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The Foreclosure Echo

Author : Linda E. Fisher
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Fisher and Fox demonstrate how ordinary people experienced the foreclosure crisis and how lenders and public institutions failed to protect them.

The Foreclosure Echo

Author : Linda E. Fisher
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The Foreclosure Echo tells the story of the ordinary people whose quest for the American dream was crushed in the foreclosure crisis when they were threatened with losing their homes. The authors, Linda E. Fisher and Judith Fox - each with decades of experience defending low-to-moderate-income people from foreclosure and predatory lending practices - have employed a range of legal, economic, and social-science research to document these stories, showing not only how people experienced the crisis, but also how lenders and public institutions failed to protect them. The book also describes the ongoing effects of the crisis - including vacant land and abandoned buildings - and how these conditions have exacerbated the economic plight of millions of people who lost their homes and have increased inequality across the country. This book should be read by anyone who wants to understand the fallout of the last financial crisis and learn what we can do now to avoid another one.

From the Athenian Tetradrachm to the Euro

Author : P. L. Cottrell
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With the introduction of the euro much recent attention has been focused on the role of currencies and their national and international significance. Covering a time span of some two and a half millennia, the contributions within this volume consider aspects of the European experience from classical antiquity until the beginning of the twenty first century.


Author : John Mowitt
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This is not a book about sound. It is a study of sounds that aims to write the resonance and response they call for. John Mowitt seeks to critique existing models in the expanding field of sound studies and draw attention to sound as an object of study that solicits a humanistic approach encompassing many types of sounds, not just readily classified examples such as speech, music, industrial sounds, or codified signals. Mowitt is particularly interested in the fact that beyond hearing and listening we “audit” sounds and do so by drawing on paradigms of thought not easily accommodated within the concept of "sound studies." To draw attention to the ways in which sounds often are not perceived for the social and political functions they serve, each chapter presents a culturally resonant sound—including a whistle, an echo, a gasp, and silence—to show how sounds enable critical social and political concepts such as dialogue, privacy, memory, social order, and art-making. Sounds: The Ambient Humanities significantly engages, provokes, and contributes to the dynamic field and inquiry of sound studies.

Kristeva Psychoanalysis and Culture

Author : Sylvie Gambaudo
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Examining Julia Kristeva's contention that contemporary Western society is witnessing a crisis of subjectivity due to the failure of the paternal function, Gambaudo places Kristeva's thesis within the context of Freudian psychoanalytic thought and shows how Kristeva defends her position against a cultural climate privileging scientific and cognitive answers to aesthetic concerns. Gambaudo argues that while Kristeva's position might be construed as defensive and a reactive clinging on to paternal modes of organisation of subjectivity, it also offers a unique and visionary analysis of subjectivity that rescues the paternal project from its decline. Eschewing a traditional emphasis on Kristeva's feminism, this book's primary interest is located at the intersection between psychoanalysis and culture, specifically analysing the superseding of Oedipus by narcissistic organisation.

Cinema without Reflection

Author : Akira Mizuta Lippit
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Cinema without Reflection traces an implicit film theory in Jacques Derrida’s oeuvre, especially in his frequent invocation of the myth of Echo and Narcissus. Derrida’s reflections on the economies of image and sound that reverberate in this story, along with the spectral dialectics of love, mirrors, and poiesis, serve as the basis for a theory of cinema that Derrida perhaps secretly imagined. Following Derrida’s interventions on Echo and Narcissus across his thought on the visual arts, Akira Mizuta Lippit seeks to return to a theory of cinema adrift in Derrida’s philosophy. Forerunners is a thought-in-process series of breakthrough digital works. Written between fresh ideas and finished books, Forerunners draws on scholarly work initiated in notable blogs, social media, conference plenaries, journal articles, and the synergy of academic exchange. This is gray literature publishing: where intense thinking, change, and speculation take place in scholarship.

The Rose Tattoo

Author : Thomas Fincham
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Seven years ago a man shoots himself in the head in his bedroom. Now another man is found dead in his bedroom from a similar gunshot wound. Echo Rose has a new job and a place of her own. She feels it will be a great opportunity to be more independent and also make a mark for herself in a new city. But things don’t work out as she had hoped for. Detective Skip Malloy is called in to investigate an apparent suicide, but the more Skip looks into it, the more he begins to question if it was self-inflicted. After another death, Echo and Skip must work together to solve a seven year old mystery. Keywords: Female protagonist series, murder mystery series, police procedural mysteries, mystery series most popular, police procedurals series, detective thriller series, suspense thriller series

The Rose Boxset

Author : Thomas Fincham
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The Rose Boxset is a collection of three Echo Rose books. The Rose Garden: Book 1 Ten years ago, a woman was taken for ransom and never seen again. Now another woman has been taken. Grace Kelly Sanderson is living a quiet and mundane life as a call center agent. When a reporter is found badly beaten in a ditch, Kelly turns into her alter ego, Echo Rose, and begins searching for the people responsible. Meanwhile, Detective Skip Malloy is trying to solve the murder of a construction worker. When someone close to Skip is taken hostage, Echo becomes the only person who can help him. The Rose Tattoo: Book 2 Seven years ago a man shoots himself in the head in his bedroom. Now another man is found dead in his bedroom from a similar gunshot wound. Echo Rose has a new job and a place of her own. She feels it will be a great opportunity to be more independent and also make a mark for herself in a new city. But things don’t work out as she had hoped for. Detective Skip Malloy is called in to investigate an apparent suicide, but the more Skip looks into it, the more he begins to question if it was self-inflicted. After another death, Echo and Skip must work together to solve a seven year old mystery. The Rose Thorn: Book 3 Five years ago a man is executed for the brutal murder of a family. Now another family is found dead in a similar way. Echo Rose is finally a reporter for a well-established newspaper, but things get off to a rocky start when office politics get in the way and Echo has to prove herself to everyone. Detective Skip Malloy is sent to investigate the death of a father, mother, and daughter. Skip’s relationship with his partner is strained after he showed more loyalty to Echo during their last investigation. When a killer sets his sights on Skip and his family, Echo becomes the only person who can save them. Keywords: Female protagonist series, murder mystery series, police procedural mysteries, mystery series most popular, police procedurals series, detective thriller series, suspense thriller series

Family Properties

Author : Beryl Satter
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Part family story and part urban history, a landmark investigation of segregation and urban decay in Chicago -- and cities across the nation The "promised land" for thousands of Southern blacks, postwar Chicago quickly became the most segregated city in the North, the site of the nation's worst ghettos and the target of Martin Luther King Jr.'s first campaign beyond the South. In this powerful book, Beryl Satter identifies the true causes of the city's black slums and the ruin of urban neighborhoods throughout the country: not, as some have argued, black pathology, the culture of poverty, or white flight, but a widespread and institutionalized system of legal and financial exploitation. In Satter's riveting account of a city in crisis, unscrupulous lawyers, slumlords, and speculators are pitched against religious reformers, community organizers, and an impassioned attorney who launched a crusade against the profiteers—the author's father, Mark J. Satter. At the heart of the struggle stand the black migrants who, having left the South with its legacy of sharecropping, suddenly find themselves caught in a new kind of debt peonage. Satter shows the interlocking forces at work in their oppression: the discriminatory practices of the banking industry; the federal policies that created the country's shameful "dual housing market"; the economic anxieties that fueled white violence; and the tempting profits to be made by preying on the city's most vulnerable population. Family Properties: Race, Real Estate, and the Exploitation of Black Urban America is a monumental work of history, this tale of racism and real estate, politics and finance, will forever change our understanding of the forces that transformed urban America. "Gripping . . . This painstaking portrayal of the human costs of financial racism is the most important book yet written on the black freedom struggle in the urban North."—David Garrow, The Washington Post

Urban Health and Society

Author : Nicholas Freudenberg
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Praise for Urban Health and Society "This is a spectacular resource for practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and students interested in improving the lives and health of individuals and families in urban settings. This book provides the most current frameworks, research, and approaches for understanding how unique features of the urban physical and social environments that shape the health of over half of the world's population that is already residing in large cities. Its interdisciplinary research and practice focus is a welcome innovation." —Hortensia Amaro, associate dean, Urban Health Research; Distinguished Professor, Bouve College of Health Sciences; and director, Institute on Urban Health Research, Northeastern University "Urban Health and Society: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research and Practice provides students in public health, urban planning, social work, and other professions with the critical knowledge and practical guidance they need to work as effective members of interdisciplinary teams aimed at studying and addressing urban health problems. Throughout the chapters, the book's attention to community participation, social justice, and equity as well as interdisciplinary research methods make it an invaluable resource." —Barbara A. Israel, professor, Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health, University of Michigan "The book will be of great interest to academics, politicians, planners, and public health professionals attempting to understand or reduce urban health risks, create safe urban environments, and deliver effective and sustainable health services and programs to urban populations." —Stephen Lepore, professor and PhD program director, Department of Public Health, Temple University

Corporate Finance

Author : Stephen J. Lubben
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Designed for use in the Corporate Finance class, increasingly important in any skills-based curriculum, Corporate Finance, Third Edition features a strong coverage of M&A, bankruptcy, finance, and valuation. The valuation unit covers math from a lawyer’s perspective, focusing on the intuitions behind the valuation techniques in a way that will facilitate interaction with bankers and accountants in practice. Basic Excel skills are taught along the way. New to the Third Edition: Updated coverage of the effects of COVID-19 on finance New chapters on swaps and CLOs A new case study (iHeartMedia, Inc.) is integrated in the book from beginning to end New and improved layout with chapter summaries and highlighting of key concepts Professors and students will benefit from: Practical, transactional approach to corporate finance Organization around four basic units: valuation, finance, mergers and acquisitions, and financial distress A focus on the quantitative tools on motivating and understanding the business and concepts Extensive references to deal documents throughout to establish a theme of the actual transactions to compare to the lines of cases describing how deals go bad Extensive teaching materials, including Excel spreadsheets and a full set of PowerPoint slides

Beckett Before Godot

Author : John Pilling
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In Beckett before Godot, John Pilling (editor of the Cambridge Companion to Beckett) re-evaluates the formative years of Beckett between the publication of his first work in 1929 and the composition late in 1946 of The Calmative, his last work before the 'trilogy'. Using a wealth of unpublished manuscripts and correspondence from around the world, Pilling offers a detailed account of Beckett's early psychological and aesthetic development, and shows how his artistic growth was paradoxically linked to the likelihood of failure, to which he was always temperamentally attracted. Pilling's treatment of the first two decades of Beckett's career as a writer offers for the first time a coherent critical narrative of his development during this long period of apprenticeship. Beckett before Godot links biographical fact with a series of powerful close readings to modify and enhance our understanding of one of this century's most influential authors.

Foreclosed Justice

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary
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Voice in Motion

Author : Gina Bloom
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Voice in Motion explores the human voice as a literary, historical, and performative motif in early modern English drama and culture, where the voice was frequently represented as struggling, even failing, to work. In a compelling and original argument, Gina Bloom demonstrates that early modern ideas about the efficacy of spoken communication spring from an understanding of the voice's materiality. Voices can be cracked by the bodies that produce them, scattered by winds when transmitted as breath through their acoustic environment, stopped by clogged ears meant to receive them, and displaced by echoic resonances. The early modern theater underscored the voice's volatility through the use of pubescent boy actors, whose vocal organs were especially vulnerable to malfunction. Reading plays by Shakespeare, Marston, and their contemporaries alongside a wide range of late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century texts—including anatomy books, acoustic science treatises, Protestant sermons, music manuals, and even translations of Ovid—Bloom maintains that cultural representations and theatrical enactments of the voice as "unruly matter" undermined early modern hierarchies of gender. The uncontrollable physical voice creates anxiety for men, whose masculinity is contingent on their capacity to discipline their voices and the voices of their subordinates. By contrast, for women the voice is most effective not when it is owned and mastered but when it is relinquished to the environment beyond. There, the voice's fragile material form assumes its full destabilizing potential and becomes a surprising source of female power. Indeed, Bloom goes further to query the boundary between the production and reception of vocal sound, suggesting provocatively that it is through active listening, not just speaking, that women on and off the stage reshape their world. Bringing together performance theory, theater history, theories of embodiment, and sound studies, this book makes a significant contribution to gender studies and feminist theory by challenging traditional conceptions of the links among voice, body, and self.

The Effects of the Foreclosure Crisis on Neighborhoods in California s Central Valley

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Financial Services
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The Effect of Predatory Lending and the Foreclosure Crisis on Twin Cities Communities and Neighborhoods

Author : United States
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The Foreclosures com Guide to Making Huge Profits Investing in Pre Foreclosures Without Selling Your Soul

Author : Alexis McGee
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Make Money and Help Your Community at the Same Time "This book shows you the most powerful, practical system ever discovered to make money buying pre-foreclosures. If you follow its advice, it could make you rich." --Brian Tracy, bestselling author of The Psychology of Achievement "What great content and a fresh approach to the business of foreclosure investing. Alexis has it right--believe in yourself and what you do, be open and honest with others, and work hard. You'll make a great living and enjoy life along the way." --Barbara Corcoran, founder of the Corcoran Group and bestselling author of If You Don't Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails: And Other Lessons I Learned from My Mom "This book shares with readers the right and moral way to invest in pre-foreclosures. Author Alexis McGee shows you that you can help homeowners and make a profit. This book is a must for all real estate investors, whether you are working on your first deal or your twentieth!" --Diane Kennedy, bestselling author of Loopholes of the Rich and coauthor of The Maui Millionaires "Want to make money the honest way? Read Alexis McGee's great ideas on real estate foreclosures, and you'll have acces to a wealth of know-how, experience, and years of success. You'll learn from people who have done it--not just ideas, but stuff that works in the real world." --Ron Willingham, author of The Inner Game of Selling and Integrity Selling for the 21st Century

The Hermeneutics of Christological Psalmody in Paul

Author : Matthew Scott
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A study of psalms echoed in Paul's letters, offering a reinterpretation of the New Testament's reception of the Old Testament.

Where Credit is Due

Author : John Powell
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While much recent attention has been focused on the subprime lending and foreclosure crisis, little has been said about its radically-disparate impact. Drawing upon history as well as insight into the current crisis, this book shows that this crisis is not an anomaly, especially for people of color; nor is it over. People of color have been excluded from wealth-building opportunities via homeownership continuously throughout United States history, from the outright denial of credit and residential racial discrimination, to federally-sponsored urban renewal programs. The subprime lending and foreclosure crisis is predicted to strip a quarter of a trillion dollars in wealth from black and Latino homeowners. It has reversed home ownership gains for people of color and has decimated neighborhoods across the United States while impacting local, regional, national, and international economies. The consequences are devastating. This collection of essays provides a framework for creating equitable policy and ultimately building more stable communities for all Americans.

Coping with the Foreclosure Crisis

Author : United States. Congressional Oversight Panel
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