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The Falling Season

Author : Hal Clifford
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The Falling Season is Clifford's thrilling account of an insider's life and time on one of America's premier mountain rescue teams. Giving new voice to the adrenaline rush, he recounts the harrowing moments and the against- the-clock, painstaking procedures of more than a dozen mountain rescues, including 1993's infamous Express Creek crisis and its attendant media circus.

Rainbow Magic Special Edition Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy

Author : Daisy Meadows
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Get into the crisp, brisk fall spirit with Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy! Rachel and Kirsty love the fall! They can't wait to go apple picking, carve pumpkins, and take a hayride. But this fall, everything is going all wrong -- because Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy's magic is missing! Can the girls help her outsmart Jack Frost and his goblins, and make sure that fall is fun again?

Discerning Your Season

Author : Anya Miller Hall
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Footballs and Falling Leaves

Author : Rebecca Fjelland Davis
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A counting book that describes fall related items and activities.

Extension of Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means
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Once Upon a Season

Author : Becky Goldsmith
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Piece O' Cake presents 9 delightful quilt designs that celebrate the seasons. From simple string piecing to exquisite hand applique, from Winter Dance to Scrappy Stars & Stripes, there's something to please every taste. Choose your favorite and let's get started!


Author : Joseph R. Simon
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BOOK SUMMARY This book was written to tell the life story of my mother Sophie. It covers 103 years beginning in Poland and ending in America. It discusses the traumas and hardships she experienced as a youth; the struggle she initially encountered in America; how opportunity together with a strong work ethic were the primary reasons for her success in business; and how sacrifice, perseverance and a positive attitude changed her life. The Florida chapter includes a number of interesting and humorous stories describing how she was finally able to enjoy a full and happy lifestyle.

The Falling Tree

Author : Donald Watkins
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Faith comes to us in varied and myriad incarnations. The Falling Tree is a story of the continuing life cycle that permeates all our lives. Sometimes feeling connected and a part of our surroundings, and at other times, autonomous and withdrawn. Solitary contemplation of life and its meaning and consequences leads us all down different paths. This one happens on a trail in the woods in Magnolia Springs, where there is indeed The Falling Tree.

Of Smiles and Tears

Author : Glen Wilson
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In his collection of poetry and prose , Bob has combined his love of nature, the ocean, lakes, and mountains with his desire to express our inner feelings, our daily life's journey. "Of Smiles and Tears" was then created.

Hunting Season

Author : P. T. Deutermann
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Edward Kreiss is a retired FBI agent--a manhunter whose specialty is making rogue operatives disappear. When Kreiss's daughter vanishes in the backwoods of rural West Virginia, and the FBI has no leads to follow, Kreiss follows his own--with a vengeance. Exercising the lethal maneuvers that made him the best "sweeper" in the business, Kreiss plunges back into action--this time as the dangerous loner he was once trained to kill. Unknown to Kreiss, corrupt agency brass have their own reasons for keeping the kidnapping low-profile--and making the job of eliminating Kreiss high priority. Called in to take him down is a deadly female assassin with a killer instinct that surpasses that of her prey. Now, as hunter becomes hunted, Kreiss finds himself and his daughter trapped in an elaborate game of political scandal and personal revenge. And whatever secret has been buried by Kreiss's elusive enemies is sure to trigger open season on anyone who discovers it.

The Marge Site

Author : Andrew C. Fortier
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This report details Late Archaic and Terminal Late Woodland (Emergent Mississippian) occupations. This site yielded a semi-subterranean house, short-term hunting/butchering camp, lithic artifacts, and other debitage providing new information regarding the dynamics of this critical transition period in the American Bottom.

Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada

Author : Canada. Parliament
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"Report of the Dominion fishery commission on the fisheries of the province of Ontario, 1893", issued as vol. 26, no. 7, supplement.

Annual Report

Author : Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Merchants' Exchange
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Annual Report of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Exchange for the Commercial Year Ending

Author : Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Merchants' Exchange
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The American Florist

Author :
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Composing a Life

Author : Tim McCracken
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Christopher Hartley is the chair of the English department at the North Campus of Garden State Universitya place he refers to as a minimum intellectual facility. Recently returned from a medical leave begun after the death of his wife, Holly, sixteen months earlier, he is seeking some measure of peace. As Chris prepares a brand-new course called Music in Literature, he hopes the combination of the two disciplinesa pairing that has always fascinated himwill help him overcome his grief and deal with the estrangement of his daughter, Ivy. Peace, however, is as elusive as music itself. As he deals with his own health problems and the possibility of a new relationship with a much younger colleague, Chris moves through a chaotic and occasionally amusing fugue in which lust, love, self-worth, redemption, and meaning interweave. This complex novel explores how music and literature aid one man as he deals with grief, considers the meaning of life and death, and struggles to come to terms with his own mortality.

2020 Daily Planner Falling Leaves Fall Season 388 Pages

Author : Distinctive Journals
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2020 Daily Planner Falling Leaves Fall Season 388 Pages contains one whole page for every day of the year. See your schedule clearly in 2020! It's time to start planning now to make 2020 an amazing year with this efficient planner. Each page has marked spaces for the day broken down into hourly segments between 6 AM and 8 PM. There are blank lines at the bottom of each daily page for notes. This planner also includes a full page calendar for each month of 2020 as well as an overview calendar page so you can see the entire year 2020 at a glance. You will also find a list of of notable days in 2020. You or your gift recipient will enjoy the fall foliage photo paperback cover every time this 2020 planner is used for getting organized, making appointments, and staying on top of everything life throws your way. People say that failing to plan is planning to fail. That won't happen to you when you use this awesome 2020 planner. You or your gift recipient will find many uses for this handy 2020 planner.


Author : United States Department of Agriculture
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Author : Senko K. Maynard
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Principles of Japanese Discourse offers the first detailed description in English of the structure and rhetorical effects observed in various genres of Japanese discourse. Drawing on Japanese bunshooron and incorporating results of Western discourse studies, the book covers principles of overall rhetorical organisation including ki-shoo-ten-ketsu, topic structure, danraku, and sentence chaining, and presents a variety of rhetorical strategies frequently used in contemporary Japanese texts. After presenting these principles in thirty compact entries, Professor Maynard invites the reader to apply the knowledge gained to the comprehension of contemporary authentic Japanese text. Seven selected readings are presented with vocabulary lists, discourse notes, and other tasks. Translations are provided in the appendix. In this book Professor Maynard has created a new category in the area of Japanese language learning and provided an excellent reference source not only for students but for instructors of the Japanese language worldwide.

Going to Wait

Author : James Abbington
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