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Key Facts and Figures about Europe and the Europeans

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The Europeans Second Edition

Author : Robert C. Ostergren
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This leading text offers a comprehensive, richly nuanced, and authoritative introduction to European geography. Coverage encompasses the entire region: its physical setting and environment, population and migration, languages and religions, and political organization. Particular attention is given to historic and contemporary features of the diverse urban environments in which most Europeans live, work, and play. Combining vivid description, essential information, and cogent analysis, the text is illustrated with more than 200 photographs and 64 maps. New to This Edition*Fully updated to reflect ongoing changes in this dynamic region.*Expanded coverage of timely topics such as emissions and energy policy, aging of the population, migration, religiosity and secularization, ethnonationalism, health care, popular culture, and the future of the European Union.*Engaging vignettes in every chapter on European places, cultural issues, and daily life.*Over 45 new photographs and maps.

The European Balcony Project

Author : Ulrike Guérot
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#weproclaim! Das Buch zur Vision: Ulrike Guérot, Robert Menasse und Milo Rau riefen am 10. November 2018 in einem eindrucksvollen performativen Akt gemeinsam mit 30 000 Menschen und in über zwanzig Ländern in ganz Europa die Europäische Republik aus. Was für ein historischer Moment! Die Initiatorinnen und Initiatoren des European Balcony Project wollten damit einen Kontrapunkt zum europaweiten Wiedererstarken von Nationalismen setzen. Die rege Beteiligung zahlreicher Bürger sowie Institutionen hat gezeigt, dass der Wunsch nach einem demokratischen Europa, in dem für alle Bürger gleicher Zugang zu allen Rechten gewährleistet wird, nicht mehr ignoriert werden kann. Diese Publikation spiegelt die Intention des andauernden Projekts der Europäischen Republik

Ontological Insecurity in the European Union

Author : Catarina Kinnvall
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The European Union (EU) faces many crises and risks to its security and existence. While few of them threaten the lives of EU citizens, they all create a sense of anxiety and insecurity about the future for many ordinary Europeans. This comprehensive volume explores the concept of ‘ontological security’ which was introduced into international relations over a decade ago to better understand the ‘security of being’ found in feelings of fear, anxiety, crisis, and threat to wellbeing. The authors make use of this concept to explore how narratives of European integration have been part of public discourses in the post-war period and how reconciliation dynamics, national biographical narratives and memory politics have been enacted to create ontological security. Within this context, they also discuss the anxiety of the ‘remainers’ in the Brexit referendum and the consequences of its failure to address the ontological anxieties and insecurities of remain voters. The book also explores: how European security firms market ontological security and provide an ontological security-inspired reading of the EU’s relations with post-communist states; the EU and NATO’s engagement with hybrid threats; and the EU as an anxious community. This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal European Security.

The European Environmental Conscience in EU Politics

Author : Thomas Hoerber
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Based on empirical studies of European energy and environmental policies, this book suggests that, in combination, these two policy fields form a consensus in the EU which might also become the basis for a new European ideology, namely European ‘sustainabilism’. It asks why an environmental conscience has grown since the late 1960s in the industrialised world and shows that whilst there is undeniable environmental degradation during this time, and that a European environmental conscience has mainly developed through successive steps of European integration in energy policy. In this connection between energy and the environmental we find one driver for European integration and indeed European identity. If sustainabilism should become a European ideology, it will substantially influence the way future Europeans will live. This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of European Studies, International Relations, Political Science, History, Economics, Sustainability Studies, Environmental and Energy Policies in Europe.

The European Economic Community and the United States

Author : Robert Richardson Bowie
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Bulletin of the European Union

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The International Relations of the European Union

Author : Steve Marsh
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Marsh and Mackenstein fill a gap in the literature on the international relations of the European Union. The text presents a contemporary understanding of the EU's international relations through a combined international political economy and international relations approach.

An Anthropology of the European Union

Author : Irène Bellier
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One of the problems facing Europe is that the building of institutional Europe and top-down efforts to get Europeans to imagine their common identity do not necessarily result in political and cultural unity. Anthropologists have been slow to consider the difficulties presented by the expansion of the EU model and its implications for Europe in the 21st Century. Representing a new trend in European anthropology, this book examines how people adjust to their different experiences of the new Europe. The role of culture, religion, and ideology, as well as insiders' social and professional practices, are all shown to shed light on the cultural logic sustaining the institutions and policies of the European Union.On the one hand, the activities of the European institutions in Brussels illustrate how people of many different nationalities, languages and cultures can live and work together. On the other hand, the interests of many people at the local, regional and national levels are not the same as the Eurocrats'. Contributors explore the issues of unity and diversity in 'Europe-building' through various European institutions, images, and programmes, and their effects on a variety of definitions of identity in such locales as France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium.

The Statesman s Year book

Author : Frederick Martin
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