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Field Guide to Drawing Sketching Animals

Author : Tim Pond
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Artist Tim Pond's lively and engaging book fuses science with art, providing the reader with the skills, techniques and knowledge they need to create sketches of animals filled with life and movement.There are some very good books written on life drawing, yet when it comes to drawing wildlife, illustrators and artists often revert to working solely from photographs, which can leave the artwork looking lifeless and flat. In this inspirational book, artist Tim Pond shows you how to observe and draw animals in zoos, farms, wildlife parks and aquariums, teaching you some fascinating facts about the animals along the way and ultimately bringing you closer to nature. One of the challenges with sketching wildlife is that animals are constantly moving. However by having some basic understanding of the biology of an animal, such as knowing that a duck has a cheek or that a cheetah can't retract its claws, can influence how you might sketch them, and results in a lively drawing that captures the form, movement and ultimately the spirit of the animal in question. Combining scientific knowledge with expert practical guidance is key to creating successful drawings of animals, and Tim's ability to convey this in a way that is both accessible and engaging makes this a unique and inspiring guide suitable for artists of all levels. Tim's book takes you on a journey of discovery that will enable you to develop the skills, techniques and knowledge you need to sketch a broad range of wildlife, encompassing mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and insects. It includes quick, gestural sketches as well as linear and tonal studies, in a variety of media - pencil, pen and ink, and watercolour. There are numerous studies comprising how to represent the different patterns of animals' coats, how to capture the plumage of an exotic bird in watercolour, and how to sketch a hippo's hooves, as well as guidance on tools, materials and basic techniques. The result is a treasure chest of fascinating facts, studies, sketches and annotated drawings that will not fail to ignite your enthusiasm for drawing animals from life.

Ranger Rick s Wildlife Around Us Field Guide Drawing Book Volume 1

Author : Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team
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Presents advice on preparing for outdoor excursions, describing what to include in a backpack and how to make a naturalist journal, with drawing instructions for common birds, insects, and reptiles.

Painting Animals in Watercolour

Author : Liz Chaderton
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Artists seem compelled to try to capture the amazing variety of the animal kingdom; the challenge remains how to breathe energy into your paintings and make the animals jump off the paper. This deeply practical book offers an accessible introduction to sketching animals from life, to try to capture that essence. It gives instruction on how to approach drawing; covers ideas for materials and supplies to make sketching from life a joy; gives step-by-step demonstrations of different watercolour techniques; offers specific advice on using colour and painting, fur, feathers and features and gives ideas for mixed-media experimentation. Full of colourful examples and guidance, this new book explains how to transform your studies into finished artwork that are brimming with character. It encourages you to find the extraordinary in the everyday, as well as revelling in the breadth of nature. Taking a contemporary approach to traditional watercolour, the author shows how a few, well-chosen brushes of paint can reveal the soul of your subject.

No Excuses Watercolor Animals

Author : Gina Rossi Armfield
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Experience the freedom of watercolor painting and let go of fear! You'll have no excuse not to paint when you follow Gina Rossi Armfield as she shares her intuitive and inspirational approach to sketching and painting animals. Watercolor is the perfect medium for capturing the flowing textures, patterns and playful personalities of your favorite furry, feathered and farmyard friends. And it's fun using organic, sketchbook-style techniques to create soulful animal portraits. No intimidating exercises--just colorful and expressive works of art! The animal field guide is divided into 3 sections--Paws, Claws and Hooves--with 15 different animal projects that each include a photo reference, color palette and sketch template. Inside you'll find: • Tricks for painting fur, feathers, beaks, claws, hooves and eyes • Essential and easy paintbrush and watercolor instruction • Guidance for working from photo reference • Creative background and text overlay ideas

Integrating Literature in the Disciplines

Author : Sharon Kane
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The Second Edition of this practical and comprehensive resource offers a multitude of ways to incorporate literature into teaching and learning across a range of disciplines. Future and practicing teachers, librarians, instructional coaches, and school leaders can implement the ideas within this text to improve the literacy skills and knowledge of students, while also addressing standards and curricular goals of various content areas. The new edition recognizes a paradigm shift from content areas to disciplines, reflecting the specific ways reading and writing are used in different fields of study. Updated with current research and practices, the volume recommends and evaluates books in different genres and categories, with chapters on informational books; fiction; biography and memoir; poetry; and hands-on and how-to books. For every category, Kane provides a rationale, instructional strategies, and author studies, as well as lists and descriptions of books related to curricular areas. With a wealth of activities and new BookTalks, this Second Edition is greatly revised and features expanded attention to technology, digital learning, diversity, and culture. Using this text will create opportunities for deep discussions and will stimulate students’ interest and motivation to read and learn. Integrating Literature in the Disciplines helps educators identify books that fit with any subject to enhance the creative and affective dimensions of school life; encourages interdisciplinary connections; and increases the depth and relevance of lessons. It is ideal for professional development and serves as a tool for Readers’ Advisory to match books with readers throughout the school day and beyond.

How to Sketch Animals

Author : Kaaren Poole
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Animal lovers can easily draw their favorite creatures. It’s simple, with this basic method that divides a complex subject into very manageable steps, making the process accessible and enjoyable. And with drawings of nine species on display, all showcasing the animal’s most prominent features, there’s lots of inspiration to get started. Each demonstration begins with a photograph that provides the basis of the sketch, and also includes a worksheet and a few different breeds. Select from dogs (among them a Pug/Chihuahua mix and a King Charles Spaniel), cats (a Tabby, Chinchilla, Maine Coon), horses, fowl, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, deer, and foxes. Introductory sections cover tools, materials, and all the fundamental strokes and techniques—including drawing fur and adding texture.

Field Guide to Animal Tracks and Scat of California

Author : Mark Elbroch
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“Outstanding. This is a brilliant work by the best in the field. Watching a great tracker at work can feel like watching a magician, but this book demystifies the process and inspires the reader to begin to look closer and open the world of tracking.”—John Muir Laws, author of The Laws Guide to the Sierra Nevada

A Field Guide to the Animal Tracks of Southern Africa

Author : Louis Liebenberg
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Format : PDF
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Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast

Author : Diane K. Gibbons
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Format : PDF
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A field guide to mammal tracks with detailed illustrations, concise useful information, and a key for identification.

Animal Tracking Basics

Author : Tiffany Morgan
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Offers expert instruction and in-the-field advice for the novice and experienced tracker.