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The Free Word Order Phenomenon

Author : Joachim Sabel
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This book deals with the syntax of the free word order phenomenon (scrambling) in a wide range of languages - in particular, German, Japanese, Kannada, Malayalam, Serbo-Croatian, Tagalog, Tongan, and Turkish - in some of which the phenomenon was previously unstudied. In the past, the syntax of free word order phenomena has been studied intensively with respect to its A- and A'-movement properties and in connection with its semantic (undoing) effects. The different articles in this volume offer new ways of analyzing free word order under (i) minimalist assumptions, (ii) concerning the typology of scrambling languages, (iii) with respect to the question of how it is acquired by children, (iv) in connection with its relatedness to information structural factors, and (v) with respect to its consequences for a highly elaborated sentence structure of the IP/VP domain. The articles that focus mainly on the emprical aspects of free word order phenomena deal with the properties and proper analysis of rightwards scrambling in Turkish, with the A-/A'-nature and triggers for VSO-VOS alternations in Tongan, as well as with left-branch extractions and NP-Split in Slavic and its consequences for a typology of scrambling languages. The articles that focus on theoretical aspects of scrambling deal with questions concerning the motivatation of a derivation with scrambling in a free word order language, such as whether scrambling has to be analyzed as topicalization or focus movement. Or assuming that scrambling is feature-driven, how the technical details of this analysis are implemented in the grammar to avoid unwarranted derivations, for example, derivations with string-vacuous scrambling. A further important question that is addressed is when scrambling is acquired in the development of the grammar, and what the consequences are for the timing of the acquisition of A- and A'-movement properties. This volume will be most relevant to researchers and advanced students interested in generative syntax, as well as typologists working on German, Japanese, Slavic, Turkish, Dravidian and Austronesian languages. We regret that due to a layout error the title of Miyagawa's article on "EPP and semantically vacuous scrambling" is misrepresented in the printed version of the book. You can download the article with the corrected title here.

Syntactic Saturation Phenomena and the Modern Germanic Languages

Author : Gert Webelhuth
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A Phase based Approach to Russian Free Word Order

Author : Marina Dyakonova
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Word Order in Turkish

Author : A. Sumru Özsoy
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This volume is a collection of studies on various aspects of word order variation in Turkish. As a head-final, left-branching ‘free’ word order language, Turkish raises a number of significant theory-internal as well as language-particular questions regarding linearization in language. Each of the contributions in the present volume offers a fresh insight into a number of these questions, thus, while expanding our knowledge of the language-particular properties of the word order phenomena, also contribute individually to the theory of linearization in general. Turkish is a configurational language. It licenses constructions in which constituents can occur in non-canonical presubject as well as postverbal positions. Presented within the assumptions of the generative tradition, the discussion and analyses of the various aspects of the linearization facts of the language offer a novel treatment of the issues therein. The authors approach the word order phenomena from a variety of perspectives, ranging from purely syntactic treatments, to accounts as syntax-PF interface or syntax-discourse interface phenomena or as output of base generation.

Niuean Predicates and Arguments in an Isolating Language

Author : Diane Massam
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This volume explores the grammar of Niuean, an endangered Polynesian language spoken on the island of Niue and in New Zealand, with a focus on the issue of predication. Since Aristotle, it has been claimed that a sentence consists of a subject and a predicate. Niuean constitutes the perfect testing ground for this claim: it displays verb-subject-object word order, in which the subject interrupts the predicate, and has an ergative case system, in which subjects are not clearly distinguished from objects in their marking for grammatical case. Diane Massam uses the framework of generative grammar to carry out a detailed analysis of the internal structure of Niuean predicates and arguments, as well as the relations between them, touching on many other topics including the nature of displacement, word formation, determiners, and thematic roles. The proposal is that Niuean complex predicates are formed via successive inversion, prior to the merge of all arguments (high argument merge), and that the predicate undergoes fronting to initial position across the arguments, with the same structure found also in nominal clauses. The conclusion is that Niuean does not have a subject in the usual sense, and this is related to the fact that the language has isolating morphology, lacking all tense and agreement inflection and nominative case. Instead, the language exhibits low absolutive predication, applicative ergative agents, and predicate fronting in lieu of subject extraction. The book extends our understanding of cross-linguistic sentence structure and grammatical case, and will be of interest to scholars in the fields of Austronesian linguistics, typology, and theoretical linguistics.

Proceedings of LP 96

Author : Bohumil Palek
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Studies on Scrambling

Author : Norbert Corver
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The architecture of the human language faculty has been one of the main foci of the linguistic research of the last half century. This branch of linguistics, broadly known as Generative Grammar, is concerned with the formulation of explanatory formal accounts of linguistic phenomena with the ulterior goal of gaining insight into the properties of the 'language organ'. The series comprises high quality monographs and collected volumes that address such issues. The topics in this series range from phonology to semantics, from syntax to information structure, from mathematical linguistics to studies of the lexicon.

Proceedings of the XIIIth International Congress of Linguists August 29 September 4 1982 Tokyo

Author : Shirō Hattori
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Explorations in Linguistics

Author : George Bedell
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Collected Essays by Joseph E Emonds The syntax of local processes

Author : Joseph E. Emonds
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Collected Essays of Joseph E Emonds The syntax of local processes

Author : Joseph E. Emonds
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The Linguistic Review

Author :
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The MIT Parsing Volume 1987 88

Author : Steven P. Abney
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Journal of Linguistic Research

Author :
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Word Order in Indian Languages

Author :
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Papers presented at the National Seminar on "Word Order in Indian Languages" organized by the Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistics, Osmania University.

Scrambling and Barriers

Author : Günther Grewendorf
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The articles in this volume deal with various phenomena which have been covered traditionally by the term scrambling. The analyses presented here refer to the most recent developments in generative grammar (the so-called Barriers-framework developed in Chomsky 1986). Some of the topics discussed are: the movement vs the base structure approach to scrambling, the correlation between the possibility of scrambling and certain infinitive structures, scrambling and ergativity, barriers and domains for scrambling.

Scrambling Unscrambled

Author : Véronique van Gelderen
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Scrambling Reconstruction and the Checking Principle

Author : Gwangrak Son
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Free Word Order in Finnish

Author : Maria Vilkuna
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On Word Order

Author : Ewa Willim
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