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The Experience of Language Teaching

Author : Rose Senior
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Through the words of more than 100 practising language teachers, The Experience of Language Teaching provides a detailed picture of teaching and learning in communicative classrooms. Using a teacher-generated framework it covers a range of aspects of classroom life: how teachers create environments suitable for language practice, how they get students 'on-side', how they manage tricky students, how they enhance the learning experience, how they develop and maintain a spirit of community. The book demonstrates how paying attention to both the learning and social needs of their class groups enables language teachers to behave in flexible ways that promote learning. This book will be of interest to teachers, teacher educators, researchers and to anyone interested in finding out what it is like to be a language teacher at the present time. The Experience of Language Teaching was winner of the Ben Warren International Trust House Prize in 2005.

Language Teaching and the Older Adult

Author : Danya Ramírez Gómez
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The aging of the population and the increasing number of older adults pursuing foreign language courses call for a greater understanding of the ways in which these individuals learn foreign languages. This book offers a pioneering contribution to the literature on foreign language education for older adults (aged 60 and over), termed foreign language geragogy. It details an empirical, multidisciplinary study on Japanese older learners of Spanish and focuses on the influence of learning experiences on vocabulary learning strategy use. It discusses the constraints that preconceptions impose on learners, researchers, instructors and administrators, and it offers a set of practical recommendations for foreign language activities for elderly individuals. It also introduces the notion of ‘learner re-training’, an instructional mechanism that contributes to older learners' self-acknowledgment and autonomy development in foreign language learning. The book is directed at teachers and trainee teachers of foreign languages to older adults, and also at education professionals and researchers in the field of foreign language learning in general.

From Experience to Knowledge in ELT Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

Author : Julian Edge
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Strategies and ideas to help you develop your personal teaching style. A guide to help teachers of English to develop teaching skills through drawing on practical classroom experience.

Teacher Learning in Language Teaching

Author : Freeman Donald
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This book introduces a new field of educational research called teacher learning, as it applies to the teaching of languages. Up until recently, the study of second language teacher education has focused mainly on the knowledge base and specific skills needed for effective teaching. This book invites us to look at teacher education from a fresh point of view, through an exploration of the thinking and learning processes of individuals as they learn to teach. Seventeen original articles, based on studies done in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, provide examples of pioneering research into the ways that individuals learn to teach languages, and the roles that previous experience, social context, and professional training play in the process. The collection thus helps establish a research base for this newly developing field.

Language Experience in Second Language Speech Learning

Author : Ocke-Schwen Bohn
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Deals with the language experience in second language speech learning

Motivation and Experience in Foreign Language Learning

Author : Yoshiyuki Nakata
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Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Dublin, Trinity College.

The Handbook of Language Teaching

Author : Michael H. Long
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Bringing together an international and interdisciplinary team of contributors, this Handbook is a wide-ranging and invaluable reference guide to language teaching. A comprehensive reference work on language teaching, which combines the latest research findings, coverage of core topics, and examples of teaching experience from a variety of languages and settings Provides a unique breadth of coverage, including: the psycholinguistic underpinnings of language learning; social, political, and educational contexts; program design; materials writing and course design; teaching and testing; teacher education; and assessment and evaluation Offers a balanced evaluation of the major positions and approaches, including examining the increasingly important social and political context of language teaching Written by an international and interdisciplinary group of authors from a dozen different countries; English is only one of the many languages used as examples throughout the volume

International Handbook of English Language Teaching

Author : Jim Cummins
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This two volume handbook provides a comprehensive examination of policy, practice, research and theory related to English Language Teaching in international contexts. More than 70 chapters highlight the research foundation for best practices, frameworks for policy decisions, and areas of consensus and controversy in second language acquisition and pedagogy. The Handbook provides a unique resource for policy makers, educational administrators, and researchers concerned with meeting the increasing demand for effective English language teaching. It offers a strongly socio-cultural view of language learning and teaching. It is comprehensive and global in perspective with a range of fresh new voices in English language teaching research.

New Horizons in Language Learning and Teaching

Author : Gabriela Trejo
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The papers gathered together in this volume deal with research on language acquisition, language learning and teaching, evaluation, learning experiences in international contexts, and particular challenges of the teaching of languages. The contributions included here constitute an inspiring sample of the work done either by Latin American scholars or in the Latin American context of language learning that will also be relevant to other settings and contexts. As such, the book will appeal to all those involved in the process of teaching and learning of languages.

Psychology of Language Teaching

Author : Farshad Ghasemi
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The scope and purpose of educational processes have been heavily modified under the influence of psychological breakthroughs and their developmental perspectives in recent decades. This book is an attempt to address some of the key psychological aspects in the literature classified into emotional, cognitive, and psychological perspectives with particular concentration on language teaching. By presenting detailed empirical studies on the covered topics, I attempted to indicate the intertwined relationship of language and psychology in educational settings. The first study deals with the impact of teacher-directed hypnotic suggestions on students’ emotional intelligence and their academic performance. The second study introduces simplified tests to coordinate the helpless attitudes of the students. In the last research, I examined the interaction effects of the contextual factors and teachers’ professional profiles on their cognitive orientations with a specific focus on teachers’ dissonance belief systems. Overall, this book provides an overview of the functions and influences of the psychological concepts in educational contexts, particularly language teaching.

English Language Teaching in Its Social Context

Author : Christopher Candlin
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English Language Teaching in its Social Context offers sociolinguistic, ethnographic, and social-psychological perspectives on TESOL teaching and learning and introduces the relevant literature on second language acquisition. Together with its companion volumes, it presents English language teaching in a variety of specific institutional, geographic and cultural contexts. The articles - a range of seminal and specially commissioned pieces - have been carefully chosen to present four major principles of English language teaching: * they focus on the roles played by teachers and learners * recognise the individuality of language learners * support teachers in the provision of active guidance for students' learning * examine both positive and negative patterns of interaction between learners and teachers. This Reader offers people unfamiliar with research in this field an overall impression of English language teaching issues while allowing the more experienced reader the opportunity to relate his or her own experiences to the theories presented.

Digital Language Learning and Teaching

Author : Michael Carrier
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This carefully balanced set of studies and practitioner research projects carried out in various learning contexts around the world highlights cutting-edge research in the use of digital learning technologies in language classrooms and in online learning. Providing an overview of recent developments in the application of educational technology to language learning and teaching, it looks at the experience of researchers and practitioners in both formal and informal (self-study) learning contexts, bringing readers up to date with this rapidly changing field and the latest developments in research, theory, and practice at both classroom and education system levels.

Individual Freedom in Language Teaching

Author : Chris Brumfit
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Starting from the premise that each person develops a unique and personal code for communication, Christopher Brumfit examines the roles of teachers and learners and the approaches that education professionals should develop in support of learners. The book draws upon linguistic, psychological, philosophical, and sociolinguistic principles and uses practical examples from second, foreign, and mother tongue teaching. It attempts to integrate theoretical and empirical work with the practical needs of institutions and of teachers without losing sight of learners' needs for free personal choice combined with effective communication. Drawing upon the author's extensive experience in the field, it considers the roles of literature and culture, as well as language policy in relation to learners' rights, and attempts to outline a humane and realistic philosophy for language teaching.

Emotions and English Language Teaching

Author : Sarah Benesch
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Taking a critical approach that considers the role of power, and resistance to power, in teachers’ affective lives, Sarah Benesch examines the relationship between English language teaching and emotions in postsecondary classrooms. The exploration takes into account implicit feeling rules that may drive institutional expectations of teacher performance and affect teachers’ responses to and decisions about pedagogical matters. Based on interviews with postsecondary English language teachers, the book analyzes ways in which they negotiate tension—theorized as emotion labor—between feeling rules and teachers’ professional training and/or experience, in particularly challenging areas of teaching: high-stakes literacy testing; responding to student writing; plagiarism; and attendance. Discussion of this rich interview data offers an expanded and nuanced understanding of English language teaching, one positing teachers’ emotion labor as a framework for theorizing emotions critically and as a tool of teacher agency and resistance.

Teaching Reading as a Language Experience

Author : Mary Anne Hall
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The purpose of this book as stated in the preface to the first edition was "to describe this approach and to identify instructional practices which can be followed in teaching reading in the language experience approach." That purpose remains as the central focus in this edition. The major difference between the editions is the expansion of the theoretical foundations of language experience communication and the extension of instructional suggestions. The section on prereading has been expanded so as to give greater attention to language experience activities prior to beginning reading.

English Language Teacher Education

Author : Minh Hue Nguyen
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This book examines a range of complex issues concerning the professional experience (i.e., practicum) in English language teacher education with regard to curriculum design and implementation, as well as professional learning. Drawing on a sociocultural perspective, it explores the context of the professional experience, preservice teachers as learners of English language teaching, and the activity of learning to teach English language in connection with interrelated contextual and personal issues: contextual issues such as policies, curricula, university-school partnerships, and mentoring relations are investigated in relation to personal issues such as the beliefs, expectations, prior educational experiences, previous teaching experiences, and cultural-linguistic backgrounds of preservice teachers. In turn, the book addresses professional learning issues, including professional identity development, emotional experiences, and pedagogical learning, in depth. The book delves into the qualitative “fine-grained” aspects of the professional experience while also making valuable conceptual contributions through a sociocultural analysis of the professional learning experience, which can also be applied to research in other teacher education contexts. The findings presented here hold practical implications for English language teacher education in terms of developing a knowledge base for English language teaching and an effective model of professional experience to prepare English language teachers for working in today’s expanded, diverse and dynamic neoliberal contexts.

Interactive Language Teaching

Author : Wilga M. Rivers
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In this collection of essays, a distinguished group of innovative teachers and writers describe the approaches and techniques they have incorporated into their own teaching. The articles are designed to help classroom teachers make language classes more participatory and communication oriented. Successive articles deal with the structure of interaction in large and small groups: imaginative activities for listening, speaking, reading, writing, and testing; the use of poetry, song, and drama; how to perform grammar rules rather than recite them; the special contribution of authentic materials; using audio and video as well as computer software to enhance learning, tapping the community as a resource; learning to interact in different cultural styles; and preparing the student for real-life professional use of language. Teachers of any language and teachers in training will find in this volume a wealth of original and practical ideas for the classroom.

Language Education in China Policy and Experience from 1949

Author : Agnes S.L. Lam
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Language Education in China: Policy and Experience from 1949 is unprecedented as a comprehensive study of the multilingual circumstances in China. It tracks policy changes in the learning of Chinese, foreign languages and minority ethnic languages in China since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. On the basis of survey and interview data, the experiences of different age cohorts of learners are presented as "windows" to the realities of language education policy implementation over the last half century. The effects of political changes, language backgrounds and various motivations for learning, at both the national and individual levels, are vividly presented in this composite story of China and learners in China.

Teachers Exploring Tasks in English Language Teaching

Author : Jane Willis
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Winner - British Council Innovation in English Language Teaching Award 2006 This book was written for language teachers by language teachers, with a view to encouraging readers to use more tasks in their lessons, and to explore for themselves various aspects of task-based teaching and learning. It gives insights into ways in which tasks can be designed, adapted and implemented in a range of teaching contexts and illustrates ways in which tasks and task-based learning can be investigated as a research activity. Practising language teachers and student professionals on MA TESOL/Applied Linguistics courses will find this a rich resource of varied experience in the classroom and a stimulus to their own qualitative studies.

Values in English Language Teaching

Author : Bill Johnston
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This book offers a new perspective on language teaching by placing moral issues--that is, questions of values--at the core of what it is to be a teacher. The teacher-student relation is central to this view, rather than the concept of language teaching as merely a technical matter of managing students' acquisition of language. The message is that all language teaching involves an interplay of deeply held values, but in each teaching situation these values are played out in different ways. Johnston does not tell readers what to think, but only suggests what to think about. Values in English Language Teaching explores the complex and often contradictory moral landscape of the language classroom, gradually revealing how teaching is not a matter of clear-cut choices but of wrestling with dilemmas and making difficult decisions in situations often riven with conflict. It examines the underlying values that teachers hold as individuals and as members of their profession, and demonstrates how those values are played out in the real world of language classrooms. Matters addressed include connections between the moral and political dimensions in English language teaching, and between values and religious beliefs; relationship(s) between teacher identity and values; the meaning of professionalism and how it is associated with morality and values; the ways in which teacher development is a moral issue; and the marginality of English language teaching. All the examples are taken from real-life teaching situations--the complexity and messiness of these situations is always acknowledged, including both individual influences and broader social, cultural, and political forces at play in English language classrooms. By using actual situations as the starting point for analysis, Johnston offers a philosophy based in practice, and recognizes the primacy of lived experience as a basis for moral analysis. Examples come from teaching contexts around the world, including Brazil, Thailand, Poland, Japan, Central African Republic, Turkey, and Taiwan, as well as various settings in the United States. This book will change the way teachers see language classrooms--their own or those of others. It is a valuable resource for teachers of ESL and EFL and all those who work with them, especially teacher educators, researchers, and administrators.