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The Evil Ones

Author : Jeff Blaine
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The Evil Ones

Author : Allan C. Stover
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The self-destructive behavior of America today, the death of free America tomorrow. A story of tyranny and moral decay, international oppression, and the deadly agendas of the evil ones, Americans working to destroy America, in a soon-to-be America. A corrupt and unstable President plunges America into the national nightmare of oppression called the Darkness. International syndicates conspire with him to control America and the world. Government agents arrest dissidents and ship them to secret prison camps. A few evade capture and battle to restore American freedoms. Can America ever be free again? The surprise ending gives an equally surprising answer.

The Evil Ones

Author : Richard Wilson
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The aliens chose their first contact at random. Did it really matter that it was a lunatic asylum?

The Evil Ones

Author : Geoffrey John Barrett
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Deliver us from the Evil one

Author : Bernardo Olivera
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In these pages Bernardo Olivera helps us to discern and recognize how the devil can act in our life and what kind of influence he can have. What is the relationship between Satan and the spiritual combat implied in our own journey to union with God? This book brings together the advice of the principal spiritual masters who have treated the subject with the realism that comes from their own experience of the devil's worst temptations, such as the laziness, bitterness and indifference that comes from the vice of acedia. The call is not to fight Satan directly, but to persevere in the humility and patience of Christ.

The Reign of the Evil One

Author : Charles Ferdinand Ramuz
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On a quiet summer evening in a Swiss mountain village, a stranger comes to stay; the generous ever helpful shoemaker, Branchu. All who did business with him profited very well by the exchange. Only the insane and ultimately hapless Luc was never fooled. In masterful strokes the Swiss writer, Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, unleashes an apocalyptic fantasia and gives us a remarkable epic fable. This book is based on a 1922 text and has been re-edited and reset to improve the reader experience.

Deliver Us from the Evil One

Author : Denise C. McCreary
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Years ago, the chosen people lived by Gods moral laws, until the Reverend Jonathan Corey broke the most sacred of the laws. He fell into temptation sleeping with his best friends wife. This sin allowed the evil one and his servants to roam and walk the earth, killing, stealing, and destroying innocent souls. Jonathan Corey must repent of his sins and face the evil one in order to restore peace back into the land, which was given to him by his fathers before, with the help of Archangel Michael and the army of the Lord, together they defeated the evil one, thus sending him back to hell for all eternality. The evil one had so much hatred in him he would not give up the hope that there was someone as evil as he that he could possess, thus allowing him to kill, steal, and destroy innocent souls, taking their purity and making them his servants. One day, while the evil one was wreaking havoc in hell, his lead officer, Abolisher, stood before him and shared the good news. Master, we found him, and he is as evil as you." Abolisher said. The evil one was so ecstaticso ecstatic that all participated debauchery that was taking place in hell as the evil one finished up with the innocent souls he stored in his treasure chest. He stepped into the twenty-first century with avenges. He stepped into the twenty-first century with vengeance.

Treasures of War Concealed by the Evil Ones

Author : Don Stewart Nimmons
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The Evil Genius Of Venus Book One

Author : Simon Bucher-Jones
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Wilkie Collins novel - The Evil Genius of Venus, re-edited and issued. Book One - the wreck of the lift-bark: John Jeriman.

Evil Ones

Author : Terry Coy
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Two Essays the One on the Origin of Evil

Author : Joseph Forster
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Two Essays the one on the Origin of Evil the other on the foundation of morality To which is annexed a short dissertation by J Topham on the immateriality of the soul The Second Essay written and the whole edited by J F Few MS notes

Author : Joseph FORSTER (Essayist, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.)
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Ressourcement Theology

Author : Patricia Kelly
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Ressourcement Theology: A Sourcebook offers a collection of texts previously unavailable in English from leading Dominicans and Jesuits, who initiated a movement for renewal that contributed to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. In the last decade, theologians have undertaken a serious reappraisal of the contribution of Ressourcement theology to 20th century theology in the Catholic tradition and beyond. This 'return to Ressourcement' has resulted in many of the principal texts being translated into English and (re-)issued, ensuring their accessibility to scholars across the globe. Despite this, many of the earliest documents relating to the history of Ressourcement theology are unavailable to most English-speaking scholars, as they are largely journal articles and book chapters published in French. Patricia Kelly has selected the most significant texts that so far have been unavailable in English, including the controversial piece by Jean-Marie LeBlond ('The Analogy of Truth') that was condemned in the 1950s by the Vatican, as well as the response to Labourdette's attack on LeBlond, penned anonymously by a group of Jesuits. All of these documents will help students and scholars to engage deeply with the history of the Ressourcement movement and its relevance for the developments of the Catholic tradition.

A Caution Against Speaking Evil of Our Governors and of One Another

Author : David Scurlock
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A Public God

Author : Neil Ormerod
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Natural theology is a philosophical site that is hotly debated and controversial--it is claimed by Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Evangelicals as a crucial vantage point for the intersection of theology, philosophy, science, and politics. It is strongly contested by some theologians, such as those influenced by Barth, as well as some philosophers and scientists. This volume steers through these troubled waters, arguing for reclamation of a natural theology that withstands the challenges from within and without the Christian tradition and accrues to a vital public and political witness.

There Was No Secret Evil Fighting Organization srsly So I Made One MYSELF Volume 2

Author : Hagane Kurodome
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Now the whole world knows of the existence of World Shadows and espers. As the desire for power within the unconscious mind of the general public swells at the knowledge of this new form of power, the World Shadows grow stronger, marking a new turning point in the war between them and Amaterasu. (Blame Shouta, he got too OP.) But, entirely out of the blue, a new character shows up and crashes the secret organization, bringing with her a shocking backstory. Is she friend or foe? And what’s that? The police are getting involved?! Read along in this game of cat and mouse as science fiction clashes with fantasy and Kinemitsu Sago struggles to handle things when his carefully laid plans may or may not be going awry!

Meat Air

Author : Ron Loewinsohn
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Supernatural Combat

Author : Adeg Samuel
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... "MY PARENT MADE THE WAY, BUT I MADE THE CHOICE. I AM NOT LIKE THIS BECAUSE MY PARENTS CHOOSE, IT WAS MY PERSONAL DECISION" ... A young lady Michelle John almost lose all she had - her Family including her life because of her strong Faith in what she believes. She has been haunted all her life without her knowledge by the Marine agents. Pastor John and his wife Roseline John has two children - Michelle and Nickson. They all lived happily as a family until the set time for the marine world to finally track Michelle, who has been the major target to be initiated into the marine world as their Number 2 Queen, right from the day she was given birth. Several methods were used to bring Michelle John into the marine world because she was seen to be the most powerful being ever lived in her time. But all was to no avail, because she grew up as a strong and powerful Christian. Queen Jezreel - the Queen of the 100th Marine region won't rest until she brings Michelle John to succumb to their request, this put Michelle's Family into a big Tragedy. Grab a copy of this book for yourself, children, teenagers, youth, students and build a strong spiritual life


Author : Ross Thompson
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SHORT READ (2500 WORDS) Jesus gave us two keys to get heavens resources into our lives. Binding and loosing. This short read is about one of those keys - binding. If you are having the problems mentioned on the cover, this short read will change your experience. Jesus applied binding and loosing to building His church and prevailing against the gates of hell. The Son of God does not waste words. Following His instructions always brings results. Our part is to act on His promises. He paid a high price to make the gift of these keys available. Following Jesus simple instruction will change your Christian life.

The Vanished Ones

Author : Donato Carrisi
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We call them the sleepers . . . At the elite Missing Persons bureau of the Federal Police, Mila Vasquez is tasked with finding the hundreds of lost people who vanished from their former lives. The longer they are gone, the more they are forgotten by the world. Now they are returning. Appearing at random and wielding devastation, they enact a horrifying pattern of murders, leaving Mila scrabbling to discover where they have come from and what they want. Yet the deeper into the case she gets, Mila begins to realise that her colleagues are hiding something from her - something which will jeopardise everything . . . Set in the world of Carrisi's record-breaking debut, The Whisperer, The Vanished Ones is intelligent, thrilling and incredibly compelling.