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The Future of Medicines in Health Care

Author : Steering Committee on Future Health Scenarios
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The future place of medicines in health care is both exciting and uncertain. With an aging population, an increasing number of chronic sick, a growing range of treatment options and a developing European market, the one certainty is that medication patterns will change radically over the next 15 years or so. How the future might look, in terms of quality, volume and cost of pharmacotherapy, is the subject of this report. Four scenarios for the future are set out, all of which take account of already visible trends. Sobriety in sufficiency envisages rational and restrained consumption patterns. Risk of avoidance is dominated by fears of iatrogenic harm and hence minimal drug use. The central feature of Technology on demand, in contrast, is confidence in technological progress. Free market unfettered, finally, is marked by a Europe without frontiers and minimal state intervention. The reader is encouraged to reflect without preconceptions on the future of medicines in health care. No ready-made answers are offered; rather, a wealth of information and analysis is provided which serves to underpin decision making and policy development, not just by central government but also by every institution concerned with the role of medicines in health care.

The Guide to the Future of Medicine

Author : Dr Bertalan Mesko
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A few short years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that exoskeletons could enable paralyzed people to walk again; that billions of people would rely on social media for information; and that the supercomputer Watson would be a key player in medical decision-making. Perhaps more than in any other field, technology has transformed medicine and healthcare in ways that a mere decade ago would have sounded like pure science fiction. From his unique vantage as a trained physician, researcher, and medical futurist, Dr. Bertalan Mesko examines these developments and the many more down the pipeline. His aim is to assess how the hand of technology can continue to provide the dose of humanity that is crucial to effective healthcare. "The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology and the Human Touch" is his incisive, illuminating roundup of the technologies and trends that will shape the future of medicine. Patients, medical professionals, and any healthcare stakeholder will find an eye opening, reassuring roadmap to tomorrow's potential in this accessible and fact-based book. By preparing for the inevitable waves of change, you can make informed decisions about how technology will shape your own well-being.


Author : Scott Weintraub
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DISRUPTION CREATES OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE WHO EMBRACE CHANGE. NEW WINNERS AND LOSERS WILL EMERGE. THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU AND YOUR COMPANY THRIVE IN THE AGE OF DISRUPTION. The informational and technological revolutions have forever changed the practice of medicine. We analyze data in a flash and marketers deliver it with pinpoint accuracy at just the right moment. When patients put their trust in our brands and place their lives in our hands, marketers have to quickly analyze the data accessible to us so we can deliver the right information at the right time, all while navigating the complexities of industry regulations. Timely messaging through the patient journey provides marketers today with an unprecedented opportunity. We must capitalize on this opportunity in order to stay relevant and profitable in the changing landscape. Results shows you the biggest trends happening now so you can be heard above the noise, deliver meaningful value, and to build real brand loyalty to drive your pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing far into the future. This book is essential reading for developers, manufacturers, and marketers of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies as well as the agencies, partners, publishers, suppliers and other service providers that support them in their marketing efforts. Authors RJ Lewis, Scott Weintraub, Brad Sitler, Joanne McHugh, and Roger Zan each share key insights into the growing trends in healthcare that you need to understand in order to better market your products. Join them at the front line as they speak to over a dozen executives of global pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to hear the technology, regulation, and the ever-shifting marketing challenges they see in front of them that could spell big opportunities for your company.

The Future of Medicines in Health Care

Author : Olanda. Stuurgroep Toekomstscenarios Gezondheidszorg
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The Future of Health Economics

Author : Olivier Ethgen
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The pharmaceutical industry faces a well-documented perfect storm: on the one hand, the patent cliff; the lack of new blockbusters and, on the other, economic pressure on pricing from markets with growing expectations and shrinking budgets. In the face of such pressure, traditional health economics models no longer seem appropriate and yet what do we have to replace them? The growing focus on 'value' and 'cost effectiveness' are evidence of new emerging thinking although, even here, with the shift from medicine as cure to medicine as palliative, as a treatment for chronic illness and with the growing emphasis on preventative approaches, the landscape is complex and challenging. The Future of Health Economics offers a window into some of the most influential emerging issues in pharmacoeconomics; issues such as risk-sharing and alternative pricing models or the potential impact of radical new approaches such as personalized medicine; as well as exploring the changing role of government and regulators. Ulf Staginnus and Olivier Ethgen, themselves two of the most well-regarded practitioners in this field, have brought together some leading-edge thinkers from industry and academia around the world to provide the industry, policy-makers, regulators, health practitioners and academics with the raw material for their future scenarios.

The Ethics of Personalised Medicine

Author : Dr Jan Schildmann
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In recent times, the phrase ‘personalised medicine’ has become the symbol of medical progress and a label for better health care in the future. However, a controversial debate has developed around whether these promises of better, more personal and more cost-efficient medicine are realistic. This book brings together leading researchers from across Europe and North America, from both normative and empirical disciplines, who take a more critical view of the often encountered hype associated with personalised medicine. Partially drawing on a four year collaborative research project funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research, the book presents a multidisciplinary debate on the current state of research on the ethical, legal and social implications of personalised medicine. At a time when future health care is a topic of much discussion, this book provides valuable policy recommendations for the way forward. This study will be of interest to researchers from various disciplines including philosophy, bioethics, law and social sciences.

European Medicines Pricing and Reimbursement

Author : Martina Garau
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This book is published in association with the Office of Health Economics. This book is a vital, non-technical guide illuminating recent developments within the five major European pharmaceutical markets. It clearly explains pharmaceutical regulatory policies on pricing and reimbursement, and their effects. Each chapter gives an overview of the current market, including aims, effectiveness, local markets, frameworks and politics, and then offers predictions for the next decade. Pharmaceutical executives with interests in marketing, market access and pricing will find this guide invaluable, as will health economists, government advisors and public affairs consultants. Public policy makers in areas such as the Department of Health and The Treasury and senior health service managers in hospitals will find it enlightening. It is also highly relevant to policy shapers in academia and the media, and undergraduate and postgraduate students of health economics, health policy, pharmaceutical economics and healthcare management. "This book aims not only to understand and discuss the mix of regulatory measures introduced by national policy makers in order to achieve their goals, but also to ascertain how these policies have actually shaped and influenced the characteristics and functioning of national pharmaceutical markets. In particular, each author has provided an analysis of existing pricing and reimbursement arrangements operating in their own country and an outline of policy scenarios that might emerge in the next decade." - Martina Garau and Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, in the Introduction.

The Future of Pharma

Author : Brian D. Smith
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By any standard, the pharmaceutical industry's history has been a successful one. In addition to its profits and shareholder dividends, it has been seen by investors as relatively low risk and, largely, counter-cyclical to stock market trends. However, that important contribution appears to be petering out, with significant global implications for employees, shareholders, governments and patients. This is not just caused by the economic crisis. Long before this, several distinct but related streams of evidence emerged that now point to the stalling of the pharmaceutical industry. The Future of Pharma examines the causes of the industry's potential decline and offers a convincing and rigorous analysis of the options open to it. What emerges is a landscape defined, on the one hand, by the changing marketplace of mass-market consumers, institutional healthcare systems and wealthy individuals; and on the other by the alternate sources of commercial value - innovative therapies; super-efficient processes, supply chains and operations; and closer customer relations and increasingly tailored health services. The challenges to the pharmaceutical industry now and in the medium and long-term are very significant. Brian Smith's highly readable research findings are a wake-up call and a first step forward for anyone concerned with the future of the industry; whether executive, customer, policymaker or investor.

MoneyBall Medicine

Author : Harry Glorikian
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How can a smartwatch help patients with diabetes manage their disease? Why can’t patients find out prices for surgeries and other procedures before they happen? How can researchers speed up the decade-long process of drug development? How will "Precision Medicine" impact patient care outside of cancer? What can doctors, hospitals, and health systems do to ensure they are maximizing high-value care? How can healthcare entrepreneurs find success in this data-driven market? A revolution is transforming the $10 trillion healthcare landscape, promising greater transparency, improved efficiency, and new ways of delivering care. This new landscape presents tremendous opportunity for those who are ready to embrace the data-driven reality. Having the right data and knowing how to use it will be the key to success in the healthcare market in the future. We are already starting to see the impacts in drug development, precision medicine, and how patients with rare diseases are diagnosed and treated. Startups are launched every week to fill an unmet need and address the current problems in the healthcare system. Digital devices and artificial intelligence are helping doctors do their jobs faster and with more accuracy. MoneyBall Medicine: Thriving in the New Data-Driven Healthcare Market, which includes interviews with dozens of healthcare leaders, describes the business challenges and opportunities arising for those working in one of the most vibrant sectors of the world’s economy. Doctors, hospital administrators, health information technology directors, and entrepreneurs need to adapt to the changes effecting healthcare today in order to succeed in the new, cost-conscious and value-based environment of the future. The authors map out many of the changes taking place, describe how they are impacting everyone from patients to researchers to insurers, and outline some predictions for the healthcare industry in the years to come.

The Future of Drug Safety

Author : Institute of Medicine
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In the wake of publicity and congressional attention to drug safety issues, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested the Institute of Medicine assess the drug safety system. The committee reported that a lack of clear regulatory authority, chronic underfunding, organizational problems, and a scarcity of post-approval data about drugs' risks and benefits have hampered the FDA's ability to evaluate and address the safety of prescription drugs after they have reached the market. Noting that resources and therefore efforts to monitor medications' riskâ€"benefit profiles taper off after approval, The Future of Drug Safety offers a broad set of recommendations to ensure that consideration of safety extends from before product approval through the entire time the product is marketed and used.