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The Films of Pixar Animation Studio

Author : James Clarke
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A major icon of cinema and pop-culture more widely, Pixar Animation Studios has played a vital part in reminding audiences of animation's capacity as a major artform. Hugely popular, and recognised as a real force in the imaginative lives of its audience, Pixar's movies have attained critical mass. The Films of Pixar Animation Studio offers the reader and animation enthusiast a one-stop handbook to the studio's work, discussing each film in great detail. Each Pixar feature film is explored in terms of creative choices made by the films' producers, writers, directors and animators from the first bright idea through to final realisation. The book also makes connections between the studio's aesthetic and the wider realm of animation history, the blockbuster movie and the enduring examples of folk tales.

To Infinity and Beyond

Author : Karen Paik
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In 1986, gifted animator John Lasseter, technology guru Ed Catmull, and visionary Steve Jobs founded Pixar Animation Studios. Their goal: create a computer animated feature, despite predictions that it could never be done. An unprecedented catalog of blockbuster films later, the studio is honoring its history in this deluxe volume. From its fledgling days under George Lucas to ten demanding years creating Toy Story to the merger with Disney, each milestone is vibrantly detailed. Interviews with Pixar directors, producers, animators, voice talent, and industry insiders, as well as concept art, storyboards, and snapshots illuminate a history that is both definitive and enthralling.

The Portrayal of Gender in the Feature length Films of Pixar Animation Studios

Author : Jonathan Tye Decker
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The Portrayal of Gender in Disney Pixar s Animated Films

Author : Jonathan Decker
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This study was a content analysis of the portrayal of gender in the feature-length films of Pixar Animation Studios. All ten films currently released from the studio were included in the study (Toy Story, A Bug s Life, Toy Story 2, Monster s Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E, and Up), with the ten most prominent characters from each film selected for coding and analysis on multiple physical, authoritative, labor, and personality variables. Wall-E only had nine characters, however, so a total of 99 characters were studied. Results displayed no significant differences between males and females for most items in the study. Implications for future research are examined.

Yesterday Is Forever

Author : Josh Spiegel
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Since its first feature film in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has often been treated, rightly, as a powerful, influential, and forward-thinking animation company. However, many of its films are incredibly besotted with a nostalgic longing for the past, one that may not have truly existed outside of the mind's eye. From the Toy Story trilogy to the first Cars film, many of Pixar's films (the good and the bad) are about chasing what used to be instead of embracing the future. What's more, Pixar's influence has spread far beyond its technological prowess, as other animation studios such as Disney have more wholeheartedly embraced nostalgia for the past in recent years. In this book, published on the 20th anniversary of the original Toy Story's release, Josh Spiegel examines some of the films from Pixar and Disney over the past 20 years that have embodied one of the most important lines of dialogue in Disney history, courtesy of theme-park narration: "Here, tomorrow is today. And yesterday is forever."

The Pixar Touch

Author : David A. Price
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A Wall Street Journal Best Book of the Year The Pixar Touch is a lively chronicle of Pixar Animation Studios' history and evolution, and the “fraternity of geeks” who shaped it. With the help of animating genius John Lasseter and visionary businessman Steve Jobs, Pixar has become the gold standard of animated filmmaking, beginning with a short special effects shot made at Lucasfilm in 1982 all the way up through the landmark films Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and others. David A. Price goes behind the scenes of the corporate feuds between Lasseter and his former champion, Jeffrey Katzenberg, as well as between Jobs and Michael Eisner. And finally he explores Pixar's complex relationship with the Walt Disney Company as it transformed itself into the $7.4 billion jewel in the Disney crown. With an Updated Epilogue

The Color of Pixar

Author : Tia Kratter
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Bold and beautiful, this volume presents hundreds of film stills from the Pixar archives in a glorious spectrum of color. Starting with bright white images and seamlessly flowing through the colors of the rainbow, it becomes crystal clear how each frame tells a story. Bound into a gorgeous volume, The Color of Pixar encapsulates everything there is to love about the studio: the attention to detail, the playful characters, and the sheer scope of their work in over 20 years of iconic feature films. Copyright ©2017 Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Pixar. All rights reserved.

The Art of Pixar

Author : Pixar
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In this revised and expanded edition for the 25th anniversary of Pixar's feature films, The Art of Pixar collects the breathtaking behind-the-scenes visual process of colorscripts. Colorscripts are the sequential paintings that visually represent key story moments from each film and set the lighting, color, and tone during the filmmaking process. This expanded edition features colorscripts from Pixar's feature films and shorts through Onward and Soul. A must-have for aspiring animators, Pixar enthusiasts, and Art of collectors alike 2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of Toy Story. Includes Academy Award-winning Coco, Inside Out, and Brave Since Toy Story's release in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has set the standard for contemporary animation with a range of classic and influential feature films and shorts. Packaged in a luxe slipcase, this collectible collection is a treasure trove of artwork for aspiring animators and Pixar fans alike. Part of the fan-favorite, collectible Art of series--books that explore production art and exclusive making-of details A perfect gift for Pixar fans, animation and filmmaking students, film buffs, and more Add it to the shelf with books like The Art of Zootopia by Jessica Julius, The Color of Pixar by Tia Kratter, and To Infinity and Beyond!: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios by Karen Paik. Copyright (c) 2020 Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Pixar. All rights reserved.

Walt Disney Pictures Presents a Pixar Animation Studios Film

Author : Walt Disney Pictures
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Pixar and the Aesthetic Imagination

Author : Eric Herhuth
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In Pixar and the Aesthetic Imagination, Eric Herhuth draws upon film theory, animation theory, and philosophy to examine how animated films address aesthetic experience within contexts of technological, environmental, and sociocultural change. Since producing the first fully computer-animated feature film, Pixar Animation Studios has been a creative force in digital culture and popular entertainment. But, more specifically, its depictions of uncanny toys, technologically sublime worlds, fantastic characters, and meaningful sensations explore aesthetic experience and its relation to developments in global media, creative capitalism, and consumer culture. This investigation finds in Pixar’s artificial worlds and transformational stories opportunities for thinking through aesthetics as a contested domain committed to newness and innovation as well as to criticism and pluralistic thought.

The Art of Pixar Short Films

Author : Amid Amidi
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While Pixar Animation Studios was creating beloved feature-length films such as Monsters Inc., Ratatouille, and WALLE, it was simultaneously testing animation and storytelling techniques in dozens of memorable short films. Andre and Wally B proved that computer animation was possible; Tin Toy laid the groundwork for what would become Toy Story; and Mike's New Car exposed Pixar's finely tuned funny bone. In The Art of Pixar Short Films, animation expert and short film devotee Amid Amidi shines a spotlight on these and many more memorable vignettes from the Pixar archive. Essays and interviews illuminate more than 250 full-color pastels, pencil sketches, storyboards, and final rendered frames that were the foundation of Pixar's creative process.

The Wisdom of Pixar Large Print 16pt

Author : Robert Velarde
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Kids and adults alike love Pixar's movies. We come out of the theater not just entertained or amused, but inspired. Everybody agrees: Pixar makes fun, clean, terrific movies. But what makes these movies so appealing is not merely amazing CGI animation, clever humor or fantastic imagination. These movies are not just great. Pixar's movies are good. Robert Velarde unpacks the movies of Pixar and shows how they display the best of classic Christian virtues. Pixar's films resonate with us because of their moral character. Their virtuous themes of hope and courage, friendship and love connect with our deepest human longings. Whether we identify with the plight of a lost fish or the adventures of toys, bugs or cars, Pixar's characters help us build our own character, with the kind of virtue that we want for ourselves and those around us. Insightfully exploring each of Pixar's movies, this book is a friendly companion for fans, parents and church leaders. Discover how the imagination of Pixar can awaken in you a Christian vision for a moral life and a better society.

The Art of Monster Inc

Author :
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The Art of Monsters, Inc. opens the door into Pixar's colorful archives of concept art and to the endearing story of Monsters, Inc. Since the very first bedtime, children around the world have known that once their parents tuck them into bed and shut off the light, monsters lie waiting behind closet doors, ready to emerge. But what they don't realize is that these monsters scare children because they have to. It's their job. This superb film from Pixar Studios, the people who brought you Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Toy Story 2, reveals the truth about monsters with the brilliant techniques that have earned them their reputation as a ground-breaking animation studio. This incredible body of artwork was commissioned from the top artists, illustrators, and animators in the industry and from it the ultimate visual approach of the film was defined. From sketches scribbled on napkins and quickly inked marker drawings, to finished oil paintings and fabulous pastel color scripts, this behind-the-scenes artwork reveals the elaborate creative process behind a blockbuster film.

Pixar Company and Its Founders

Author : A.M. Buckley
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This title examines the remarkable lives of Ed Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith and their work building the groundbreaking company Pixar. Readers will learn about Catmull and Smith’s backgrounds and education, as well as their early careers. Also covered is a look at how Pixar operates and issues the company faces, such as developing new animation and computer graphics software, meeting production demands, and maintaining leadership. Color photos, detailed maps, and informative sidebars accompany easy-to-read, compelling text. Features include a timeline, facts, additional resources, web sites, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index. Technology Pioneers is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Pixar s America

Author : Dietmar Meinel
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This book examines the popular and critically acclaimed films of Pixar Animation Studios in their cultural and historical context. Whether interventionist sheriff dolls liberating oppressed toys (Toy Story) or exceptionally talented rodents hoping to fulfill their dreams (Ratatouille), these cinematic texts draw on popular myths and symbols of American culture. As Pixar films refashion traditional American figures, motifs and narratives for contemporary audiences, this book looks at their politics - from the frontier myth in light of traditional gender roles (WALL-E) to the notion of voluntary associations and neoliberalism (The Incredibles). Through close readings, this volume considers the aesthetics of digital animation, including voice-acting and the simulation of camera work, as further mediations of the traditional themes and motifs of American culture in novel form. Dietmar Meinel explores the ways in which Pixar films come to reanimate and remediate prominent myths and symbols of American culture in all their cinematic, ideological and narrative complexity.

The Art of Pixar 25th Anniversary

Author : Amid Amidi
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Over the past 25 years, Pixar's team of artists, writers, and directors have shaped the world of contemporary animation with their feature films and shorts. From classics such as Toy Story and A Bug's Life to recent masterpieces such as Up, Toy Story 3, and Cars 2, this comprehensive collection offers a behind-the-scenes tour of every Pixar film to date. Featuring a foreword by Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter, the complete color scripts for every film published in full for the first time as well as stunning visual development art, The Art of Pixar is a treasure trove of rare artwork and an essential addition to the library of animation fans and Pixar enthusiasts.

Disney Pixar Bao Little Golden Book Disney Pixar Bao

Author : RH Disney
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This Little Golden Book is based on the Pixar Animation Studios short film Bao! In Bao, an aging Chinese mom suffering from empty nest syndrome gets another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings springs to life as a lively, giggly dumpling boy. Mom excitedly welcomes this new bundle of joy into her life, but Dumpling starts growing up fast, and Mom comes to the bittersweet realization that nothing stays cute and small forever. This beautifully illustrated Little Golden Book retells the short film from Pixar Animation Studios and director Domee Shi, which explores the ups and downs of the parent-child relationship through the rich, colorful lens of the Chinese immigrant community in Canada.

Disney Pixar the Good Dinosaur the Essential Guide

Author : Steve Bynghall
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Good Dinosaur: The Essential Guideis the ideal companion to Disney·Pixar's exciting new animated adventure film for kids. The Good Dinosaur: The Essential Guide delves into the story of analternate Earth where dinosaurs never became extinct. Learn all about the movie's memorable characters, from dinosaurs to humans and explore the film's stunning locations, key themes and iconic moments. A unique in-world viewpoint guides you through the movie's key scenes and fun characters as you explore everything about The Good Dinosaur in this hilarious adventure film guide. The Good Dinosaur: The Essential Guideis also packed with incredible stills and character art from the Disney·Pixar movie and fascinating facts about your favourite characters. The Good Dinosaur: The Essential Guideis ideal for fans of The Good Dinosaurto delve deeper into a world where dinosaurs still exist. Copyright © 2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios. All rights reserved.

The Art of Incredibles 2

Author : John Lasseter
File Size : 55.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From Pixar's upcoming film Incredibles 2, this making-of book is a dive back into the beloved world of the Incredibles. The Art of Incredibles 2 explores Pixar's highly anticipated sequel through colorful artwork, energetic character sketches, intriguing storyboards, and spellbinding colorscripts. Featuring gorgeous production art and interesting details from the production team about the making of the film, The Art of Incredibles 2 overflows with insights into the artistic process behind Pixar's engaging creative vision. Copyright ©2018 Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Pixar. All rights reserved.

Pixar with Lacan

Author : Lilian Munk Rösing
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The films from Pixar Animation Studios belong to the most popular family films today. From Monsters Inc to Toy Story and Wall-E, the animated characters take on human qualities that demand more than just cultural analysis. What animates the human subject according to Pixar? What are the ideological implications? Pixar with Lacan has the double aim of analyzing the Pixar films and exemplifying important psychoanalytic concepts (the voice, the gaze, partial object, the Other, the object a, the primal father, the name-of-the-father, symbolic castration, the imaginary/ the real/ the symbolic, desire and drive, the four discourses, masculine/feminine), examining the ideological implications of the images of human existence given in the films.