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The Evaluation of Curriculum Development for Teaching of Science

Author : Zahid Hussain
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Pakistan needs a strong base of science and technology for exploitation of natural resources, boosting agricultural and industrial production and to solve problems of food, shelter, energy and health. For this economic development Pakistan requires to develop a good number of human resources equipped with related knowledge and an attitude of scientific inquiry through school education. In education process one of the key elements of learning is agreed as curriculum. It is the only tool of restructuring science education to achieve the required objectives. The changing needs of society and vastness of knowledge stressed that curriculum development should be a continuous process, ensuring quicker assimilation of new ideas and concepts. Therefore, the study was designed to evaluate curriculum development process and preparation of teaching strategies of science at secondary school level in Pakistan. The major objectives of study were i) to analyze the current curriculum of science subjects being taught at secondary school level in public schools, ii) to examine the historical development of science curriculum at secondary school level in Pakistan

Resources in Education

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Science Education in Context

Author : Richard K. Coll
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This book presents an international perspective of the influence of educational context on science education. The focus is on the interactions between curriculum development and implementation, particularly in non-Western and non-English-speaking contexts (i.e., outside the UK, USA, Australia, NZ, etc. ).

Designing Successful Professional Meetings and Conferences in Education

Author : Susan Mundry
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This book outlines the principles of planning, implementing, and evaluating successful professional meetings and conferences in education. The following are among the topics discussed: (1) the knowledge base of effective meetings and conferences (nine principles held by effective meeting designers; characteristics of effective meetings and conferences; principles of effective adult learning); (2) early planning (identification of target audiences, conference budgets, identification of cosponsors or partners; selection of locations and dates; delegation of responsibility for conference design and planning); (3) design issues (selecting activities and approaches; identifying the view of participants assumed in the design; using the authentic task approach; choosing and supporting speakers; communicating with leaders, facilitators, and presenters; marketing conferences; preparing preconference participant mailings; managing conferences); (4) evaluating a conference or meeting (focusing the evaluation; identifying the evaluation's audience; choosing data collection methods; evaluating the meeting design and process; selecting evaluation methods; using evaluation information to make improvements; and conducting regular evaluations of small meetings and working sessions; and (5) producing conference proceedings (purposes of proceedings and ways to capture the meeting and add analysis to reporting). The following items are appended: examples of topics addressed by professional meeting planners; sample agendas; and sample evaluations. The bibliography lists 23 references. (MN)

The Essentials of Science Grades 7 12

Author : Rick Allen
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Learn about best practices in secondary science education, from curriculum planning and ongoing assessment to student motivation and professional development for teachers.

Valuing Assessment in Science Education Pedagogy Curriculum Policy

Author : Deborah Corrigan
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Assessment is a fundamental issue in research in science education, in curriculum development and implementation in science education as well as in science teaching and learning. This book takes a broad and deep view of research involving assessment in science education, across contexts and cultures (from whole countries to individual classrooms) and across forms and purposes (from assessment in the service of student learning to policy implications of system wide assessment). It examines the relationships between assessment, measurement and evaluation; explores assessment philosophies and practices in relation to curriculum and scientific literacy/learning; and details the relationships between assessment and science education policy. The third in a series, Valuing Assessment in Science Education has chapters from a range of international scholars from across the globe and staff from Monash University, King’s College London and University of Waikato. The two previous books in the series examined research relevant to the re-emergence of values in science education and teaching across the spectrum of science education as well as across cultural contexts through the professional knowledge of science teaching. This third book now moves to examine different aspects of generating understanding about what science is learnt, how it is learnt, and how it is valued. Valuing Assessment in Science Education will appeal to all those with some engagement with and/or use of research in science education, including research students, academics, curriculum development agencies, assessment authorities, and policy makers. It will also be of interest to all classroom science teachers who seek to keep abreast of the latest research and development and thinking in their area of professional concern.

Inside Science Education Reform

Author : J. Myron Atkin
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Two international leaders offer important insights into the ways in which the discipline of science education has developed and how school curriculum has been shaped by both scientific discovery and social change. J Myron Atkin (U.S.) and Paul Black (U.K.) share their vast and varied experiences in this historical account that chronicles the many developments in the field from the end of World War II to the present. The chapters in this volume cover: the aims and politics of science education, curriculum development, subject matter boundaries, pedagogy and learning, assessment and evaluation, educational research and practice, and the teaching profession. Each theme is introduced in its historical and philosophical context, with current issues emphasized. The authors then analyze these themes by drawing on relevant episodes from their transatlantic careers. These episodes act as a springboard for developing insights into each theme, including comparisons between educational practices in the United States and the United Kingdom. Featuring compelling examples and a cohesive presentation, this groundbreaking volume is essential reading for anyone making decisions about the future of science education.

A Guide to Curriculum Development in Science

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"Designed to facilitate development of the local school district curriculum." Provides guidelines for conducting a curriculum assessment.

Sports Engineering and Computer Science

Author : Qi Luo
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Sports Engineering and Computer Science contains papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Sport Science and Computer Science (SSCS 2014), held September 16-17, 2014 in Singapore and at the 2014 International Conference on Biomechanics and Sports Engineering (BSE 2014), held October 24-25, 2014, in Riga, Latvia. The contributions hav

Good Practice In Science Teaching What Research Has To Say

Author : Osborne, Jonathan
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This volume provides a summary of the findings that educational research has to offer on good practice in school science teaching. It offers an overview of scholarship and research in the field, and introduces the ideas and evidence that guide it.