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The Formation of Culture in Medieval Britain

Author : Françoise Hazel Marie Le Saux
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The papers in this volume cover the phenomenon of trans-cultural contact in the areas of medieval English, French, Latin and Welsh literature and historiography, as well as musicology and material culture.

Political Culture in Late Medieval Britain

Author : Linda Clark
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No description available.

Language and Culture in Medieval Britain

Author : Jocelyn Wogan-Browne
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Groundbreaking surveys of the complex interrelationship between the languages of English and French in medieval Britain.

Imagined Communities Constructing Collective Identities in Medieval Europe

Author :
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Imagined Communities: Constructing Collective Identities in Medieval Europe offers a series of studies focusing on how perceptions of community, its shared history and imagined present, created a collective identity in medieval societies.

Authority and Subjugation in Writing of Medieval Wales

Author : R. Kennedy
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The conquest of Wales by the medieval English throne produced a fiercely contested territory, both militarily and culturally. Wales was left fissured by frontiers of language, jurisdiction and loyalty - a reluctant meeting place of literary traditions and political cultures. But the profound consequences of this first colonial adventure on the development of medieval English culture have been disregarded. In setting English figurations of Wales against the contrasted representations of the Welsh language tradition, this volume seeks to reverse this neglect, insisting on the crucial importance of the English experience in Wales for any understanding of the literary cultures of medieval England and medieval Britain.

The Routledge Handbook of Medieval Rural Life

Author : Miriam Müller
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The Routledge Handbook of Medieval Rural Life brings together the latest research on peasantry in medieval Europe. The aim is to place peasants – as small-scale agricultural producers – firmly at the centre of this volume, as people with agency, immense skill and resilience to shape their environments, cultures and societies. This volume examines the changes and evolutions within village societies across the medieval period, over a broad chronology and across a wide geography. Rural structures, families and hierarchies are examined alongside tool use and trade, as well as the impact of external factors such as famine and the Black Death. The contributions offer insights into multidisciplinary research, incorporating archaeological as well as landscape studies alongside traditional historical documentary approaches across widely differing local and regional contexts across medieval Europe. This book will be an essential reference for scholars and students of medieval history, as well those interested in rural, cultural and social history.

Naming and Namelessness in Medieval Romance

Author : Jane Bliss
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A survey of the significance of names, or their absence, in medieval English, French, and Anglo-Norman romance.

Brothers and Sisters in Medieval European Literature

Author : Carolyne Larrington
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A wideranging and groundbreaking investigation of the sibling relationship as shown in European literature, from 500 to 1500.

The Gentry Context for Malory s Morte Darthur

Author : Raluca L. Radulescu
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Morte Darthur is investigated for its reflection of the contemporary political concerns Malory shared with the gentry class for whom he wrote.

History and the Written Word

Author : Henry Bainton
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Coming upon the text of a document such as a charter or a letter inserted into the fabric of a medieval chronicle and quoted in full or at length, modern readers might well assume that the chronicler is simply doing what good historians have always done—that is, citing his source as evidence. Such documentary insertions are not ubiquitous in medieval historiography, however, and are in fact particularly characteristic of the history-writing produced by the Angevins in England and Northern France in the later twelfth century. In History and the Written Word, Henry Bainton puts these documentary gestures center stage in an attempt to understand what the chroniclers were doing historiographically, socially, and culturally when they transcribed a document into a work of history. Where earlier scholars who have looked at the phenomenon have explained this increased use of documents by considering the growing bureaucratic state and an increasing historiographical concern for documentary evidence, Bainton seeks to resituate these histories, together with their authors and users, within literate but sub-state networks of political power. Proposing a new category he designates "literate lordship" to describe the form of power with which documentary history-writing was especially concerned, he shows how important the vernacular was in recording the social lives of these literate lords and how they found it a particularly appropriate medium through which to record their roles in history. Drawing on the perspectives of modern and medieval narratology, medieval multilingualism, and cultural memory, History and the Written Word argues that members of an administrative elite demonstrated their mastery of the rules of literate political behavior by producing and consuming history-writing and its documents.