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The Favor of My Lord

Author : Denise Sobilo
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The primal metaphor has been transposed as sleep an affiance with death eludes for death defective is but sleep. Alludes to resurrection now: a dawning rosed in bloody-red genesis, predisposed to whited hues dazzling out in amplitudes. In a debut collection of inspirational poems, Denise Sobilo invites readers to awaken to the Presence of the Divine through her introspective and often philosophical reflections. Sobilo, whose poetry is inspired by both scripture and other writings, shares lyrical insight reflected in verse that touches on many themes and subjects including the blood-sacrifice wounds of salvific love, the absolution that surrounds a death bed, a feast that sates the soul’s appetencies and satisfies the mind, a mother’s spirit that rises to heaven again, and a potter’s wheel under a dervish hand. The Favor of My Lord is a unique volume of poetry which provides an insightful perception of the spiritual aspects of this world that will inspire believers and non-believers alike to a deeper introspection and understanding of their own relationships with God.

Getting to Know God

Author : Nathan Krupp
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F B I Favor Blessing Increase

Author : Barbara Bryant
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F.B.I. Favor, Blessing, Increase It's never too late to experience the blessing of favor. The good news is that you can experience favor right now. It's your inheritance. In this powerful book, Barbara Bryant draws us to the truth of God's Word. Her writing is packed with spiritual tools to help you step into blessings, live in favor, and receive continuous increase in your life. Discover in FBI the keys to unlock promotion, prosperity and the promises of God. God has a new beginning in store for you, and it begins with FBI: Favor, Blessing, Increase. What Others are Saying... Barbara Bryant is a profound woman of God. FBI will be a significant factor in changing people's lives. Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. Chief Apostle, Church of God in Christ, Inc. Intense, glowing, insightful and powerful is FBI. This book is life changing and will be a blessing to everyone who takes time to enjoy it. Thank you Barbara Bryant for reminding us not to quit because God's best awaits us. Bishop J. W. Macklin Second Assistant Presiding Bishop, Church of God in Christ, Inc. Barbara Bryant has penned a succinct and comprehensive guide for living the FBI lifestyle. Your thirst for His presence will be intensified. Your witness to a ripe and troubled harvest will be accelerated. This book is a must read! Dr Barbara McCoo Lewis Assistant General Supervisor Department of Women Church of God in Christ

The Correspondence of Dr Matthew Huton Archbishop of York with a Selection from the Letters of Sir Timothy Hutton and Metthew Hutton edited by James Raine

Author : Matthew Hutton
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Thanks Death You Did Me a Favor

Author : Bishop Clifton Jones
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The message of this book deals with one of the most feared subjects known to mankind, the subject of death. We look upon death with great surprise; however, we have seen it enough to know that its a matter of time and death is sure to come to all living. My desire is to inform my readers so that they would look upon death from a realistic view point. It is needless to get bent out of shape after losing a love one, death is part of the process.

The Mother of my Lord

Author : Sekhar Reddy Vasa
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Contents Brothers and sisters of Jesus “Before they came together”, this itself says, after Jesus, Mary gave birth to other children. Is it true? Before Mary was sacred – after that Paul says “James, the Lord’s brother” Firstborn son Brothers of Jesus No man can enter the gate that Lord God entered My son – The true son of Paul The selections of Christ Weird criticism – Testimony of ten Why do we give importance to Mother Mary when Jesus rejected her? Is Mary sinless? Why does Mary‘s spirit rejoice in God the savior? The prophecy about Mother Mary in Genesis A new cart The virgin Mary and the holy spirit have kissed each other........ Prophesied by sons of Korah Song of Solomon about Mother Mary The Third Commandment The third voice on the cross The first worship Some Christians are ashamed of saying "Hail Mary" Jesus is the only one mediator between God and men The dead cannot pray for us Who are called the dead? And who are called the living? Can prayers of Saints help us? Can you worship Mother Mary?

Praise the Name of the Lord

Author : Michael Louis Fitzgerald
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Christians and Muslims both have an abundance of names for God. The Bible provides Christians with a rich array of names for God, and the ninety-nine Names that Islam gives traditionally to God are drawn from the Qur’an. Praise the Name of the Lord is an offering of texts, from the Qur’an and Bible, meant to lead to meditation and prayer. To pray starting from the texts of another religion can help us to acquire a better appreciation of that religion. It is possible that we will find different echoes that can capture our attention and may nourish our prayer, encouraging dialogue with the persons among whom we are living.

The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocryphal Deuterocanonical Books

Author : Michael David Coogan
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Presents the complete text of the New Revised Standard Version Bible, with the Aprocryphal/Deuterocanonical books; and features annotations in a single column across the page bottom, in-text background essays on the major divisions of the biblical text, and other reference tools.

The New York Drama no 37 48

Author :
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The Seer

Author : James Menaker
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Legends say that long ago a mystical order of men and women walked the earth. They were known as the Seers. Stories claim that they saw the invisible, knew the unknowable, and performed impossible feats of power. They wandered the earth as champions for the oppressed and heralds of days to come. Seers were cloaked in mystery and suspicion, but when they spoke, the wise listened. Elijah is a Seer, widely considered to be the greatest of their order. He is called to confront the powerful King Ahab with five simple words, “There will be no rain.” The Seer narrates the dangerous, exciting and God-given journey of the prophet Elijah in an entertaining and engaging way. This young adult adventure brings the ancient story to life and shows that when gods battle for the future of mankind, one person can change everything.