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The Gentle Dragon

Author : Robert William Bruce
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Bill Lloyd, retired Navy Intelligence Commander, and Dorothy (his wife and daughter of Dr. Baker, Bill’s friend at the FBI) are traveling on vacation on California Hwy. 101. Walking into a restaurant they are horrified to discover their country has been taken over by China, with cooperation from the Russians. They rush to Bill’s son’s cabin in the Lake Tahoe hills to hide and plan what action to take. The mainstay of the US Navy Pacific Fleet in San Diego is bombed with chemical warheads that annihilate all staff and crews. The same happens to the Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, VA. But Clint Lloyd, Bills’ son, has ideas for revenge!

Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon

Author : Kari Samuels
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"In a far away land of enhanting delights, sweet Lynnie is wandering lost in the night. She meets a young dragon, kindhearted and clever. They share magical adventures to cherish forever. Join them on their high-flying journey of everlasting friendship." from back cover.

The Legend of Dragon Quest

Author : Daniel Andreyev
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Discover all the secrets and mechanics of the famous Japanese video game Dragon Quest ! This book looks back at the entire Dragon Quest saga, tells the story of the series' birth, retraces its history and deciphers its mechanics. In this book, the author shares us all his expertise and his passion in Japanese gaming to decipher the creation and the story of this saga and his creator, Yuji Horii. EXTRAIT Even with only limited knowledge of Japanese and somewhat difficult technical conditions, the story was very well told. This was perhaps what surprised players most. Dragon Quest V is a large family cycle of emotions, as transparent as an epic tale by Alexandre Dumas, the author of famous works such as The Three Musketeers. In the end, I was lucky that my first taste of the series was this excellent episode, since VI was far more extravagant, with its tales of parallel universes and heroes traveling on flying beds. A slightly puzzling game, but not without levity nor offbeat humor. One of the most emotional moments of Dragon Quest V is when we end up going back in time to change the past, thus saving the future. The time travel theme has been so often used in science fiction, particularly during the 1980s, that it should have left me impassive. It was not even the first time I had experienced it in a video game. But this adventure, with its simple graphics and persistent melodies, glanced lightly upon feelings that leave no one unmoved. “What would I have done differently if I could have changed things” is a very common concept used in fiction, from A Distant Neighborhood by Jirô Taniguchi to the Quantum Leap series. Well-told, it is so simple and so effective that it affects each and every one of us. CE QU'EN PENSE LA CRITIQUE Un libre passionnant que j'ai dévoré au point de rogner sur mes heures de sommeil. Ici, l'auteur ne nous bassine pas avec des tartines de textes pour nous conter avec détails l'histoire de chaque épisode, les ventes incommensurables de la série ou encore un almanach des jeux estampillés DraQue. - Kaisermeister, Sens Critique Un livre plein d’anecdotes qui feront vibrer votre corde nostalgique et qui donne envie, une fois terminé, de replonger dans l'aventure. - neotsubasa, Sens Critique C'est une biographie très détaillée, riche en anecdotes et bien romancée, Yuji Horii est un personnage fascinant au CV bien rempli et la genèse de la saga est tout aussi passionnante à tel point que j'ai parfois eu du mal à décrocher. - Nixotane, Sens Critique À PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR Daniel Andreyev is an author and journalist of Russian origin. His career in video game journalism began twenty years ago, during the golden years of video gaming, with Player One, Consoles + and Animeland, with a particular interest in Japan. Having spent some time on translation, he is now part of the New Games Journalism movement, which places the player at the heart of the video game experience. He produces the After Hate and Super Ciné Battle podcasts. He also trades memories with his friends in Gaijin Dash, the Gamekult show on Japanese video games. He is a fan of far too many things to list them all here. But when he is not writing, not watching a movie, not reading comics and graphic novels, not climbing mountains or exploring ruined buildings, he might be cooking, exercising or dreaming of one day owning a dog.

Dragon Blood

Author : Thirteen O'Clock Press
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Mythical creatures or tribal memory of a creature once living, dragons hold a fascination for so many of us. This anthology is a mixture of dark, fairy tale, humour and outright admiration for the dragon. One for all lovers of the unusual!

The Sheer Curtain

Author : Maria Elena Garza
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This short novel is dedicated to my wonderful family: my children, Cathy, Fernando, Phillip; my grandchildren Jozette, Alaena, Phoenix; and my husband, Max. The novel is especially written for an audience of young readers or adults who choose to have a childs imagination. It was such fun for me to develop the characters and scenes of this mystery. It all starts with a womans silhouette that appears on the third-floor window of this old Victorian mansion. No one in the town of Sneila has ever seen her except when she stands behind the sheer curtain. The children of the town look forward to Halloween every year. The children together walk down the dirt road to the mansion that sits at the edge of town behind enormously tall trees and a black iron fence. Every Halloween, the children know that, in front of the mansion outside the gate, there will be a mysterious white cauldron filled with magic candies for each child. The candies are in baggies with each childs name written on the front of the baggie. How does she know every childs name? Where does this candy come from? The children agree that the candy is very different, like its out of this world. These are only two of the mysteries that exist in the town of Sneila. Much mystery lives in the town of Sneila. The number of people in this town never changes. When one person dies, another is born. People who die are not buried. The number 8 appears throughout the town. Sometimes you have to add two digits to find the 8. The infinity symbol appears throughout the novel. Magic turtles surface and communicate with the two main characters, Samantha and Victoria. Flickering lights, hidden doors, basement, baskets, spaceships, magic turtles, mysterious bubbles, candles, and fairies create a magical kingdom. Wrinkles and gray hair are witnesses to times past. The surprise ending is sure to give you goose bumps! Other books from the author include the following: Sleepy Tears Laughing Tears Sleepy Tears Miss You Tears Gods Love is Real (poetry book) Friends and Angels (poetry book) The Secret Meeting of the Sworceracs

Dragons and Kings

Author : Jackie French Koller
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Darek, Zantor, and their friends must save their village in this sixth and final book in the fantastical Dragonling chapter book series! Darek and his beloved dragonling, Zantor, return triumphant to their village from the Mountains of Krad. But when they arrive, they learn things have taken a turn for the worse and their village is now ruled by a ruthless tyrant. To save their home, Darek and Zantor must team up with their friends and family in a fantastical struggle to defend their home—that may just change the world as they know it.

Dragon Prophecies Prodigy

Author : L.B.B. Davis
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One hope... One dragon... A world of darkness. High adventure and action awaits Lukhanus a sixteen year old dragon and his mentor-friend Bar, a knoll pack leader who has sworn to protect their ancestral territory. A world of racism and elitism dominate their land, can this naïve hatchling overcome the biases that plagues his race? Can the six common races of the continent Lemuria put aside their indifference to unite and defeat the undead plague or will the black flame of death devour all that Lukhanus has come to love and hold dear? On the dangerous journey to find the forsaken Oracle, Lukhanus and his companions discover that it envisions both hope and despair. As was foretold by the mysterious Oracle, Evil is within the heart of all creatures; will this evil consume Lukhanus as he fights to save Lemuria and the inhabitants that dwell within its boarders?

Dragon s Honor

Author : Kij Johnson
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Overseeing a political wedding between two rival empires, a union that will bring a new planet into the Federation, the crew of the Enterprise must battle a vicious race that will stop at nothing to prevent negotiations. Original.

Through The Dragon s Gate

Author : Jean O'Hara
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Jean O'Hara is now a prominent psychiatrist in London, but she grew up in a humble tenement flat in Hong Kong in the 1960s, the daughter of an Anglo- Burmese librarian (later a senior civil servant) and his Chinese wife. Her childhood was a simple one, sleeping on a straw mat in a tiny bedroom which she at first shared with both her grandmother and sister. As Jean grew up she developed a fascination for medicine and moved to the UK to attend medical school, eventually becoming a consultant psychiatrist. This book is her account of a childhood steeped in the culture of China, and first steps in a career in medicine. Central to the story is the character of Jean's Chinese grandmother, a charismatic matriarch who gave her a rich understanding of Chinese culture and an oriental outlook which has never left her.ÿ

Dragon s Song

Author : Sara Stern
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"She was different now, far different than the girl who had left the battlements of Domar with nothing more than a dream and emptiness where a dragon should be." Selah of Domar always felt a special connection to dragons. Since a young age, the great beasts provided her the security and solace that her family could not. Selah wrestles for something more, but she doesn't know which direction to take. When a recruiting dragonrider offers her a place oftraining at Dragonhold, the fortress of the dragonriders, sheeagerly accepts. As the lone female apprentice at Dragonhold, Selah faces resistance from her peers. It is during the Choosing, a ceremony where newborn dragons select their caretakers, that Selah learns her true heritage. A terrible accident interrupts the ritual, leaving Selah at the mercy of the dragon god, Stormhunter. The secret he reveals forces Selah to come toterms with what she truly is, but the truth will change her forever--and attract the attention of those who wish the end of the dragonriders.