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The Lively Ghosts of Ireland

Author : Hans Holzer
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Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle, a land of history and mystery, beauty and enchantment. But there's much more to this jewel of the North Atlantic than meets the eye. Hans Holzer is a renowned ghost hunter who has traveled the world trailing the elusive spirits of souls anxious to be sent beyond the Veil. Here he recounts his fascinating journey across this island in search of its soul...and its spirits. There is an 18th-century swordsman who defends the hidden treasure of Ballyheigue Castle, a proud house now gutted by fire; Princess Orloff, originally known as Angelica Parrott, who returned home to haunt a jealous sister; Lilith, a young inhabitant of eerie Skryne Castle, who was strangled with foxglove fronds in 1740; Mary Masters, a young girl who refuses to forget her horrible death and continues to haunt Dublin's Shelbourne Hotel; the ghost at Number 118 Summerhill, Dublin who sends workmen into a panic; and many more.

Ghosts in Irish Houses

Author : James Reynolds
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22 Folk Tales from Ireland retold and illustrated by the author. One of Irish-American writer James Reynolds’ best works is this lively compilation of Irish ghost stories that reflects the rich Celtic imagination. First published in 1947, this compilation draws from his personal collection of over 200 tales, ranging from the tenth to the twentieth centuries, these 22 yarns are a mix of the eerie, the terrifying, and the madly comic. In “The Bloody Stones of Kerrigan’s Keep,” vengeful spirits from a centuries-old massacre terrorize all who come close to their fortress grave. In “The Headless Rider of Castle Sheela,” the ghost of a beheaded horseman continues to haunt his castle every Christmas day. You’ll meet the demonic harpies of “The Ghostly Catch,” the giddy spirits of the fashionable O’Haggerty twins, and the gluttonous ghost of Jason Bannott. Other tales include “The Weeping Wall,” “The Bridal Barge of Aran Roe,” “Mrs. O’Moyne and the Fatal Slap,” and more. Enhanced by Reynolds’ illustrations of Irish houses and their residents—both ghostly and human—this anthology is a treasure to savor.

The Ghosts of Ireland

Author : Charles River Charles River Editors
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*Includes pictures *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading Ireland is an ancient land, filled with prehistoric ruins, age-old traditions, and a rich and abiding folklore. Many of the old Irish traditions and tales dwell upon the world beyond our own, the shadow world of spirits. Every village and landmark has a tale attached to it, a good many of them rooted in pagan beliefs from prehistoric times. Others are more modern, and deal with historic tragedies such as the English invasion, the Potato Famine, or the Troubles. According to some locals, ghosts seem to haunt every historic building and place, acting as symbols of the past that still haunts this troubled land. For example, at Aughagreagh in County Longford there's a wall running alongside a road. It's just a typical drystone wall like so many in Ireland used to show the boundary of a farmer's field. The road is just a typical road. But sometimes at night passersby will see a woman and two small children sitting on this wall. They wear tattered clothing in the style of the 19th century. Their faces are drawn and emaciated, their eyes sunken. They have a look of hopeless resignation about them. This is because they are famine victims. The wall stands on the road to the old workhouse, where Ireland's poor and starving were packed into cold rooms and forced to work long hours of hard labor in exchange for a crust of bread and constant abuse. They were literally punished for being poor, and their spirits have remained in this sad place. Ireland has a rich folklore. Everyone knows about the fairy folk and leprechauns and many have heard of the fearsome banshee. The stranger side of the Emerald Isle goes much deeper than that, however, with tales of phantom armies marching through the sky, sea monsters swimming in the waters around the island, and stories of strange powers and dark magic. Indeed, these tales are not consigned to the past; many unexplained occurrences continue to happen, even today. Here is a sampling of some of the Emerald Isle's better-known ghosts, plus a few obscure ones. They represent just a small portion of the hundreds of restless spirits that haunt this troubled land. For the purposes of this book we are covering the entire island, including Northern Ireland. The Ghosts of Ireland: A Collection of Ghost Stories across the Irish Nation offers a sampling of the many strange stories and unexplained phenomena that make Ireland such an intriguing place. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the weird legends and mysteries of the British Isles like never before.

This Haunted Island

Author : Sean Goulding
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A Miscellany of New Irish Ghosts. In Ireland we take an especial interest in the paranormal. Most people, with a little prompting, will eventually admit that they, or someone they know, once had a run-in with the unknown. While it may well be true that everyone has a book in them, it seems certain that just about everybody has a ghost story in them

Legendary and Ancestral Ghosts of Ireland Fantasy and Horror Classics

Author : St John D. Seymour
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Many of the earliest Irish ghost stories, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

The Ghosts of Duffy s Cut

Author : William E. Watson
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Details the cover-up of one of the worst labor tragedies in American history--the death (and probable murder) of 57 Irish immigrant workers in a cholera-stricken railroad camp in 1832.

Irish Ghosts

Author :
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True Irish Ghost Stories

Author : St. John D. Seymour
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For centuries, Ireland has been a place of the uncanny, with tales and legends of magic and curses, ghosts and fantastical beings, each and every story told breathlessly and with an oath to its truth. When researcher St. John D. Seymour placed a series of ads in local Irish newspapers soliciting people¿s tales of their encounters with ghosts, he was doubtful of what results he might obtain.Within a month, he received enough ghostly narratives to fill a book¿and still more were on the way. In True Irish Ghost Stories, he and Harry Neligan share the accounts they were sent from all corners of the Emerald Isle, tales of haunted houses and haunted places, of apparitions and harbingers, of the famous Banshee and other legendary ghosts, and even a few cases that resulted in rational explanations for the apparently supernatural goings-on. But whatever the stories represent to the tellers or the listeners, one fact emerges clearly:The fantastic and the supernatural are as much a part of the present as they are the past in Ireland. The new Factual Planet edition of this seminal classic features memorable original photos of Ireland and an introduction by Patrick Dorsey, author of the bestselling true ghost stories collection Haunted Webster Groves.

Irish Tales of the Fairies and the Ghost World

Author : Jeremiah Curtin
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Thirty beguiling stories of sprites and specters told to a Smithsonian ethnographer in 19th-century Ireland. "The Ghost of Sneem," "Tom Moore and the Seal Woman," "The Blood-Drawing Ghost," many more.

Irish Ghosts

Author : John J. Dunne
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Haunted Ireland

Author : John J. Dunne
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Irish Ghosts A Ghost Hunters Guide

Author : Peter Underwood
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Joyce s Ghosts

Author : Luke Gibbons
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For decades, James Joyce’s modernism has overshadowed his Irishness, as his self-imposed exile and association with the high modernism of Europe’s urban centers has led critics to see him almost exclusively as a cosmopolitan figure. In Joyce’s Ghosts, Luke Gibbons mounts a powerful argument that this view is mistaken: Joyce’s Irishness is intrinsic to his modernism, informing his most distinctive literary experiments. Ireland, Gibbons shows, is not just a source of subject matter or content for Joyce, but of form itself. Joyce’s stylistic innovations can be traced at least as much to the tragedies of Irish history as to the shock of European modernity, as he explores the incomplete project of inner life under colonialism. Joyce’s language, Gibbons reveals, is haunted by ghosts, less concerned with the stream of consciousness than with a vernacular interior dialogue, the “shout in the street,” that gives room to outside voices and shadowy presences, the disruptions of a late colonial culture in crisis. Showing us how memory under modernism breaks free of the nightmare of history, and how in doing so it gives birth to new forms, Gibbons forces us to think anew about Joyce’s achievement and its foundations.

Irish Ghost Stories

Author : Padraic O'Farrell
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The ghost story holds a special place in Ireland. It provided the raw material for evenings of storytelling that were a common feature of country life up to the 1950s (and frequently beyond). Unexplained psychic phenomena fascinate people from all walks of life. Many are afraid, ashamed and embarrassed to come forward for fear of not being taken seriously. Of course, we can't prove that ghosts exist, we are in a different realm of consciousness when we talk about ghosts. But however strange or unusual the feelings that people experience, the experiences themselves are nonetheless real.

True Irish Ghost Stories

Author : John D. Seymour
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Poltergeists and banshees, spirit-filled houses, and deathbed scenes pervaded by specters fill this enchanting treasury of tales based on supernatural phenomenon. Compiled from Ireland’s abundant reserve of ghost stories, this richly varied collection of legendary and ancestral phantoms, uncanny forewarnings of death, and a host of other unearthly experiences relies on the memories of ordinary Irish folk scattered throughout the isle. The collection of entertaining tales was the offspring of a newspaper article in which authors St. John D. Seymour, a Church of England priest, and his colleague, Harry L. Neligan, asked contributors to send in their favorite ghost stories, which many happily did. Classified by geographical area, the simple yet compelling narratives — at once disarming, convincing, and illuminating — provide amazing descriptions of paranormal experiences. An entertaining, authentic glimpse of late 19th- and early-20th-century Ireland and the superstitious natures of its people, True Irish Ghost Stories is a delightful treasury of other-worldly happenings — to be shared by devotees of Irish lore, mystery lovers, and connoisseurs of the paranormal.

Irish Wonders the Ghosts Giants Pookas Other Marvels of the Emerald Isle Popular Tales as Told by the People by D R McAnally

Author : David Rice McAnally (jr.)
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Real Irish Ghost Stories

Author : Paul Fennell
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A collection of reports of ghostly events and visitations from all over Ireland.

Irish Wonders

Author : David Rice McAnally (Jr)
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Paranormal Ireland

Author : Dara de Faoite
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Reports on sightings of UFOs over County Roscommon in 1997 set in train a passionate interest in the paranormal and inspired Dara deFaoite to write this probing and scholarly book. Paranormal Ireland goes beyond recounting stories of ghosts, haunting, strange creatures in woods and poltergeists to reveal a rare insight into what science has failed to explain.Superbly readable Paranormal Ireland recreates from interviews and notes the appearance of big cats in Tipperary, sightings of UFOs over Roscommon, the harrowing experiences of a family in Galway at the hands of a poltergeist, amongst other mysterious tales. DeFaoite has produced a book with all the feeling and depth of fiction but more shocking because it’s true. It also includes a Travel Guide to the Paranormal in Ireland.

Ghosts of the Somme

Author : Jonathan Evershed
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Once assumed to be a driver or even cause of conflict, commemoration during Ireland's Decade of Centenaries came to occupy a central place in peacebuilding efforts. The inclusive and cross-communal reorientation of commemoration, particularly of the First World War, has been widely heralded as signifying new forms of reconciliation and a greater "maturity" in relationships between Ireland and the UK and between Unionists and Nationalists in Northern Ireland. In this study, Jonathan Evershed interrogates the particular and implicitly political claims about the nature of history, memory, and commemoration that define and sustain these assertions, and explores some of the hidden and countervailing transcripts that underwrite and disrupt them. Drawing on two years of ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Belfast, Evershed explores Ulster Loyalist commemoration of the Battle of the Somme, its conflicted politics, and its confrontation with official commemorative discourse and practice during the Decade of Centenaries. He investigates how and why the myriad social, political, cultural, and economic changes that have defined postconflict Northern Ireland have been experienced by Loyalists as a culture war, and how commemoration is the means by which they confront and challenge the perceived erosion of their identity. He reveals the ways in which this brings Loyalists into conflict not only with the politics of Irish Nationalism, but with the "peacebuilding" state and, crucially, with each other. He demonstrates how commemoration works to reproduce the intracommunal conflicts that it claims to have overcome and interrogates its nuanced (and perhaps counterintuitive) function in conflict transformation.