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Thomas Hardy s Short Stories

Author : Juliette Berning Schaefer
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Thomas Hardy penned nearly fifty short stories, but in spite of this impressive number, his contributions to the genre have been relatively understudied. Bringing together an international group of scholars, this is the first edited collection devoted solely to Hardy's works of short fiction. The contributors take up topics related to their publication in periodicals, gender and community relationships, and narrative techniques. Taken together, the essays show that Hardy's short stories are important, not only for what they tell us about Hardy as a writer who straddles the divide between the traditionalist and the modernist, but also for how they reflect and inform the period in which he wrote.

An Indiscretion in the Life of an Heiress and Other Stories

Author : Thomas Hardy
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'An Indiscretion in the Life of a Heiress', is one of ten stories - three collaborative, all uncollected - that are brought together in this volume. 'Indiscretion', derived from Hardy's unpublished first novel The Poor Man and the Lady, represents one of his earliest confrontations with theclass and gender issues which were to remain central to his fiction throughout his life. Several of the other stories, notably 'Destiny and a Blue Cloak', 'The Spectre of the Real', and 'The Unconquerable', raise similar questions, while at the same time illustrating, in typical Hardyan fashion,life's little (or somewhat larger) ironies. Some of the other stories are less characteristic: 'Old Mrs Chuncle', for example, approximates moral fable more closely than is usual for Hardy, while 'Our Exploits at West Poley' is anomalous not only in being (like 'The Thieves Who Couldn't Help Sneezing') a story written for children but alsoin experimenting with unreliable narration. Such stories are signifcant precisley because they incoporate varieties of technique, subject matter, and genre that are otherwise found in the Hardy canon either rarely or not at all.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Thomas Hardy

Author : Rosemarie Morgan
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In The Ashgate Research Companion to Thomas Hardy, some of the most prominent Hardy specialists working today offer an overview of Hardy scholarship and suggest new directions in Hardy studies. The contributors cover virtually every area relevant to Hardy's fiction and poetry, including philosophy, palaeontology, biography, science, film, popular culture, beliefs, gender, music, masculinity, tragedy, topography, psychology, metaphysics, illustration, bibliographical studies and contemporary response. While several collections have surveyed the Hardy landscape, no previous volume has been composed especially for scholars and advanced graduate students. This companion is specially designed to aid original research on Hardy and serve as the critical basis for Hardy studies in the new millennium. Among the features are a comprehensive bibliography that includes not only works in English but, in acknowledgment of Hardy's explosion in popularity around the world, also works in languages other than English.

Making Sense of Work Through Collaborative Storytelling

Author : Tricia Cleland Silva
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Collective sense making starts with individual stories. Stories influence how we construct our sense of self in relation to others and our social environment, especially within the world of work. The stories we tell ourselves at work, particularly during times of change, impact our relationships and the collaboration with those who are engaged in the same work activities. Stories that we take for granted as “common sense” may not resonate with others, leading to conflict and tensions. This book focuses on the development of collaborative practices at work, and in organisations, through Collaborative Storytelling: from sharing stories to exchanging experiences and building a common narrative collectively. This open access book will be of interest to practitioners and academics working in the fields of adult education, equity and inclusion, human resource management, practice-based studies, organisational studies, qualitative research methods, sensemaking, storytelling, and workplace identity.

The Fiddler of the Reels and Other Stories 1888 1900

Author : Thomas Hardy
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The Melancholy Hussar/ A Tragedy of Two Ambitions/ The First Countess of Wessex/ Barbara of the House of Grebe/ For Conscience' Sake/ The Son's Veto/ On the Western Circuit/ An Imaginative Woman/ A Changed Man/ Enter a Dragoon The 11 short storiesin this collection range from those with the Wessex setting familiar from Hardy's novels, to aristocratic historical fantasies set in the 17th and 18th centuries, and tragic or ironic contemporary dramas. Enormously readable in their own right, thestories can also be seen as a rich testing ground for ideas and themes that receive more sustained treatment in Hardy's most innovative and controversial novels.

Thomas Hardy

Author : Thomas Hardy
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Included in this edition are ten stories which were never collected into volumes during Hardy's lifetime. Some contain references to actual people, or plot elements that he reused elsewhere, and others, such as his stories for children, were simply too different from his other work in the short story form. Although all of these stories occupy significant positions within Hardy's career, none has previously received serious editorial treatment. For the most part they have been ignored, lightly passed over, or misinterpreted by critics and biographers. This edition remedies some of the deficiencies in Hardy scholarship, both in its historical introductions and in its critically edited texts, which are based on full collations of all editions published before Hardy's death and all surviving manuscripts, typescripts, and previously neglected proofs.

Thomas Hardy the Excluded and Collaborative Stories

Author : Thomas Hardy
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An Imaginary England

Author : Roger Ebbatson
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In his highly theorised and original book, Roger Ebbatson traces the emergence of conceptions of England and Englishness from 1840 to 1920. His study concentrates on poetry and fiction by authors such as Alfred Lord Tennyson, Richard Jefferies, Thomas Hardy, Q, Rupert Brooke and D.H. Lawrence, reading them as a body of work through which a series of problematic English identities are imaginatively constructed. Of particular concern is the way literary landscapes serve as signs not only of identity but also of difference. Ebbatson demonstrates how a sense of cultural rootedness is contested during the period by the experiences of those on the societal margins, whether sexual, national, social or racial, resulting in a feeling of homelessness even in the most self-consciously 'English' texts. In the face of gradual imperial and industrial decline, Ebbatson argues, foreign and colonial cultures played a crucial role in transforming Englishness from a stable body of values and experiences into a much more ambiguous concept in continuous conflict with factors on the geographical or psychological 'periphery'.

Thomas Hardy and Victorian Communication

Author : Karin Koehler
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This book explores the relationship between Thomas Hardy’s works and Victorian media and technologies of communication – especially the penny post and the telegraph. Through its close analysis of letters, telegrams, and hand-delivered notes in Hardy’s novels, short stories, and poems, it ties together a wide range of subjects: technological and infrastructural developments; material culture; individual subjectivity and the construction of identity; the relationship between private experience and social conventions; and the new narrative possibilities suggested by modern modes of communication.

A Companion to Thomas Hardy

Author : Keith Wilson
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Through original essays from a distinguished team of internationalscholars and Hardy specialists, A Companion to Thomas Hardyprovides a unique, one-volume resource, which encompasses allaspects of Hardy's major novels, short stories, and poetry Informed by the latest in scholarly, critical, and theoreticaldebates from some of the world's leading Hardy scholars Reveals groundbreaking insights through examinations ofHardy’s major novels, short stories, poetry, and drama Explores Hardy's work in the context of the major intellectualand socio-cultural currents of his time and assesses his legacy forsubsequent writers