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The Golden Age of Capitalism

Author : Stephen A. Marglin
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This study seeks to understand the rise and fall of the "golden age" of monetarist capitalism enjoyed by Western countries from the end of World War II until the 1960s. Blending historical analysis with economic theory, it questions the basis of present policy-making and provides policy proposals.

The Golden Age of the Newspaper

Author : George H. Douglas
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Examines the American newspaper industry from the 1830s to 1930 and discusses how innovators of the press, such as Bennett, Greeley, Pulitzer, and Hearst, created a bond between newspapers and the American citizenry.

The Golden Age of the Classics in America

Author : Carl J Richard
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In a masterful study Carl Richard explores how the Greek and Roman classics became enshrined in American antebellum culture. For the first time, knowledge of the classics extended beyond aristocratic males to the middle class, women, African Americans, and frontier settlers. The Civil War led to a radical alteration of the educational system in a way that steadily eroded the preeminence of the classics.

Spanish Women in the Golden Age

Author : Magdalena S. Sánchez
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Examines the position of women in the religious, political, literary, and economic life of early modern Spain.

The First Spring

Author : Abraham Eraly
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Ajanta The end of the Golden Age

Author : Walter M. Spink
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Annotation. Volume Two begins with the contentious, yet challenging, views of Hans Bakker and Richard Cohen, both of whom are involved with an overview of Ajanta's development. This is explored further in shorter essays by Karl Khandalavala, Arvind Jamkhedkar, and Brahmanand Deshpande. At the same time, the author presents a detailed analysis of the form and development of Cave 26, as a model upon which his other arguments are built.

The Golden Age Book 1

Author : Roxanne Moreil
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Listed in The Beat's most anticipated graphic novels for winter 2020 A medieval saga with political intrigue reminiscent of Game of Thrones, The Golden Age is an epic graphic novel duology from Roxanne Moreil and Cyril Pedrosa about utopia and revolution... In the kingdom of Lantrevers, suffering is a way of life—unless you’re a member of the ruling class. Princess Tilda plans to change all that. As the rightful heir of late King Ronan, Tilda wants to deliver her people from famine and strife. But on the eve of her coronation, her younger brother, backed by a cabal of power-hungry lords, usurps her throne and casts her into exile. Now Tilda is on the run. With the help of her last remaining allies, Tankred and Bertil, she travels in secret through the hinterland of her kingdom. Wherever she goes, the common folk whisper of a legendary bygone era when all men lived freely. There are those who want to return to this golden age—at any cost. In the midst of revolution, how can Tilda reclaim her throne?

The Golden Age Restor d

Author : Graham Parry
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The Golden Age of Brazil 1695 1750

Author : C. R. Boxer
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When Brazil's 'golden age' began, the Portuguese were securely established on the coast and immediate hinterland. European rivals - Spanish, French, Dutch - had been repelled, and expansion into the vast interior had begun. By the end of the 'golden age', bandleirantes, missionaries, miners, planters and ranchers had penetrated deep into the continent. In 1750, by the Treaty of Madrid, Spain recognized Brazil's new frontiers. The colony had come to occupy an area slightly greater than that of the ten Spanish colonies in South America put together. Despite conflicts, the fusion of Portuguese, Amerindian and African into a Brazilian entity had begun; and the explosive expansion of Brazil had laid the foundation for the independence that followed in 1822. Professor Boxer deals not only with the turbulent events of the 'golden age' but analyses the economic and administrative changes of the period. He examines the relationships of officials with colonists, of settlers with Indians, of colony with mother country. Professor Boxer's classic study of a critical period in the growth of Brazil (the world's fifth largest country) has long been out of print. It is here reissued with numerous illustrations.

The Bloomington Normal Circus Legacy

Author : Maureen Brunsdale
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Starting in the 1870s, the barns, icehouses, gymnasiums and empty theaters of central Illinois provided the practice sites for aerial performers whose names still command reverence in the annals of American circus history. Meet Fred Miltimore and the Green Brothers, runaways from the Fourth Ward School who became the first Bloomington-born flyers. Watch Art Concello, a ten-year-old truant, become first a world-class flyer, then a famous trapeze impresario and finally Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus's most successful general manager. The entire art of the trapeze--instruction, training, performance and management--became a Bloomington-Normal industry during the tented shows' golden age, when finding a circus flying act without a connection to this area would have been virtually impossible.