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The Everyday Fermentation Handbook

Author : Branden Byers
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Easy recipes to ferm up any kitchen! Get ready for a wild microbial transformation with the healthy and flavorful foods in The Everyday Fermentation Handbook! Going way beyond ordinary sauerkraut and kimchi, this book teaches you the ins and outs of fermentation with simple instructions for fermenting just about every kitchen staple. Complete with tasty recipes for turning fermented foods into meals, you'll relish the opportunity to fill each day with mouthwatering dishes like: Sourdough Belgian waffles Miso and mushroom soup Sauerkraut Pretzel grilled cheese Chickpea and wild rice tempeh Hard cider pie The Everyday Fermentation Handbook helps you create more than 100 delicious fermented recipes--and a bona fide zoo of microbial diversity--right at home!

The Fermdamentals Guide to Fermentation

Author : Danielle Shelton
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After she had been fermenting steadily for about a year, Danielle saw an ad asking for someone to teach a muscadine wine class in Augusta, GA. She sent an email sharing her fermentation and teaching experience and was quickly scheduled to teach her first fermentation class. She didn't tell the organizer at the time, but Danielle had never made muscadine wine in her life. She immediately ran out and bought some muscadines, found a recipe, and made the wine. The class went great and thus, Fermdamentals was born. At Fermdamentals Danielle teaches the fundamentals of fermentation. While her blog is still active, it contains very few actual recipes. All of the ferments she has successfully made are contained here. Danielle hopes you'll use this as a springboard to create your own delicious ferments and share them with your family and friends!

Ferment Your Vegetables

Author : Amanda Feifer
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90 recipes showcasing simple fermented vegetables.

Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology

Author : Y. H. Hui
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Over the past decade, new applications of genetic engineering in the fermentation of food products have received a great deal of coverage in scientific literature. While many books focus solely on recent developments, this reference book highlights these developments and provides detailed background and manufacturing information. Co-Edited by Fidel Toldra - Recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Research Award from the American Meat Science Association Presenting a comprehensive overview, Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology examines a wide range of starter cultures and manufacturing procedures for popular alcoholic beverages and bakery, dairy, meat, cereal, soy, and vegetable food products. An international panel of experts from government, industry, and academia provide an in-depth review of fermentation history, microorganisms, quality assurance practices, and manufacturing guidelines. The text focuses on the quality of the final food product, flavor formation, and new advances in starter cultures for dairy fermentations using recent examples that depict the main species used, their characteristics, and their impact on the development of other fermented foods. With approximately 2,300 references for further exploration, this is a valuable resource for food scientists, technologists, microbiologists, toxicologists, and processors.

Handbook of Indigenous Fermented Foods Second Edition Revised and Expanded

Author : Keith Steinkraus
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This work offers comprehensive, authoritative coverage of current information on indigenous fermented foods of the world, classifying fermentation according to type. This edition provides both new and expanded data on the antiquity and role of fermented foods in human life, fermentations involving an alkaline reaction, tempe and meat substitutes, amazake and kombucha, and more.;College or university bookstores may order five or more copies at a special student price which is available on request from Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Handbook of Vegetable Preservation and Processing

Author : Y. H. Hui
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Representing the vanguard in the field with research from more than 35 international experts spanning governmental, industrial, and academic sectors, the Handbook of Vegetable Preservation and Processing compiles the latest science and technology in the processing and preservation of vegetables and vegetable products. This reference serves as the only guide to compile key tools used in the United States to safeguard and protect the quality of fresh and processed vegetables. A vast and contemporary source, it considers recent issues in vegetable processing safety such as modified atmosphere packaging, macroanalytical methods, and new technologies in microbial inactivation.

Handbook of Indigenous Fermented Foods

Author : Keith H. Steinkraus
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Handbook of Industrial Chemistry

Author : M. Ali
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The definitive guide for the general chemical analyses of non-petroleum based organic products such as paints, dyes, oils, fats, and waxes. * Chemical tables, formulas, and equations * Covers all of the chemical processes which utilize organic chemicals * Physical properties for the most common organic chemicals Contents: Safety Considerations in Process Industries * Industrial Pollution Prevention and Waste Management * Edible Oils, Fats, and Waxes * Soaps and Detergents * Sugar and Other Sweeteners * Paints, Pigments, and Industrial Coatings * Dyestuffs, Finishing and Dyeing of Textiles * Industrial Fermentation * Pharmaceutical Industry *Agrochemicals * Chemical Explosives * Petroleum Processing and Petrochemicals *Polymers and Plastics

The UC Berkeley Wellness Self care Handbook

Author : John Edward Swartzberg
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Explains how to deal with such common health concerns as fever, kidney stones, lyme disease, and ulcers

Fermentation and Biochemical Engineering Handbook

Author : Celeste M. Todaro
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The practical aspects of development, design, and operation are stressed, and some theory is included to provide the necessary insight for a particular operation. Problems addressed are the collection of pilot data, choice of scale-up parameters, selection of the right piece of equipment, pinpointing of likely trouble spots, and methods for troubleshooting.