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The Fearful Choice

Author : Philip Toynbee
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The Library of Choice Literature

Author : Ainsworth Rand Spofford
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The Library of Choice Literature and Encyclopedia of Universal Authorship

Author : Ainsworth Rand Spofford
File Size : 26.53 MB
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Library of Choice Literature and Encyclopaedia of Universal Authorship

Author : Ainsworth Rand Spofford
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The Fearful Traveler s Companion

Author : Chris Card Fuller
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If you're an armchair traveler, a package deal junkie, or a cruise voyager and you don't think you have the guts for adventure travel, you're in for a surprise. Adventure travel is not only for the young, the fit, and the fearless! The Fearful Traveler's Companion is a collection of travel stories, tips, and anecdotes that address those fears that have kept "smarter" people at home. Whether you're afraid of plane crashes or riding escalators, no fear is too great or too trivial to be scrutinized with a dose of compassion and humor. Travel can be scary business. Even the most seasoned travelers have their personal bêtes noires: aversions to germs, getting caught in a crowd, or even eating alone in a restaurant. But author Chris Card Fuller wants to squash the myth of the fearless traveler. Her refreshing travel therapy submits that each new trip helps you to confront your fears head-on, strengthening your resolve and confidence for even more outlandish destinations!

The casquet of literature a selection in poetry and prose ed with notes by C Gibbon

Author : Casket
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The Casquet of Literature Being a Selection in Poetry and Prose from the Works of the Most Admired Authors

Author : Charles Gibbon
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You Can Master Your Fear

Author : Magdalena Scopelitis
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Be the master of your fear and you can rule over your life. Fear is the only obstacle between you and your dreams, between you and what you most love. So says Archangel Raphael, who, in this series of channelings, unravels the mysteries of fear and, through its darkest paths, guides you step by step up to the glade of love. He helps you tear away fears masks one by one till you come to know its real face; only then does he teach you the ways to transmute it into love, thus eliminating its disastrous implications. According to Archangel Raphael, fear shows that somewhere in the deepest part of your being, you have chosen hatred versus love, and your life cannot have real meaning. Only when your fear is transformed can real life happen to you. The end of your fear will signal the beginning of your life. Until that day comes, you will have just lived in a lie, in an illusion. I am only asking you to give me your fear, Archangel Raphael adds, and I will give back to you your love, the most precious gift you ever had.

The Twelve Best Short Stories in the German Language

Author : Richard Moritz Meyer
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Small Steps Huge Changes

Author : Phyllis Reed
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What is a sacred moment? Is it a big, sudden change in the direction of your life or your physical or mental state? Or is it a moment in which you understood your fears or made a choice to let something go? We may find our lives full of fear, hurt, or pain of loss, and even though these daily experiences have not caused major earthquakes or volcanic eruptions around the world, it is in these moments of our daily lives that we must look for our answers. In Small Steps, Huge Changes: The Extraordinary Moments of an Ordinary Life, writer Phyllis Reed shows us how it is possible to discover healing and joy by choosing to take just one small, courageous step. Through reflections, remembrances, poems, and vignettes, Reed tracks her own small steps through realms as varied as love, parenthood, loneliness, fear, and connecting to places, other people, and holy presence. Each true story, told in Reeds conversational, nurturing tone, is a tribute to those who have found ways to live happily and healthily after great difficultiesto see the extraordinary in their everyday experiences. Taken as a whole, these moments of rising and falling, of joy and defeat, become our sacred lives. Our sacred moments are our greatest gifts, and the choice is ours to step forward and accept and learn from them.