nest the Second Time Around

Author : Ejay Wyndesh
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In a series of heartwarming essays, author Ejay Wyndesh shares the wisdom and perspective gleaned from her early childhood through her senior citizen years to encourage women who suffer from "empty nest syndrome." Follow Wyndesh through her various experiences, from growing up with immigrant grandparents to the angst of adolescence, and from being a mother to being a great-grandmother. Each stage of her life shaped her in a different way, and Wyndesh artfully expresses these changes in The Empty Nest the Second Time Around. At the heart of Wyndesh's journey is her appreciation of previous generations' traditions and loyalties. Decades of heartwarming, family-oriented experiences provide a realistic background for Wyndesh's essays. Through her prose, she teaches upcoming generations that loving and honoring family is fun work, and that dedicating yourself and your life to obeying and serving God will strengthen your family tree's branches for the future. But it's also important to recognize your progress through the years and how each new level changes your perspective. If you're feeling depressed by your empty nest, take a moment to ponder Wyndesh's uplifting insights. They'll inspire you to cherish your family memories and pass them on to future generations.

Refeathering the Empty Nest

Author : Wendy Aronsson
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Many parents have demonstrated a desire to parent skillfully and artfully. They read the latest child development and parenting books, configure their schedules to accommodate the social and educational lives of their children, and focus like lasers on their childrens’ well-being. Many have made an enormous emotional and financial investment in raising their children. But children grow up, they move out, they create their own lives and their own homes. The role of the parent changes, diminishes, and evolves. The life phase that begins in preparation for an “empty nest” and continues until parents re-feather the nest has no official name, yet it represents a profound shift from the rigors of daily parenting to a period of self-reflection and reorientation. Here, Wendy Aronsson centers on that experience, capturing the realities of the emotions and life changes that come on gradually, and sometimes proceed in fits and starts. Refeathering the Empty Nest is for any parent preparing for the departure from home of their youngest child. It is for those who wish to move forward productively, both in their new parenting role and in their roles as spouse, employee, friend, neighbor, and self. Using real stories throughout, Aronsson shows how people have managed these changes, how they’ve reignited the passion in their marriages or moved on from bad matches, how they’ve rediscovered old interests and talents, and how they’ve reinvented their relationships with their children as well. These stories provide hope and guidance to anyone whose nest is about to empty as well as those whose nests already are.

The Christmas Present

Author : Ceci Giltenan
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Faced with an empty nest, and heartbroken, Anita Lewis is given the chance to experience Christmas in another time with the help of a mysterious old woman and a pocket watch.The gift she receives is priceless as she rediscovers the magic of Christmas in the past.

The Bertram family by the author of Chronicles of the Sch nberg cotta family

Author : Elizabeth Charles
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Author : Judy Holland
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An empty nest does not have to be an empty life. Judy Holland shows you how to get back in touch with yourself, your partner, your life, AND your kids when the house is less-populated. The transition to the empty nest creates a void that can catapult you into existential crisis. Your zeal for climbing the career ladder, striving for social status, and collecting material things starts to subside, as is common in middle age. Friends and relatives may suffer from illness or pass away, bringing jarring reminders of mortality that trigger a need to make sense of it all. HappiNest helps you traverse this passage with grace by distilling the latest social science research and drawing from hundreds of interviews with those who have gone before you. Whether you’re seeking a renaissance in your romantic relationship, dealing with a boomerang child at home, or figuring out how to support aging parents, this book is for you. HappiNest explores a variety of challenges that arise when the house is suddenly empty or emptying, and Judy Holland provides tips and tools for managing the emotions and realities of this new life stage. From dealing with friends, career transitions, rekindling love or leaving a marriage, to reconnecting with genuine interests and passions, this road map will help guide you. There are hills, valleys, thickets, briar patches, and ditches ahead, as well as waterfalls that resolve into pristine ponds. With mindfulness, hard work, and knowledge of experiences, research, and wisdom from seasoned empty nesters, you can create the most golden phase of your life.

Chronicle of the Horse

Author :
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Chronicles of Courage

Author : Jean Kennedy Smith
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Handicapped members of the Very Special Arts organization discuss how they have been able to enrich their lives through painting, poetry, music, and other artistic pursuits. 10,000 first printing.

Gardeners Chronicle New Horticulturist

Author :
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The Schepp Family Chronicles

Author : Frances Schepp Ruh
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Investors Chronicle

Author :
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When You re Facing the Empty Nest

Author : Mary Ann Froehlich
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"Ideal for women whose children are graduating from high school, this sensitive book lets readers know they aren't alone in their feelings of loss. It offers a sense of hope for the future and practical suggestions for parenting their young adult children

A Bartlett Chronicle

Author : Robert L. Bartlett
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Robert Bartlett was christened at St.Mary's Church in Puddlestown, Dorset, England on 27 May 1603. His parents were Robert Bartlett and Alice Barker. He emigrated in 1621 and settled in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. He married Mary Warren in 1628. They had eight children. Robert died in 1683. Descendants and relatives lived in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Virginia, Maryland and elsewhere.

Investors Chronicle and Stock Exchange Gazette

Author :
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