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The End Of The Dream The Golden Boy Who Never Grew Up

Author : Ann Rule
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The explosive story of four talented, handsome, and charismatic young men--best friends whose bond is shattered when one among them becomes consumed by lethal greed and twisted desire.

The End of Dreams

Author : Neo Olin
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Upon the abrupt demise of her exalted father, young Stella Eiren, heiress to all things good and golden, is suddenly torn from a life full of promise and thrust into realms bleak and brutal. Clinging desperately to her sanity amidst incomprehensible nightmares; stalked by foul monsters and even fouler men, she strives to survive: for love, for family, for an impossible truth at the heart of all things. Striving—again and again—striving to the very end. The End of Dreams.

Obama and The End of the American Dream

Author : Michael A. Peters
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The American Dream that crystallized around James Truslow Adams’ The Epic of America originally formulated in the early 1930s and was conditioned by a decade of complexity and contradiction, of big government projects, intensely fierce nationalism, the definition of the American way, and a distinctive collection of American iconic narratives has had the power and force to successively reshape America for every new generation. Indeed, Adam’s dream of opportunity for each according to ability or achievement shaped against the old class culture of Europe emphasizes a vision of social order in which each person can succeed despite their social origins. Barack Obama, a skillful rhetorician and intelligent politician, talks of restoring the American and has used its narrative resources to define his campaign and his policies. In a time of international and domestic crisis, of massive sovereign debt, of the failure of neoliberalism, of growing inequalities, the question is whether the American Dream and the vision of an equal education on which it rests can be revitalized.

Dream Therapy for PTSD The Proven System for Ending Your Nightmares and Recovering from Trauma

Author : Bruce M. Dow MD
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In this series of clinical vignettes, a board-certified psychiatrist and life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association illustrates the effectiveness of dream therapy in treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). • Shares techniques to end PTSD nightmares and flashbacks • Lessens the exposure to trauma, making the treatment more benign than most other methods • Offers strategies for treating individual patients as well as groups of patients • Features complete descriptions of 140 dreams along with approaches for lessening their detrimental effects • Provides a comparison between common stress and PTSD

Projecting the End of the American Dream Hollywood s Visions of U S Decline

Author : Gordon B. Arnold
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This provocative book reveals how Hollywood films reflect our deepest fears and anxieties as a country, often recording our political beliefs and cultural conditions while underscoring the darker side of the American way of life. Long before the war in Iraq and the economic crises of the early 21st century, Hollywood has depicted a grim view of life in the United States, one that belies the prosperity and abundance of the so-called American Dream. While the country emerged from World War II as a world power, collectively our sense of security had been threatened. The result is a cinematic body of work that has America's decline and ruin as a central theme. The author draws from popular films across all genres and six decades to illustrate how the political climate of the times influenced their creation. Projecting the End of the American Dream: Hollywood's Visions of U.S. Decline combines film history, social history, and political history to reveal important themes in the unfolding American narrative. Discussions focus on a wide variety of films, including Rambo, Planet of the Apes, and Easy Rider.

Garfield Todd The End of the Liberal Dream in Rhodesia

Author : Susan Woodhouse
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Against the backdrop of a politically approved view that Europeans did little to further the Zimbabwean nationalist freedom movements before Independence in 1980, this book will help to nail that misconception against a wall.The story of Garfield Todd and his various roles as Christian missionary, liberal prime minister of southern Rhodesia, high-profile opponent of UDI and its architect Ian Smith from 1965 to 1980, will surely be an eye-opener for many young people in central and southern Africa, who may never have heard of this great man who spent his life in education and public service. The role of Garfield Todd and some of the people who worked with him has been effectively airbrushed from the pages of the official Zimbabwean story. Why? is the question. Susan Woodhouse gives us the answer by telling the story of a small but influential group of men and women who dared swim against the racial current in Africa after the Second World War. Its a story told with warmth, personal insight and often great humour. This Edinburgh-based author, who Sir Garfield said knew the Todds better than anyone else, has introduced a small but dedicated group of long forgotten activists toa new generation of readers.

The End of all Dreams

Author : Marjut Moisala
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Marjut Moisala is a Finnish clairvoyant and writer, having 7 books published in Finnish during 2000 - 2012. In this book, “The End of All Dreams”, a spiritual guide who calls himself Adamon appears to her and starts unwinding the hidden secrets of a crystal skull that stores ancient wisdom. Adamon gives no mercy for ego and speaks directly to the spirit within us. His subjects are love, freedom and finding the real self within us. He questions our ego's beliefs and turns new age myths upside down. “Duality is a part of the phenomenal world, but it is not a creation of God. God created only you but it is you who created the world.” According to Adamon, world is an opposite to the spirit and like a prolonged dream. We are dreaming, not only when sleeping, but also when we are “awake”. Our whole life, or lives, is just going through different levels of dream. Hardly ever we are really awake. So how to wake up? “Love and forgiving are the only means”. About the purpose of life Adamon teaches: “When you are separated from love, you are asking for purpose. When you are love, you are the purpose.” This book has been an eye-opening experience to many readers, making them question their beliefs about life and themselves and provoking real spiritual awareness on contrary of the all too familiar, nice and easy channeled new age texts coming out everywhere these days. The readers of “A Course In Miracles”, and “The Disappearance of the Universe” may already have a clue about what Adamon is teaching us.

Dream s End

Author : Thorne Smith
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A New York advertising executive leaves his job in the city to write poetry in a hut by the sea. Once there he finds himself caught in the coils of his attraction to two women—a situation that so unsettles his wits that he falls prey to a heavily symbolic dream obsession.

The Dreams

Author : Nicolaescu G. Sergiu
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The paranormal phenomena became more understandable. The limits to the paranormal frontier seem to disappeare, in a way. In dreams, it happens to receive some unknown information for which I have tried to give answers in this eBook, with all the information and experience I have. I have described some of the most important meetings I had with persons who received this kind of information, in the hope to a better understanding of the paranormal.

Never Ending Dream

Author : Conny Conway
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