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The Evolution of the Custom Scooter

Author : Stuart Owen
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Lambretta and Vespa scooters dominated the British two-wheeled market back in the 1950s. Originally seen as a vehicle primarily for transport, the scooter quickly grew into something very different. Perceptions underwent a radical shift and machines once disregarded as a functional and mundane became a way of life for their owners. Subcultures such as the Mods and scooter boys grew up around the scooter, a focal point for fashions that have continued to develop. Soon each owner was customizing their scooter according to their own tastes and desires as far as their budget would allow. The age of the scooter as a status symbol had arrived. From the early days with chrome mirrors and lights in the 1960s to the extravagantly painted murals of the 1980s, owners were using their scooters as canvases upon which to express themselves. Rivalries sprang up and as competition between owners grew, so too did the outrageousness of their creations. Today the custom scooter scene thrives and is a strong as it ever has been - with fresh creations showcasing the talents and imaginations of their owners like never before. More and more people are reminiscing about the iconic scooters of yesteryear and the movement shows no signs of waning. This book goes right back to the beginning to look at how it all started, the different styles each decade produced and the most famous machines ever built.

Scooter Boys The evolution of the Species

Author : Gareth Brown
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Thirty years have passed since Gareth Brown’s homage to a two-wheeled, two-stroke way of life was published. The first edition of his acclaimed book Scooter Boys, highlighting youth culture spanning half a century, was first published when Margaret Thatcher’s reign as the Eighties Iron Lady was drawing to a close. Now, three decades on, Brown’s book is back to enlighten and entertain a new generation - and rekindle memories for those who were scooter boys and girls back in the day. His informed knowledge of the initial Scooter Boy era has resulted in the 30th Anniversary Edition of Scooter Boys being refreshingly updated and published by Mortons, the home of Scootering and Classic Scooterist magazines. Brown has been a ‘face’ on the scooter scene since the 1970s, when he was legally able to ride a motor scooter on the road, and scooter ownership and riding scooters has been a passion ever since. He rose to prominence in the 1980s as the scooter rally correspondent and later editor of Scootering magazine, which led to his book - a unique take on the Scooter Boy movement, history, traditions and culture. Scooter Boys charts the development of the early scooters and the post-Second World War arrival of the Italian scooters from Vespa and Lambretta, followed by the chronicling of the rise of 1950s teenage consumerism which led to the Mod versus Rocker riots of the 1960s. It outlines the intervening years before the massed Mod revival of 1979 onwards, when the Northern Soul scene kept the scooter movement alive, and traces the emergence of the unsung street heroes of the late 20th century and beyond.

British Custom Motorcycles

Author : Uli Cloesen
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This book takes a look at some of the fantastic British-based custom bikes around the globe. A celebration of all things ‘custom Brit,’ it is the only book devoted entirely to the British custom motorcycle, revealing the innovative, fresh approach to British motorcycle-based custom bike building.

Japanese Custom Motorcycles

Author : Uli Cloesen
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Japanese Custom Motorcycles is the first book to show the evolution of the Japanese cruiser in the ‘metric’ custom scene. The growing trend of customising metric bikes into choppers, bobbers, et al – be they high-end bikes, garage-built beauties, or more recent Japanese cruisers – is superbly illustrated with examples from all over the world. Featuring owner’s stories and technical descriptions, Japanese Custom Motorcycles is guaranteed to interest metric bike fans and members of the custom scene alike. From singles, twins, triples, fours, and sixes – see the custom side of Japanese motorcycles.

How to Customize Your Harley Davidson

Author : Timothy Remus
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Italian Custom Motorcycles

Author : Uli Cloesen
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Many books have been published about Italian motorcycles, but none has focused exclusively on the Italian motorcycle-based chopper, bobber, trike, and quad custom bike scene – until now. Even though customising is not normally associated with Italian brands, there are some fantastic individually-built Italian custom bikes out there, old and new. In recognition of the trend, Ducati entered into a new market segment when it launched its power cruiser Diavel in November 2010, while Moto Guzzi has its Aquila Nero range ... these and many other custom-style bikes have been well-received in the customs scene. This book looks at some of the fascinating custom projects around the world, accompanied by stunning photography of the finished bikes. A great book for Italian bike fans, and fans of the custom bike scene in general.

BMW Custom Motorcycles

Author : Uli Cloesen
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Many books have been published about BMW motorcycles, but no-one has focussed solely on the BMW chopper, bobber, trike and quad bike custom scene ndash; until now. Although not normally associated with the brand, there are some fantastic BMW customs out there, old and new; this book showcases them in all their innovative glory. Features stunning images of customised BMW singles, twins and fours from contributors around the globe, many complemented by owner's stories and technical descriptions. Certain to be of interest to marque fans as well as the custom bike scene in general. Enter the other side of BMW ...

Italian Caf Racers

Author : Uli Cloesen
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There have been plenty of books published about Italian motorcycles, and a few covering the café racer genre, but none has covered the evolution of the Italian sportsbike into the Italian café racer – until now. Coming from a nation with a great motorcycle racing heritage, Italian motorcycles have, unsurprisingly, always had a sporting flair. This book lifts the lid on the growing trend of custom Italian café conversions, illustrated in detail with stunning images of select sporting, racing, and caféd Italian motorcycles. Italian Café Racers celebrates stunning Italian bikes from all over the globe. From the old to the modern, from horizontal-singles to inline sixes, this book reveals these stylish machines in all their innovative glory. Whether you’re a entusiasta, a follower of the café racer culture, or simply appreciate beautiful bikes, this book is guaranteed to interest and inspire … see the ‘caféd’ side of Italian bikes.

SIP Scooter Catalogue ENGLISH

Author :
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British Caf Racers

Author : Uli Cloesen
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This is the first book to solely concentrate on the British-powered café racer motorcycle. Renewed interest in custom British café conversions is illustrated with stunning images of select sporting, racing, and ‘café’d’ British motorcycles. From single-cylinder to four-cylinder variants – see the ‘café’d’ side of British bikes!