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The Gospel According to the Son

Author : Norman Mailer
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Norman Mailer fused fact and fiction to create indelible portraits of such figures as Marilyn Monroe, Gary Gilmore, and Lee Harvey Oswald. In The Gospel According to the Son, Mailer reimagines, as no other modern author has, the key character of Western history. Here is Jesus Christ’s story in his own words: the discovery of his divinity and the painful, powerful journey to accepting and expressing it, “as if I were a man enclosing another man within.” In its brevity and piercing simplicity, it may be Mailer’s most accessible, direct, and heartfelt work. Praise for The Gospel According to the Son “Quietly penetrating . . . [Norman Mailer’s] gospel is written in a direct, rather relaxed English that yet has an eerie, neo-Biblical dignity.”—John Updike, The New Yorker “A book of considerable intellectual force . . . The writer’s powerful mind works in a specialized way, not by theological argumentation but by telling or retelling a story.”—The New York Review of Books “Challenges readers on the religious right and the atheist left with equally rich interpretive tasks.”—The Dallas Morning News “An informed and believable work of fiction . . . of what may have been going through the mind of Jesus during his epic ministry.”—San Francisco Chronicle Praise for Norman Mailer “[Norman Mailer] loomed over American letters longer and larger than any other writer of his generation.”—The New York Times “A writer of the greatest and most reckless talent.”—The New Yorker “Mailer is indispensable, an American treasure.”—The Washington Post “A devastatingly alive and original creative mind.”—Life “Mailer is fierce, courageous, and reckless and nearly everything he writes has sections of headlong brilliance.”—The New York Review of Books “The largest mind and imagination [in modern] American literature . . . Unlike just about every American writer since Henry James, Mailer has managed to grow and become richer in wisdom with each new book.”—Chicago Tribune “Mailer is a master of his craft. His language carries you through the story like a leaf on a stream.”—The Cincinnati Post From the Hardcover edition.

The Apocalyptic Son of Man in the Gospel of John

Author : Benjamin E. Reynolds
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The title 'Son of Man' in the Gospel of John is an apocalyptic reference that highlights, among a number of things, that Jesus is a heavenly figure. Benjamin E. Reynolds analyzes the background of 'Son of Man' from the 'one like a son of man' in Daniel 7 and the interpretations of this figure in Jewish apocalyptic and early Christian literature. Although there is no established 'Son of Man concept', the Danielic son of man is interpreted with common characteristics that suggest there was at least some general understanding of this figure in the Second Temple period. The author shows that these common characteristics are noticeable throughout the Son of Man sayings in John's Gospel. The context and the interpretation of these sayings point to an understanding of the Johannine Son of Man similar to those in the interpretations of the Danielic figure. However, even though these similarities exist, the Johannine figure is distinct from the previous interpretations, just as they are distinct from one another. One obvious difference is the present reality of the Son of Man's role in judgment and salvation. The Johannine Son of Man is an apocalyptic figure, and thus 'Son of Man' does not function to draw attention to Jesus' humanity in the Gospel of John. Nor is the title synonymous with 'Son of God'. 'Son of Man' may overlap in meaning with other titles, particularly 'Son of God' and 'Messiah', but 'Son of Man' points to aspects of Jesus' identity that are not indicated by any other title. Along with the other titles, it helps to present a richer Christological portrait of the Johannine Jesus.

The Gospel According to Matthew

Author : Full Professor Matthias Konradt
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The Gospel According to St John

Author :
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The Gospel According To Jesus Christ

Author : José Saramago
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Saramago's Jesus is the son not of God but of Joseph. Mary Magdalene is his lover not his convert. In the wilderness he tussles not with the Devil – a kindly and necessary evil – but with God, a fallible, power-hungry autocrat. And he must die not for the sins of the fathers but for the sins of the Father. By investigating these simple inversions Saramago has woven a dark parable; a secular gospel of astonishing richness and depth. ‘An original, wild and beautiful book’ Times Literary Supplement

Commentary on the Gospel of John

Author : Frédéric Louis Godet
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The Gospel According to Chris Moyles

Author : Chris Moyles
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Motor mouth. Loud Mouth. Tubby DJ. Overpaid ego. What is the truth? Who is Chris Moyles? And what does he have to say for himself when he's not on the radio? Who is this man they call 'The Saviour of Radio 1'? In The Gospel According to Chris Moyles, Chris dissects the world around him and tackles all sorts of subjects; from interviewing the world's most famous celebrities, to trying to find a parking space in his own street. But you'll also get to meet his family and friends and learn about how he went from teenage DJ on a psychiatric hospital radio show to become the nation's favourite breakfast show DJ on BBC Radio 1. His is a life lived on and off air. And this book is a combination of both. It's funny, honest and gives Chris a platform to talk about his favourite subject... himself. Ego? What ego?

The Gospel According to Mary Mother of Jesus

Author : Donald W. Bartow
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The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus shares the heart of a special mother. With compelling compassion and tenderness, author Don Bartow captures the life of Jesus from the unique perspective of His mother, Mary, the woman God chose and blessed to bring His Son to Earth. Mary's Gospel chronicles her reflections on many life experiences which she may have "pondered in her heart". In the unique literary style of the gospels, Mary lovingly recounts years of memories, including the promise by a heavenly angel that she would conceive, by the Holy Spirit, a baby, "a Savior, who is Christ the Lord". The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus is a very moving and personal account of the life and ministry of her special son, Jesus. Creatively it presents the essence of the gospel of faith, hope, and love. This entertaining and enlightening journal flows tenderly from the heart of the aged mother of Jesus. It is scripturally sound, culturally sensitive, and in modern language. Spiritually powerful, Mary's entire gospel possesses a touching human quality sure to be an inspiration to young and old readers whether believers or unbelievers. This uplifting and life-enriching book is as easy to read as an entertaining suspense novel, while at the same time being as informative as a textbook. The author presents the life and times of Jesus as viewed through the tender eyes and heart of His mother. The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus seeks to open your eyes and heart to the struggles and love Mary experienced as the mother of the remarkable Jewish boy who grew to teach, perform miracles, suffer crucifixion, and bring salvation to the world. It presents a timeless story with a timely message.

The Gospel of Luke

Author : Scott Hahn
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Study questions by Dennis Walters.

The Gospel According to the World s Greatest Superhero

Author : Stephen Skelton
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Skelton leads the reader through fast-paced discussions of such striking phenomena as the influence of Christ's life on superheroes, and the similarities between the devil and comic book protagonists.

The Gospel According to St John

Author : B. F. Westcott
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B.F. Westcott's classic work on the Greek text of the Gospel of John was the fruit of forty years of research, the book having been commissioned around 1860 and published posthumously by his son. The Greek text is that of Westcott and Hort. Readings of select Greek uncial manuscripts are placed beneath the text in the case of textual variants noted in the Introduction, and all the more important readings are treated in special critical notes, which are indexed.

The Gospel According to St Mark

Author : George Alexander Chadwick (bp. of Derry and Raphoe)
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The Gospel According to St John

Author : C. K. Barrett
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In this useful work, C. Kingsley Barrett offers an insightful commentary on the book of John. Barrett seeks to view John in light of a variety of contexts, including that in which it was written, and its implications for modern-day readers. The book includes detailed notes and commentary on each chapter of John's Gospel.

The Gospel of Thomas and Christian Wisdom

Author : Stevan L. Davies
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Discovered in Egypt in 1945 as part of the Nag Hammadi Library, the Gospel of Thomas was long considered irrelevant to the study of Jesus' teachings. Stevan Davies' influential The Gospel of Thomas and Christian Wisdom overturned this view, and enabled the Gospel of Thomas to be taken seriously as a source for the earliest Christianity. This Bardic Press edition brings a classic work of accessible scholarshp back into print. A entirely new forty page introduction discusses recent developments in scholarship, looks at Thomas' independence from the New Testament gospels, discusses the role of Mary Magdalene in the Gospel Thomas, and offers a variety of valuable insights. A fascinating additional essay speculates that Thomas may have been used as an oracle text in a similar way to the I Ching.

The Gospel According to Luke

Author : John Clowes
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Behold the Son

Author : J. Turpin
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BEHOLD THE SON has been prepared as a resource for personal study and as a tool for teachers walking their students through a study of the Gospel of John. These pages contain the complete text of the Gospel According to John. The commentary in the footnotes features technical notes, cross references, sermon notes and the author's personal reflections. To further assist in the study, tables have been inserted providing a harmony of the Gospels in those places where such information might prove relevant and helpful. Dr. Turpin declares this blessing over all who work through this study: "May you behold the Son of God with every turn of the page, with every word that you ponder, and with every prayer that you pray in response to the message of this amazing Gospel."

A Critical Essay on the Gospel of St Luke

Author : Friedrich Schleiermacher
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People s Commentary on the Gospel According to Luke

Author : Edwin Wilbur Rice
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A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew

Author : William David Davies
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'How should this massive work of scholarship be assessed? The three volumes stand as one of the major commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew in which all future interpreters of the Gospel will find a source of fruitful dialogue and helpful ideas. It is a "must have", both in libraries and in footnotes. Davies and Allison are to be thoroughly commended on the fruits of their considerable toil.' Robert K. McIver, Seminary Studies>

The Gospel According to St Judas

Author : Tom East
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Judas is hardly mentioned in the Bible. There are even two versions of his death. Essentially, he is a cipher for all things bad rather than a person. But what if his real role was altogether more significant? What if he was nothing less than the writer of the earliest gospel? And what if fragments of the manuscript were found in what is now Iraq, on the eve of the Western invasion in 2003? There are two distinct narrative voices in the novel, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST JUDAS. One is a first-person account of Judas' life from childhood to dotage. It tells of his boyhood friendship with Jesus, of his difficult younger days, how he becomes a disciple of first John the Baptist and then Jesus and finally ends up as a rich merchant in Mesopotamia. It is there he writes the first gospel. The other voice belongs to Dr Murray Watkins, a biblical scholar and finder of 'the Judas d104s' in early 21st Century Iraq, shortly before the invasion of that country. Through a series of "essays" he tells of the finding of the texts, of what they tell us and of the significance of this find.