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The Enlightened Luciferian

Author : Simon Alvarez
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We currently live in an Enlightened Age (The 21st century) where knowledge and wisdom are available without any limitations. The Luciferian belief is the ability to seek whatever is beyond the light, to maintain and continue searching for Infinite wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. You have the power , the opportunity, and the obligation, to determine your future and destiny without the fear of perjuring your own soul; and bringing to your life prosperity, wealth, luxury, power, and independence. Are you ready to hear the voices of the sacred Serpent who aided mankind from the beginning? As a Luciferian, The only concept that you must quickly learn to embrace, comprehend, and understand besides balancing Good and Evil, is... "You are God!"

The Enlightened Luciferian III

Author : Simon Mark Alvarez
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In the second and final sequel to "The Enlightened Luciferian, I reveal more wisdom and enlightenment; which Luciferians will no doubt appreciate. I have also continued my argument to conquer and exterminate every religion on Earth; with a full-proof basic agenda for the beginning steps. I have also combined books 1 and 2 to be included in this trilogy as a free bonus gift to my readers. These books explain the characteristics of a Luciferian, and what they believe in; and also what they seek. Although, it does not contain any magic formulas, it does contain numerous information about Luciferianism. It also includes my opinions. But it also includes facts as well. For those seeking forbidden knowledge and inspiration, these are the books that you've been waiting for, for a very long time...

Antichrist Osiris the History of the Luciferian Conspiracy

Author : Chris Relitz
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The Legends of many cultures claim that the world was once destroyed in a cataclysmic flood. Many cultures also claim that someday the world will again be destroyed in a similar fashion. In the Bible we are told that the disciples once asked Jesus if there would be a warning sign prior to this destructive event. He said that there would indeed a sign. Jesus said that whatever was happening in the Days of Noah will happen again before the end of this age. The Bible has only a few verses about Noah's Flood. So we are forced to turn to the ancient flood legends of over 350 other cultures to learn more about this prophecy. But Noah's days did not end with the flood, he lived for many years afterward. He saw the creation of a tower in Babylon. This is interesting because the Freemasons claim that their Order originated here. Here is the most thorough examination of Freemasonry ever undertaken, using their own texts, to solve the Days of Noah prophecy.

Love Your Enemies

Author : Gerd Steeger
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The Satanic Book

Author : Lucifer White
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Cult and Ritual Abuse

Author : James Randall Noblitt
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Provides unique insights into the catastrophic experiences of ritual abuse survivors and their efforts to find healing through psychological treatment.

Mortal Jigsaw Puzzle

Author : Grieving Patriot
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The Mortal Jigsaw puzzle follows the struggles of a heroic urban vice principal, as he attempts to control a large high school teetering on the verge of chaos. During the course of an infamous day known as Fat Lip Friday, the ghetto principal tries valiantly to keep control of his school in the midst of a full blown gang war. Immersed in an environment replete with urban music, violence, verbiage, and dress, the reader is bombarded with shocking images of life in the modern hood. As the visceral educational conflagration unfolds, the protagonist, Jose Perez, unexpectedly catches glimpses of a diabolical conspiracy of which street gangs are just a small part. Thanks to his keen senses, Mr. Perez slowly collects the pieces to a profoundly disturbing global puzzle comprised of codes, lyrics, art, and symbols of Egyptian, Masonic, and satanic origin. While attempting to place the gratuitous carnage and depravity of the inner city into perspective, Mr. Perez accidentally stumbles upon an interdisciplinary mind control plan which draws upon religion, politics, economics, psychology, marketing, history, and the occult. Alarmed by his findings, Mr. Perez warns his community of their pending doom, only to be hunted down by the very debt cattle whom he tries to save from oblivion. In the end, both his community and his nation are condemned to fall under this nefarious plot, as this educators quixotic mission abruptly ends with an ominous knock on his front door.

Alejandro Carbajal Estrada

Author : Alejandro Estrada
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A Universal Biographical Dictionary

Author : Charles N. Baldwin
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Robert Lowell and the Sublime

Author : Henry Hart
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Henry Hart establishes the connection between Robert Lowell - one of the most important American poets of the last fifty years - and one of the principal sites of current aesthetic theory, the sublime, a prominent tradition in literature, which traces journeys beyond ordinary language and behavior into exalted states. Lowell's casual interest in the sublime, which eventually became an obsession, dominated his poetry. By searching archives and manuscript collections that take us back to Lowell's beginnings at St. Mark's, Harvard, and Kenyon, the author uncovers early and telling instances of the poet's interest in the poetics of sublimity. Hart illuminates the complexities of this poet's imagination in original ways, connecting Lowell firmly to the tradition of American Romanticism. He provides insights into Lowell's poems, especially the lesser-known works and discerns an allegorical pattern throughout the poetry that involves two interrelated elements: battles against patriarchal gods and failed, often demonic quests for transcendent ideals. He maintains that this pattern of battle and quest has its roots in Lowell's Oedipal struggle against his father, and that quest is essential to attaining an experience of the sublime. Linking these two concepts - the Oedipal struggle and the sublime - is entirely new in Lowell studies.

Beneath the Tide

Author : Ken Bowers
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Cheque Mate

Author : Jeffrey A. Baker
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Author Jeffrey A. Baker contends that there is a plan for a one-world government, and the evidence he presents is compelling. Baker not only cites names, places, and dates, he also reveals the "game" these "princes" of power and intrigue are playing in order to establish a New World Order. You'll learn how this select group is working behind the scenes, using you, your job, the economy, the political system, and the future of America as pawns in their global game. Time is running out. The question is not can we stop them; the question is will we? There is only one way, and that's what Cheque Mate: The Game of Princes is all about.

Constitutions be Damned Say the Internationalists

Author : B. Bruce
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Scandinavian Studies

Author :
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Includes Proceedings of the Society.

Caprichos Their Hidden Truth

Author : Francisco Goya
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A Dictionary of the English Language

Author : Samuel Johnson
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Napoleon s Cursed War

Author : Ronald Fraser
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An authoritative history of the Peninsular War examines the factors that contributed to Napoleon's defeat against the Spanish guerrillas and their British and Portuguese allies, in an account that also traces the roles played by key figures and everyday people.

The Literary Digest

Author :
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Saint Germain

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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Time of Delirium

Author : Hermann Rauschning
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