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The Gay Haunt

Author : Victor J. Banis
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Paul is a couple of weeks away from marrying the boss's daughter when his former lover, Lorin, suddenly appears. This might seem trouble enough--but Lorin has been dead for the past five years.

The Haunted Heart and Other Tales

Author : Jameson Currier
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Haunted or blessed? Ghosts or guardian angels? Currier presents 12 new stories of gay men and the memories that haunt them, blending history and contemporary issues of the gay community with the unexpected of the supernatural.

A Haunt of Fears

Author : Martin Barker
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A Haunt of Ancient Peace

Author : Emma Marshall
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Scary Stories to Tingle Your Butt

Author : Chuck Tingle
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In the dead of night comes a terrifying scream, not of fear, but of hardcore gay passion between a man and the gay bigfoot that haunts his balls. If your butt is already tingling as ferociously as ours, then this is the collection for you. Presenting Chuck Tingle's Scary Stories To Tingle Your Butt, a seven book collection of the most bone-chilling tales to ever harden your bone. Within you will find the following masterworks of modern literature... BIGFOOT PIRATES HAUNT MY BALLS VAMPIRE NIGHT BUS POUNDS MY BUTT ANGRY MAN POUNDED BY THE FEAR OF HIS LATENT GAYNESS OVER A DINOSAUR TRANSITIONING INTO A UNICORN MY ASS IS HAUNTED BY THE GAY UNICORN COLONEL THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA STALKS MY GAY BUTTHOLE THE CURSE OF BIGFOOT BUTT CAMP REAMED BY MY REACTION TO THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK Reader beware, you're in for a boner!

Insult and the Making of the Gay Self

Author : Didier Eribon
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DIVPublished in English for the first time, Didier Eribon’ s well-received and celebrated work on a philosophy of and examination of gay life./div

The Gentleman s Magazine

Author :
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Pulp Friction

Author : Michael Bronski
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Long before the rise of the modern gay movement, an unnoticed literary revolution was occurring, mostly between the covers of the cheaply produced pulp paperbacks of the post-World War II era. Cultural critic Michael Bronski collects a sampling of these now little-known gay erotic writings—some by writers long forgotten, some never known and a few now famous. Through them, Bronski challenges many long-held views of American postwar fiction and the rise of gay literature, as well as of the culture at large.

Haunted Hearts

Author : Maria Susanna Cummins
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Set against the backdrop of the War of 1812, Angie Cousins, "the belle of the district," is ostracized from her New Jersey community when residents believe her thoughtless flirtation with a suitor led him to commit murder and suicide.

A Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Author : Brigitte Peucker
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A Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder is the first of its kind to engage with this important figure. Twenty-eight essays by an international group of scholars consider this controversial director's contribution to German cinema, German history, gender studies, and auteurship. A fresh collection of original research providing diverse perspectives on Fassbinder’s work in films, television, poetry, and underground theatre. Rainer Werner Fassbinder remains the preeminent filmmaker of the New German Cinema whose brief but prolific body of work spans from the latter half of the 1960s to the artist’s death in 1982. Interrogates Fassbinder’s influence on the seminal ideas of his time: auteurship, identity, race, queer studies, and the cataclysmic events of German twentieth century history Contributions from internationally diverse scholars specializing in film, culture, and German studies. Includes coverage of his key films including: Gods of the Plague (1970), Beware of a Holy Whore (1971), The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972), Martha (1973) (TV), World on a Wire (1973), Effi Briest (1974), Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974), Fox and His Friends (1975), Fear of Fear (1975), Chinese Roulette (1976), In a Year With 13 Moons (1978), Despair (1978), The Third Generation (1979), Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980) (TV), and Querelle (1982).

The Explorers and Other Poems

Author : Catherine Martin
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Lotus eating

Author : George William Curtis
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Fire on the Moon

Author : V. J. Banis
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Jennifer's dream vacation in sunny Portugal has suddenly turned into an unending nightmare! The two brothers she encounters are bound by the same strange family heritage: a fascination with fire. Jennifer is attracted to both Neil and Philip Alenquer, but one of them is lying about the tragedy that has taken place in their castle overlooking the Atlantic. Philip claims that Neil had set the blaze that killed Neil's young wife after he'd discovered her in Philip's arms. Neil maintains that Philip had started the blaze, and he fears that Philip's insane pyromania is putting all their lives in danger. Jennifer doesn't know which of the brothers to believe, but when the villa she's staying burns to the ground, she knows that she's become the next target of an obsessed killer! A thrilling gothic suspense tale.

White Jade

Author : V. J. Banis
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Young Christmas Channing returns to Jeff because he tells her that his life's in danger, that he's being poisoned with arsenic by his wife. But when she arrives at Morgan House, she doesn’t find what she expects--only David, the strange, secretive brother-in-law; Mary, Jeff's cunning, crafty spouse; and Jeff himself, the handsome but vastly changed young man whom she’d once loved, but does not now understand. Chris is lost, confused, and swept into a powerful undertow of danger, panic, and past love. Is Jeff really dying? And just what exactly is going on at Morgan House? It almost seems that the only stop for her now is...death. A wonderfully thrilling and very readable romantic suspense novel!

The Sins of Nightsong

Author : V. J. Banis
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Disllusioned with life in the Imperial palace in 1890s China, April brings her young son back to San Francisco, and sets out to exact revenge on her mother and Peter McNair, whom she blames for the death of her beloved. Lydia, Peter, Raymond, Leon, even her sister Mei Fei, all must suffer--but it is April herself who will pay the highest price of all for her sins. The thrilling continuation of the chronicles of the Nightsong family and their perfume-based commercial empire, a tale of lust and passion, seduction and intrigue.

Green Willows

Author : V. J. Banis
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"I see two women struggling together by the lake. I see them fall into the water... The wind rustles the branches of the willows and it is the sound of gentle sobbing in the night... Someone screams..." Something dark and mysterious haunts the halls of stately Green Willows. Village gossip says it's the ghost of Jonathon Tremayne's wife, the beautiful and saintly Angela, who was treacherously murdered here. Pretty Mary Kirkpatrick, hired as governess to Jonathon’s only child, Elizabeth, quickly finds herself falling in love with the handsome master of Green Willows, and discounts the gossip--until the night she finds herself confronted with a ghostly apparition! A riveting horror novel with a nineteenth-century gothic setting!

The Wolves of Craywood

Author : V. J. Banis
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Dark tragedy strikes the three Cray brothers: two girls have been brutally torn apart by vicious beasts, and the countryside around Cray Manor blazes with the legends of the werewolf. No one believes that a man could have caused such horror. Gaye reluctantly answers her sister Susan's call for help, not wanting to see the man she'd once intended to marry. When she learns that Susan blames Walter Cray for the killings at Craywood, it seems as if the world is collapsing into insanity. Nightmare follows nightmare, and soon Gaye herself is marked for death! Can anyone stop the Wolves of Craywood?

The Daughters of Nightsong

Author : V. J. Banis
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Trapped in a loveless marriage, April Nightsong longs for the China she once knew as a child, and for her forbidden lover, David McNair. When the lovers find themselves together in Paris, they set out together for China, unaware of the half-sister that awaits April there--or the evil that threatens to destroy the two lovers. Meanwhile, back in the United States, despite a surface existence of power and wealth, Lydia Nightsong, April's mother, suffers anguish and terror at the never-ending threats to her cosmetics empire and her life. The only man who can save her is her sworn enemy, the one she has vowed to avenge--the one she hopelessly loves with a love they once lost in the shadow of a nightsong. Book Two in the Nightsong Saga--a dynasty driven by lust and passion, a daughter forever marked by her mother's sin. Great historical romance by a master storyteller!

Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time

Author : Sir Daniel Wilson
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The Family treasury of Sunday reading ed by A Cameron W Arnot Continued as The Christian monthly and family treasury

Author : rev Andrew Cameron
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