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The Entrepreneur in History

Author : M. Casson
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Covering the period c.1200-c.2000, this book provides an innovative investigation of entrepreneurship in a long-run historical perspective, presenting new insights into the personal characteristics of successful business people and deepening our understanding of the roots of industrialization and economic growth.

A History of Entrepreneurship

Author : Robert F Hébert
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This book establishes a chronological trace of the entrepreneur as treated in economic literature in order to give a more wholesome perspective to contemporary writings and teachings on entrepreneurship. It focuses on the nature and role of the entrepreneur, and of entrepreneurship, as revealed in economic literature as early as the eighteenth century, when Richard Cantillon first coined the term 'entrepreneur'. The authors then trace how Joseph Schumpeter's perspective, among other’s, on entrepreneurship came to dominate the world's understanding of the term. Due to Schumpeter’s dominant influence, entrepreneurship has come to occupy a primary role in the theory of economic development. In this book Hébert and Link discuss various key topics including the German Tradition, the Austrian and the English School of thought as well as individuals such as Alfred Marshall and Jeremy Bentham. The historical survey also illustrates the tension that often exists between "theory" and "practice" and how it has been difficult for economic theory to assimilate a core concept that plays a vital role in social and economic change. Finally, the book exposes the many different facets of entrepreneurship as they have been perceived by some of the great economists throughout the ages.

Entrepreneurs Who Changed History

Author : DK
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Discover the lives and achievements of more than 90 of the world's most inspirational and influential entrepreneurs and business leaders with this ebook of graphic-led biographies. Boldy illustrated and comprehensive in its scope and depth, Entrepreneurs Who Changed History profiles leaders of industry across the world and throughout the ages - from the enterprising bankers of the medieval world and the merchants of empire, to the titans of industry and the geniuses of Silicon Valley. Combining accessible text with specially-commissioned illustrated portraits in a range of bold artwork styles, photographs, and infographics, entries showcase each individual in a fresh, visual way. The towering personalities behind some of history's most recognisable brands and companies - their ruthlessness, tenacity, creativity, and sheer grit - are all brought to vivid life. Profiling the kings and queens of commerce and trade, Entrepreneurs Who Changed History features the familiar faces of Vanderbilt and Rockefeller, Ford and Ferrari, Gates and Zuckerberg, alongside lesser-known figures such as the enterprising women of colonial America, the emancipated slaves who became millionaires against all odds, and the individuals powering today's emerging economies.

Entrepreneurship in Africa

Author : Moses E. Ochonu
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Introduction: Toward African entrepreneurship and business history / Moses E. Ochonu -- Globalization and the making of East Africa's Asian entrepreneurship networks / Chambi Chachage -- The Wangara factor in West African business history / Moses E. Ochonu -- Women entrepreneurs, gender, traditions, and the negotiation of power relations in colonial Nigeria / Gloria Chuku -- From artisanal brew to a booming industry : an economic history of pito : brewing among northern Ghanaian migrant women in southern Ghana / Isidore Lobnibe -- Interconnections between female entrepreneurship and technological innovation in the Nigerian context / Gloria Emeagwali -- Benin imperialism and entrepreneurship in northeast Yorubaland from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century / Uyilawa Usuanlele -- Taking control : Sonatrach and the Algerian decolonization process / Marta Musso -- Business after hours : the entrepreneurial ventures of Nigerian working class seamen / Lynn Schler -- Ace boxing promoter : "super human power," boxing, and sports entrepreneurship in colonial Nigeria, 1945-1960 / Michael J. Gennaro -- Healing works : Nana Kofi Donke and the business of indigenous therapeutics / Kwasi Konadu -- Entrepreneurs or wage laborers? The elusive homo economicus / Ralph Callebert -- The socioeconomic bases of the growth of microentrepreneurship in the Igede area of central Nigeria in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / Mike Odugbo Odey -- Ethnicity, colonial expediency, and the development of retail business in colonial Turkana, northwestern Kenya, 1920-1950 / Martin S. Shanguhyia -- Epilogue: African entrepreneurship, past and present / Moses E. Ochonu

Companies and Entrepreneurs in the History of Spain

Author : María Vázquez-Fariñas
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Indian Merchants and Entrepreneurs in Historical Perspective

Author : Makrand Mehta
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Change and the Entrepreneur

Author : Harvard University. Research Center in Entrepreneurial History
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Entrepreneurship Theories and Their Use in Rural Development

Author : Martha Frederick
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Explorations in Entrepreneurial History

Author :
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The Wealth Creators

Author : Gerald Gunderson
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Gunderson (business, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut) offers a reprint of the text originally published as The Wealth Creators: An Entrepreneurial History of the United States (1989; E.P. Dutton, New York), in which he examines the emergence and role of the innovative entrepreneur in the growth of America from the colonial period to modern t

The Research Center in Entrepreneurial History at Harvard University 1948 1958

Author : Harvard University. Research Center in Entrepreneurial History
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Business and Community in Medieval England

Author : Catherine Casson
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This invaluable volume replaces the previous inaccurate transcription by the record commission of 1818 and provides new translations and additional appendixes of the Hundred Rolls for Cambridge. One of the most important manuscripts survived from the thirteenth century England, the corpus of documents known as the Hundred Rolls for Cambridge has been incomplete until the recent discovery of an additional roll. Shedding new light on important facets of business activity during the Commercial Revolution in late medieval Cambridge, this volume holds promise of making a significant contribution to our knowledge of the early phases of capitalism.


Author : Jonathan Jadali
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The Entrepreneur Starter Kit is the perfect companion for every new Entrepreneur. It's practical, relatable language helps guide entrepreneurs through the murky waters that define the beginning steps of starting a venture. The book is full of lessons, encouragements and practical steps that are guaranteed to help every new entrepreneur lay a steady foundation on which to build a world-beating business.

The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship

Author : Mark Casson
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Entrepreneurship has always been a key factor in economic growth, innovation, and the development of firms and businesses. More recently, new technologies, the waning of the "old economy", globalization, changing cultures and popular attitudes, and new policy stances have further highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship and enterprise. Entrepreneurship is now a dynamic and expanding area of research, teaching, and debate, but there has been no standard reference work which is suitable for both established scholars and new researchers. This book fills that gap. All the major aspects of entrepreneurship are covered, including: * the start-up and growth of firms, * financing and venture capital, * innovation, technology and marketing, * women entrepreneurs, * ethnic entrepreneurs, * migration, * small firm policy, * the economic and social history of entrepreneurship. This is a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art research in entrepreneurship, written by an international team of leading scholars, and will be an essential reference for academics and policy makers, as well as being suitable for use on masters courses and doctoral programs. About the Series Oxford Handbooks in Business & Management bring together the world's leading scholars on the subject to discuss current research and the latest thinking in a range of interrelated topics including Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Public Management, International Business, and many others. Containing completely new essays with extensive referencing to further reading and key ideas, the volumes, in hardback or paperback, serve as both a thorough introduction to a topic and a useful desk reference for scholars and advanced students alike.

Entrepreneurs in History Success Vs Failure

Author : Emerson Klees
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This book highlights the factors that led to the success of entrepreneurs in history. Why did some fail and some succeed? The environment within which they strove was a key element of their success or failure. Their personal characteristics were important in overcoming the obstacles in their paths and contributed heavily to their achievements.

The Entrepreneur

Author : Mark Casson
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This thoroughly revised and updated new edition of Mark Casson's modern classic The Entrepreneur presents a novel synthesis of the ideas of Joseph Schumpeter, Frank Knight and Friedrich Hayek, according to which the defining characteristic of the entrepreneur is the exercise of judgement in business decisions.

The Invention of Enterprise

Author : David S. Landes
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Whether hailed as heroes or cast as threats to social order, entrepreneurs--and their innovations--have had an enormous influence on the growth and prosperity of nations. The Invention of Enterprise gathers together, for the first time, leading economic historians to explore the entrepreneur's role in society from antiquity to the present. Addressing social and institutional influences from a historical context, each chapter examines entrepreneurship during a particular period and in an important geographic location. The book chronicles the sweeping history of enterprise in Mesopotamia and Neo-Babylon; carries the reader through the Islamic Middle East; offers insights into the entrepreneurial history of China, Japan, and Colonial India; and describes the crucial role of the entrepreneur in innovative activity in Europe and the United States, from the medieval period to today. In considering the critical contributions of entrepreneurship, the authors discuss why entrepreneurial activities are not always productive and may even sabotage prosperity. They examine the institutions and restrictions that have enabled or impeded innovation, and the incentives for the adoption and dissemination of inventions. They also describe the wide variations in global entrepreneurial activity during different historical periods and the similarities in development, as well as entrepreneurship's role in economic growth. The book is filled with past examples and events that provide lessons for promoting and successfully pursuing contemporary entrepreneurship as a means of contributing to the welfare of society. The Invention of Enterprise lays out a definitive picture for all who seek an understanding of innovation's central place in our world.

The Journal of European Economic History

Author :
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Institutions Entrepreneurs and American Economic History

Author : Bradley A. Hansen
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This book examines the history of the first trust company, the Farmers’ Loan and Trust, and its influence on the evolution of corporate law, regulation, and taxation.

Entrepreneurial Historians and History

Author : Steven A. Sass
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