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The Future of NATO s Tactical Air Doctrine

Author : Linda E. Torrens
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This study analyzes the need for changes to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) airpower doctrine to reflect current post-cold-war realities. NATO air doctrine does not yet reflect the actuality of today's operations, nor does it anticipate the probable future employment of NATO's airpower. Out-of-area operations and Partnership for Peace participation in NATO operations will have profound effects on combined doctrine, training, organizational structures, exercises, and employment of forces. NATO's tactical doctrine revision process served the alliance well during the cold war. But today, the international environment has drastically changed: Both the nature of the threat and the use of NATO airpower during conflict have changed. The current doctrinal revision process has proved too slow and cumbersome to provide adequate direction for air strategists during ongoing operations. There are many new doctrinal areas that must be thoroughly addressed so that NATO can chart a course for the future that in the end provides the best, most effective mix of forces.

AU Press Your Air and Space Power Publisher 2003

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Global Air Power

Author : John Andreas Olsen
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What influences have shaped air power since human flight became a reality more than a hundred years ago? Global Air Power provides insight into the evolution of air power theory and practice by examining the experience of six of the world’s largest air forces--those of the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Russia, India, and China--and of representative smaller air forces in Pacific Asia, Latin America, and continental Europe. The chapters, written by highly regarded scholars and military leaders, explore how various nations have integrated air power into their armed forces and how they have applied air power in both regular and irregular warfare and in peacetime operations. They cover the organizational, professional, and doctrinal issues that air forces confronted in the past, the lessons learned from victory and defeat, and emerging challenges and opportunities. Further, Global Air Power supplements the traditional military perspective with examinations of the ideological, economic, and cultural factors that give air forces their distinctive characters. Chapters show how the interplay among these internal factors, together with external challenges, determines the structure, role, and effectiveness of air forces. Together, these chapters illuminate universal trends as well as similarities and differences among the world’s air forces. Its combination of military history and sociopolitical analysis makes Global Air Power especially valuable to a broad range of historians, air power specialists, and general readers interested in national defense and international relations.

The Future of Air Power

Author : Neville Brown
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Air power has been one of the key elements in modern warfare. This book, first published in 1986, analyses the likely changes to this key role as military technology and strategic thinking evolve. It begins with the history and present status of air power and assesses technical developments, and then discusses the character of future warfare, and its implications for planes and helicopters in land and sea campaigns. It also analyses issues like tactical air mobility, the vulnerability of airfields, aerial mass destruction, electronic warfare, and developments in NATO and Warsaw Pact. It concludes with an overview of the likely role of airpower in future warfare.

Air University Review

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Fundamentals of Strategic Weapons

Author : James N. Constant
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Airmen and air theory a review of the sources

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AU Press Publications

Author : Air University (U.S.). Press
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Quarterly Supplement to the Annual Department of Defense Bibliography of Logistics Studies and Related Documents

Author : United States. Defense Logistics Studies Information Exchange
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Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

Author : United States. Joint Chiefs of Staff
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