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The Glass Madonna

Author : Donna Meredith
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Meredith's award-winning debut novel tells the powerful story of a woman's determination to create her own destiny. She weaves together stories of three generations of glass workers who emigrate from Germany to West Virginia, underscoring the importance of the women's movement in freeing women and men from debilitating secrets and ruinous marriages.


Author : J. Randy Taraborrelli
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Madonna! Megastar. Lover. Mother. Opportunist. Chameleon. Role model. She's all of these things...and more. Yet, who is she, really? In Madonna: An Intimate Biography, author J. Randy Taraborrelli's scrupulously researched and completely balanced unauthorized biography of one of the world's most celebrated entertainers, the reader is allowed to draw his or her own conclusions. Indeed, the portrait bestselling author Taraborrelli paints here is of a truly complex woman, one who is driven and determined to succeed at any cost, yet who displays remarkable vulnerability when it comes to matters of the heart. It is significant that Madonna: An Intimate Biography is the first such book written about the star in over a decade, because in the past ten years the ever-changing Madonna has gone through her biggest transformation yet -- from tempestuous sex goddess to happily married mother. Amazingly, as she launches her first worldwide tour in eight years, she is now -- at forty-something -- enjoying one of the most successful periods of her groundbreaking career. Whereas other books about Madonna have been based on previously published material, Madonna: An Intimate Biography is the result of ten years of exclusive interviews with people who are speaking publicly about her for the first time, including close friends, business associates and even family members. Since Taraborrelli interviewed the star herself early in her career, he is now able to draw from such firsthand experiences to place her success story in perspective and provide new, stunning insights. The true Madonna, as presented here, is not merely a sensation-seeking tabloid vixen, but a flesh-and-blood woman with human foibles and weaknesses -- as well as great strengths and ambitions. For the first time, the reader learns about the complex nature of her difficult relationship with her father, and how the two finally found one another after years of estrangement; how Warren Beatty broke her heart, and why the two never wed; how she and John Kennedy, Jr., became romantically involved, his mother's reaction to the prospect of Madonna as a daughter-in-law and why it could never have worked out; the truth of her relationships with the fathers of her two children and how, as a loving and attentive mother, she has evolved into a surprisingly different woman...and what the future holds for her. Madonna: An Intimate Biography is a truly explosive and definitive account of the life of an entertainer who is undoubtedly one of the most popular, trendsetting figures of our time. Full of amazing disclosures about her private life and public career, New York Times bestselling author J. Randy Taraborrelli's latest work reveals Madonna in a new -- and surprisingly inspiring -- way. Not only a feast for fans, this book is great entertainment for anyone who enjoys a remarkable story, stirringly told.

The Pagan Madonna

Author : Harold Macgrath
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Reproduction of the original: The Pagan Madonna by Harold MacGrath

The Case of the Missing Madonna

Author : Lin Anderson
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A dashing English PI pursues a missing masterpiece and buried wartime secrets across the French Riviera in a “slick thriller with . . . heart-stopping action” (The Crime Review). Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s Madonna is kept safe for the ages in the vaults of a monastery on the French island of St. Honorat—until the painting somehow disappears. Now the monastery has called upon British expat and professional fixer Patrick de Courvoisier to track an untraceable thief and recover the invaluable work of art. At the same time, an old enemy from Patrick’s past with Her Majesty’s service has arrived in Cannes to search for another stolen painting. As it becomes clear that the two investigations are linked, Patrick’s enquiries put him at odds with his former employers as he uncovers a shocking secret the British Royal family would prefer to keep hidden. “Full of fascinating history and lush descriptions of the French Riviera, this whodunit will snare readers from the opening page.” —Publishers Weekly

The Black Madonna

Author : John D. Loscher
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This whole country is nothing but a nation of immigrants, Jan. That''s what makes this nation so great! Our forefathers got kicked out of every respectable country in the world!Jan Sharanski would never see the humor in his wifes cynical joke. Having been born in America, she had known nothing but freedom her entire life. He, on the other hand, came from a world where freedom existed so long as no one asked any questions...and that Jan Sharanski, a partisan in the Polish underground during the Second World War, finds he must flee his native Poland for the United States in order to escape communist oppression. Arriving in Chicago, Jan settles in the citys Near-Westside Polish community. There, amidst the backdrop of the Cold War, the Chicago mafia, and the Daley political machine, he will build his life. In the process, Jan discovers that yes, America is the land of opportunity but sadness is also a part of that Great American Dream. Capturing the true essence of that American Dream falls to Jans daughter, Drusilla. Putting her faith in the Black Madonna, Drusilla sets out on her own personal quest to fulfill her fathers ambitions. Steeling herself in the rough and tumble world on the mean streets of Chicago,Drusilla will discover the love, hurt, pain, and success first known by her father. In the process, Drusilla Sharanski discovers her own appreciation for what it is to truly be an American.

The Madonna on the Moon

Author : Rolf Bauerdick
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An award-winning journalist transforms his lifelong fascination with the world of the Gypsies into fiction with this exuberant, deeply enchanting debut novel—both whimsical and suspenseful—winner of the European Book Prize, and translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. November 1957: As Communism spreads across Eastern Europe, strange events are beginning to upend daily life in Baia Luna, a tiny village nestled at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. As the Soviets race to reach the moon and Sputnik soars overhead, fifteen-year-old Pavel Botev attends the small village school with the other children. Their sole teacher, the mysterious and once beautiful Angela Barbulescu, was sent by the Ministry of Education, and while it is suspected that she has lived a highly cultured life, much of her past remains hidden. But one day, after asking Pavel to help hang a photo of the new party secretary, she whispers a startling directive in his ear: “Send this man straight to hell! Exterminate him!” By the next morning, she has disappeared. With little more to go on than the gossip and rumors swirling through his grandfather Ilja’s tavern, Pavel finds curiosity overcoming his fear when suddenly the village’s sacred Madonna statue is stolen and the priest Johannes Baptiste is found brutally murdered in the rectory. Aided by the Gypsy girl Buba and her eccentric uncle, Dimitru Gabor, Pavel’s search for answers leads him far from the innocent concerns of childhood and into the frontiers of a new world, changing his life forever.

The Bellini Madonna

Author : Elizabeth Lowry
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A seductive mystery novel from the acclaimed author of Dark Water 'Sparkling . . . glowing with wit' Hilary Mantel 'A mystery story, a love story and a comedy of errors . . . A compelling debut that entertains and unsettles in equal measure' Guardian Mawle House. The run-down country seat of the Ropers, a warren of mysterious artefacts and secretive women and - thrillingly - the possible hiding place of a Bellini masterpiece: the elusive Madonna. Art historian and aesthete Thomas Lynch, in disgrace and desperation, knows that finding this painting could resurrect his career. But by immersing himself in Mawle's strange past and stranger present, he soon finds himself entangled in a game of cat and mouse. Lynch will soon learn that in life, as in art, nothing should be taken at face value.

Tennessee Williams Updated Edition

Author : Harold Bloom
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Presents a collection of critical essays on Williams and his works, arranged in chronological order of publication.

The Madonna Ghost

Author : Linda Maria Frank
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Seventeen-year-old Annie Tillery and her Aunt Jill set off for Long Island’s Fire Island for a vacation of surf, sun, and sailing. Annie is happy to leave behind the stress of her relationship with her parents. Aunt Jill, who is an NYPD detective, is mixing her vacation with a case she must keep secret from Annie, who is suspicious nevertheless. Annie finds romance and intrigue when she meets Ty Egan, the nephew of their host on the island. They find themselves in the middle of an eerie adventure when she and Ty investigate the tragic and perplexing story of a local ghost. Annie becomes increasingly uneasy and the investigation turns sinister when Aunt Jill goes missing, the ghost appears, and the troublesome neighbors in the cottage next door become hostile. When they find one of Aunt Jill’s special earrings on the neighbor’s porch, they begin to wonder what she was doing there. Will they find Aunt Jill before it’s too late? In the breathless conclusion to their investigation, Annie and Ty narrowly escape death solving the mystery of The Madonna Ghost.

The Missing Madonna

Author : Sister Carol Anne O'Marie
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Sister Mary Helen is sinfully good at snooping through the San Francisco fog. Now a fellow OWL (Older Woman's League) member has disappeared. The police believe Erma Duran simply flew the coop, but Sister feels a Higher Authority pushing her to investigate. A gold medal entangled in Erma's bedsprings and a cryptic clue to a Byzantine madonna deepens the mystery. By the time Police Inspector Kate Murphy joins the hunt, Sister's good intentions have already paved her way straight to the Mission District--and a hellish encounter with sudden death.

The Madonna and the Starship

Author : James Morrow
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New York City, 1953. The golden age of television, when most programs were broadcast live. Young Kurt Jastrow, a full-time TV writer and occasional actor, is about to have a close encounter of the apocalyptic kind. Kurt’s most beloved character (and alter ego) is Uncle Wonder, an eccentric tinkerer whose pyrotechnically spectacular science experiments delight children across the nation. Uncle Wonder also has a more distant following: the inhabitants of Planet Qualimosa. When a pair of his extraterrestrial fans arrives to present him with an award, Kurt is naturally pleased—until it develops that, come next Sunday morning, these same aliens intend to perpetrate a massacre. Will Kurt and his colleagues manage to convince the Qualimosans that Earth is essentially a secular and rationalist world? Or will the two million devotees of NBC’s most popular religious program suffer unthinkable consequences for their TV-viewing tastes? Stay tuned for The Madonna and the Starship!

The Lost Madonna

Author : Kelly Jones
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Thirty years after leaving Florence with a broken heart, Suzanne Cunningham is back, determined to solve the mystery of what happened to a priceless painting from her past-and to the man who forever changed the course of her life.

Hollywood Madonna

Author : Bernard F. Dick
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Loretta Young (1913-2000) was an Academy Award-winning actress known for devout Catholicism and her performances in The Farmer's Daughter, The Bishop's Wife, and Come to the Stable, and for her long-running and tremendously popular television series. But that was not the whole story. Hollywood Madonna explores the full saga of Loretta Young's professional and personal life. She made her film debut at age four, became a star at fifteen, and many awards and accolades later, made her final television movie at age seventy-six. This biography withholds none of the details of her affair with Clark Gable and the daughter that powerful love produced. Bernard F. Dick places Young's affair in the proper context of the time and the choices available to women in 1935, especially a noted Catholic like Young, whose career would have been in ruins if the public knew of her tryst. With the birth of a daughter, who would have been branded a love child, Loretta Young reached the crossroads of disclosure and deception, choosing the latter path. That choice resulted in an illustrious career for her and a tortured childhood for her daughter.

The Madonna List

Author : Max Foran
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Rome, 1221. On the death of Dominic Guzman, founder of the Order of Dominican Friars, a list of three names is locked away with the depositions attesting to Dominic's beatification, and a copy is sealed in an icon of the Virgin Mary that is eventually carried to New France. This list is the thread that binds the fates of ordinary people caught up in the grand sweep of historical events. The Madonna List traces the lives of two nineteenth—century men across three continents, where each finds himself intertwined with a woman who has been visited by the Virgin Mary. Bernad Birous is an ambitious and arrogant young Genoan of the merchant class who desires to use the power of the Church to serve his worldly aims, and who comes to believe that he is the chosen of God. Martin Goyette is a young artist from the rural parishes of Lower Canada who becomes enmeshed in the doomed Lower Canada Rebellion of 1838. Their very different lives are drawn together in a penal colony in New South Wales (Australia), where fortune, ambition, and faith determine their fates. A web of mystery, violence, love, betrayal, and tragedy finally leaves one man standing and one broken when the shattering secret of The Madonna List is revealed.

Madonna and Corpse

Author : Jefferson Bass
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'If you like Kathy Reichs, you'll like Jefferson Bass' The Times. Dr Bill Brockton is leaving the Body Farm and heading to Europe for the most fascinating case of his career, The Bones of Avignon. But first, in this exclusive short story prequel, trouble awaits. Inspector René Descartes of the French National Police is awoken in the middle of the night to investigate a break-in at the Petit Palais in Avignon - the medieval town's museum. What Descartes discovers plunges him into a labyrinth of art-lined walls, leading to a master forger's lair. And inside, a charred corpse. And as he closes this case, he will be called to an altogether more intriguing death scene - and one of the greatest mysteries of human history.

Look at Finland

Author :
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Summer in Baden Baden

Author : Leonid Tsypkin
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The narrator recounts his journey to Leningrad as the story of the 1867 travels of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and his new wife, Anna Grigoryevna, also unfolds.

The Mermaid Madonna

Author : Stratēs Myrivēlēs
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Bright Dark Madonna

Author : Elizabeth Cunningham
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“The best one yet!”—Catherine MacCoun, author of On Becoming an Alchemist "As usual, Cunningham provides plenty of juicy controversy embodied by vivid characters and expressed in vigorous action, all in crisply drawn biblical settings."—Booklist "Gleefully iconoclastic. For that dwindling demographic with a sense of humor about religion, Maeve’s profane skewering of the all-too-human foibles of the Church fathers is a hoot." Kirkus Reiews ""Elizabeth Cunningham has again delved into her fabulous treasure trove of impeccable research, and come up with gold. In Bright Dark Madonna, her interweaving of Biblical-Celtic themes brings the first century to life with unexpected freshness and many surprises." —Katherine Neville, author of The Eight and The Fire After playing an intimate role in the mystery of the Resurrection, what is left for Maeve, the Celtic Mary Magdalen? Never a follower, will she emerge as a leader of the early church? Will she retire quietly to mother a sacred bloodline? Will she set sail for France to proselytize and go spelunking? The answer: all and none of the above. No sooner does Maeve open her mouth to preach the gospel her way than a fierce debate begins about what to do with the child she is carrying. Maeve has her own ideas about where best to raise the savior’s scion. When she returns to Temple Magdalen, the holy whorehouse she founded, a custody battle of biblical proportions ensues. Maeve, her infant daughter Sara, and Jesus’ mother flee to the remote Taurus Mountains where they live in hiding among the Galatians until a mysterious man is dumped on their doorstep more dead than alive. When Maeve discovers the identity of the man she has healed, she is appalled and determined to keep her family’s secret. But Maeve has reckoned without the will of her brilliant, angry adolescent daughter who resolves to find out the truth about her father—for herself. Required reading for fans and accesible to those new to The Maeve Chronicles, Bright Dark Madonna takes the reader on a breathtaking journey from the temple porticoes of Jerusalem, to the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, to the south of France, and, as always, to the treacherous, beautiful terrain of the human heart.

Images and Identity in Fifteenth century Florence

Author : Patricia Lee Rubin
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