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The Essence of the Spiritual Instruction

Author : Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
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The Upadesa Sarah (Upadesa Saram) by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Translated with Commentary by Nome. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, abiding in the eternal Silence of the Self, composed The Essence of Spiritual Instruction for the supreme good of all in response to the supplications of the devoted Muruganar. The poet-devotee was writing in Tamil the story of the wayward rishis who dwelled in the Daruka forest and practiced rites for the attainment of powers that they desired. Their egos humbled by Siva and perceiving the error of their approach, they humbly sought spiritual instruction from Siva. Siva graciously bestowed the instruction, and it is these teachings that Muruganar requested Sri Bhagavan, Siva himself, to reveal in verse form. So, the Maharshi composed thirty verses in Tamil. Later, Sri Bhagavan translated them into Sanskrit. The Tamil version is entitled Upadesa Undiyar, and the Sanskrit version is entitled Upadesa Sarah and is also referred to as Upadesa Saram. This work is the English translation of the Sanskrit Upadesa Sarah. With each verse there is a ten-point commentary emphasizing the profound significance of the verse for those practicing Self-inquiry in the quest of nondual Self-Knowledge. An appendix that contains just the Sanskrit text with transliteration is included for ease of recitation and similar purposes.

Essence of Instruction Upadesa Saram

Author : Ramana Maharshi
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The great Tamil poet Muruganar approached the South Indian sage, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, and requested elucidation on the instruction which had been given by Lord Siva to the Rishis of Darukavanam (the Pine Forest). The Rishis had become hooked on action (karma) and every attainment threw up the desire for a further bigger, better attainment. They approached Siva and asked for help. Things have not changed much since then ... have they? The human condition continues to be enthralled with the shadows all the while oblivious to the all important source of the light. Sri Ramana Maharshi agreed and wrote this instruction in 30 verses. Later, the verses were translated into Telugu, Malayalam and, at the request of the great Sanskritist, Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni, they were also translated into Sanskrit. The Sanskrit work is known as Upadesa Saram (The Essence of Instruction). This is an English translation of that work with commentary by Miles Wright.

The Essence of Teaching Social Studies

Author : James A. Duplass
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Designed for use in elementary and secondary social studies education courses, this book supports the teaching of social studies methods in a range of educational settings. By highlighting long-standing content and principles of social studies education in a concise and direct way, this volume offers the building blocks of a comprehensive course, for use as springboards to the effective presentation of professors’ desired course emphases. With sections on foundations, subject areas, and best practices, this text explains the intersection between the "modelling" role of social studies teachers as democratic citizens, social studies fields of study, and strategies implemented in the classroom to encourage students’ critical thinking and values formation.

The Essence of Good Teaching

Author : Stanford C. Ericksen
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Religion the Essence of Education

Author : Paul C. Weed
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Schooling for Life

Author : Jacqueline Grennon Brooks
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The activities that transpire within the classroom either help or hinder students' learning. Any meaningful discussion of educational renewal, therefore, must focus explicitly and directly on the classroom, and on the teaching and learning that occur within it. This book presents a case for the development of classrooms in which students are encouraged to construct deep understandings of important concepts. Jacqueline Grennon Brooks and Martin Brooks present a new set of images for educational settings, images that emerge from student engagement, interaction, reflection, and construction. They have considerable experience in creating constructivist educational settings and conducting research on those settings. Authentic examples are provided throughout the book, as are suggestions for administrators, teachers, and policymakers. For the new edition of their popular book, the authors have written an introduction that places their work in today's educational renewal setting. Today, they urge, the case for constructivist classrooms is much stronger and the need more critical. Note: This product listing is for the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the book.

The Essence of Judaism

Author : Isaac Mayer Wise
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The Essence of Judaism

Author :
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The Essence of Education

Author :
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The Essence of Academic Performance

Author : Bernard Nchindila
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This volume is a collection of research on academic performance. Chapters cover such topics as targeting underserved urban youth, education and science, community-based projects, pedagogy, and developing educational programs, among others. Written by experts, this book offers a comprehensive view of recent developments in the field of academic performance.