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The Family Cow Handbook

Author : Philip Hasheider
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Milking your family cow and experiencing the simple joys that comes with it are explained in this guidebook by veteran dairy farmer and cheesemaker Phil Hasheider.This book leads you through all the steps needed to make your dream a reality and the processes involved to make your own dairy products. You will learn the practical do’s and don’ts of buying a cow, milking, feeding, and assisting her when she gives birth to a calf. You may not have the experience yet, but time will take care of that as you learn. Your adventure starts here and this book will guide you along your journey with your family cow.

Keeping a Family Cow

Author : Grohman, Joann S.
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Resource added for the Farm Business and Production Managment program 300901.

Keeping a Family Cow

Author : Joann S. Grohman
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The cow is the most productive, efficient creature on earth. She will give you fresh milk, cream, butter, and cheese, build human health and happiness, and even turn a profit for homesteaders and small farmers who seek to offer her bounty to the local market or neighborhood. She will provide rich manure for your garden or land, and will enrich the quality of your life as you benefit from the resources of the natural world. Quite simply, the family that keeps a cow is a healthy family. Originally published in the early 1970s as The Cow Economy and reprinted many times over, Keeping a Family Cow has launched thousands of holistic small-scale dairy farmers and families raising healthy cows in accordance with their true nature. The book offers answers to frequently asked questions like, 'Should I get a cow?' and 'How Much Space do I need?' in addition to extensive information on: • The health benefits of untreated milk; • How to milk a cow effectively and with ease; • Choosing your dairy breed; • Drying off your cow; • Details on calving and breeding; • The importance of hay quality and how to properly feed your cow; • Fencing and pasture management; • Housing, water systems, and other supplies; • Treating milk fever and other diseases and disorders; • Making butter, yogurt, and cheese, and, of course . . . • . . . Everything else the conventional dairy industry doesn’t tell us! Now revised and updated to incorporate new information on the raw milk debate, the conversation about A1 vs. A2 milk, fully grassfed dairies, more practical advice for everyday chores, and updated procedures for cow emergencies. Keeping a Family Cow has not only stood the test of time, it still remains the go-to inspirational manual for raising a family milk cow nearly forty years after its first publication. Joann Grohman has a lifetime of practical experience that has been bound into this one volume and presented in the spirit of fun and learning.

The Family Cow

Author : Dirk Van Loon
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This is the essential guide for anyone who wants to keep a cow. Fully illustrated chapters provide comprehensive information on buying, handling, feeding, milking, calving, nutrition, health care, breeds, growing feed crops, and more.

The Cow a guide to dairy management and cattle rearing

Author : Cow
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The Backyard Cow

Author : Sue Weaver
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You don't need acres of land to keep a cow healthy, happy, and productive. You can raise one right in your own backyard, producing more than enough milk for a single family--up to six gallons per day! The Backyard Cow covers everything you need to know, from selecting the right breed to understanding your cow's behavior; providing shelter, health care, and daily maintenance; grooming; milking; and making cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products from your milk.

Keeping One Cow

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The new hand book of Ireland by J Godkin and J A Walker

Author : James Godkin
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Rural Heritage

Author :
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A Handbook of Agriculture

Author : Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes
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