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The Graduate Advisor Handbook

Author : Bruce M. Shore
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You’re advising students to help ensure their success—but who’s going to advise you? With university budgets shrinking, graduate advisors find their workloads increasing. A professor emeritus of educational psychology at McGill University with more than forty years of advising experience and several teaching awards, Bruce M. Shore provides a practical guide here that demystifies the advisor-student relationship and helps both parties thrive. Emphasizing the interpersonal relationship at the heart of this important academic partnership, he reveals how advisors can draw on their own strengths to create a rewarding rapport. The Graduate Advisor Handbook moves chronologically through the advising process, from the first knock on the door to the last reference letter. Along the way it covers: transparent communication effective motivation cooperative troubleshooting touchy subjects, including what to do when personal boundaries are crossed and how to deliver difficult news—with sample scripts to help advisors find the right words for even the toughest situations A valuable resource, The Graduate Advisor Handbook has the cool-headed advice and comprehensive coverage that advisors need to make the advising relationship not just effective but also enjoyable.

How to PhD The Graduate School Handbook

Author : Oindree Banerjee
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Step-by-step graduate school guide and self-help book complete with everything you need to know to succeed at all stages of your PhD from applying to graduate schools to successfully finishing the degree. Includes the FOUR STEPS that you can take for guaranteed and speedy graduation. Success is about knowing what it is going to take and this book will tell you just that. The How to PhD book achieved rank #1 BestSeller in the College Guides category and rank #3 in the Adult & Continuing Education category for Free books on Amazon. What is How to PhD? --Graduate school handbook --Easy to read --To the point --Self-help book --Everything you need to know Includes the below-listed and more: --Sample Statement of Purpose from a successful graduate school application --Sample advisor breakup email (for when you need to switch research groups) --Seven benefits you can leverage as a teaching assistant --Complete steps for passing the "prelim" or candidacy exam --Ten ways to improve your talks --Complete steps for publishing your research in a top journal --The four types of journal papers you can contribute to in graduate school --Reasons why graduating is hard and how to tackle each situation --The four steps for guaranteed and speedy graduation While every PhD is unique, each one is a journey filled with challenge and struggle. How to PhD: The Graduate School Handbook is the first book of a series and also the first of its kind. It is a book filled with everything I wish I had known before starting graduate school. Whether you are considering getting a PhD or have already started, this book is for you as it takes you through all the stages of getting the degree. It is complete with everything from how to get into graduate school to how to actually finish successfully. In between, you will learn about: --the importance of finding a good advisor, --finding a good advisor, --how to pass the candidacy exam or "prelim", --fighting demoralization, --and how to communicate your research, including writing papers. Graduate school handbook Every chapter in this self-help book is meant to tackle a specific problem in your graduate school career. It all culminates in the most important chapter "Endgame" where I spell out how you can successfully wrap up your PhD. The How to PhD book also includes excerpts from my next book, specifically on the following topics: --To postdoc or not to postdoc, that is the tension --Job Search: Why adding value is the best thing to do Good news! You can get the book for free! Scroll to where it says 'Get it free' on the book's website - Then, simply type in your email and I will send you instructions on how to get the book for FREE. Doing a PhD can make you feel isolated and lead to mental health problems. This is why How to PhD exists. My goal is to provide community, support, and actionable steps to help students succeed in PhD programs and overcome the challenges of academia. Categories: self-help, college guides, adult and continuing education, PhD handbook, PhD help book, graduate school handbook

The Graduate School Funding Handbook

Author : April Vahle Hamel
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The Graduate School Funding Handbook illuminates the competitive world of graduate school funding. Covering programs in the arts and sciences and engineering, it is an invaluable resource for undergraduate and graduate students who seek information about applying to graduate school in the United States or abroad, at the master's, doctoral, and postdoctoral levels. The authors include detailed descriptions of the types of funding offered graduate students, ranging from tuition scholarships to assistantships, work-study opportunities, and university loan programs. In addition, the handbook thoroughly covers the availability of nationally prominent grants and fellowships through the federal government and private organizations. Spanning fellowships and grants for individual training, study abroad, research, dissertations, and postdoctoral work, the book includes useful addresses, deadlines, number of available awards, number of applicants, purpose of grants and restrictions, duration of awards, applicant eligibility, and application requirements. The information is comprehensive, detailed, and based on data from funding agencies through interviews, review of application packets, web site information, and the authors' many years of experience in the field.

The Graduate School Mess

Author : Leonard Cassuto
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American graduate education is in disarray. Graduate study in the humanities takes too long and those who succeed face a dismal academic job market. Leonard Cassuto gives practical advice about how faculty can teach and advise students so that they are prepared for the demands of the working worlds they will join, inside and outside the academy.

EOS Reference Handbook

Author :
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The Graduate Medical Education Committee Handbook

Author : Vicki L. Hamm
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Your GMEC is responsible for so much more than meetings and paperwork It takes more than just meetings and paperwork to run an effective residency program. You need a Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) that is driven to lead both quality of education and quality of life for residents. Not to mention the critical role of the GMEC in obtaining and maintaining accreditation. with such vital responsibility in obtaining accreditation, it is crucial that GMEC members understand the function of the committee and their role. the Graduate Medical Education Committee Handbook is a complete g

The Academic Job Search Handbook

Author : Mary Morris Heiberger
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The guide trusted by tens of thousands, now in its third edition, takes job-seekers step-by-step through the process, including participation in conferences, using the Internet, handling telephone interviews, and cultivating contacts, and offers sample curricula vitae, cover letters, abstracts, and more.

Surviving Linguistics

Author : Monica Ann Macaulay
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Surviving Linguistics offers linguistics students clear, practical, and focused advice on how to succeed in graduate school and earn a degree. The book is a valuable resource for students at any stage of their graduate career, from learning to write linguistics papers through completing their dissertation and finding a job. Along the way, the author explains the process of submitting conference abstracts, presenting papers at conferences, publishing journal articles, writing grant applications, creating a CV, and much more. Throughout Surviving Linguistics, Macaulay emphasizes the importance of working with advisors, dissertation committees, and fellow graduate students. The book includes exercises, helpful references to numerous books and on-line resources, and an index.

National Recreation and Park Association Reaccreditation Self study Evaluation

Author : University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dept. of Leisure Studies
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Learning to Teach

Author :
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Department of Civil Engineering Handbook for Graduate Students 1984 85

Author : Stanford University. Department of Civil Engineering
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The EGSA Handbook

Author : Cornell University. Engineering Graduate Student Association
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Guide to the Successful Thesis and Dissertation

Author : James E. Mauch
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Getting the Most from Your Graduate Education in Communication

Author :
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The UCOA Ombuds Handbook

Author :
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Writing a Graduate Thesis Or Dissertation

Author : Lorrie Blair
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The Teaching Writing series publishes user-friendly writing guides penned by authors with publishing records in their subject matter. Blair's practical book gives graduate students the tools they need to successfully plan, write, and defend their thesis or dissertation. Each chapter addresses a rite of passage common to most graduate programs: selecting a methodology, conducting a literature search, carrying out research, analyzing data, and preparing for a thesis defense. Combining years of supervisory experience with up-to-date research, Blair addresses issues important to graduate students that are often left out of these guides, including how to navigate the ethics review process and avoid problems related to academic integrity, such as plagiarism, how to select and prepare for a productive meeting with a supervisor, and how to establish an academic track record by presenting research at conferences and publishing in academic journals. Writing a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation offers much more than its title suggests. It is a thorough and succinct guide to succeeding in graduate school, appropriate for thesis and research methods courses, and a must-read for graduate students across the disciplines. "Like a series of productive meetings with a trusted advisor, each chapter of this text provides practical information and sound insight, thoughtfully organized and generously shared." - Christine Marme Thompson, Professor of Art Education, School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University "This will become a 'must-have' volume for every graduate student's book shelf, with advice for every step of the thesis journey." - Anne Lavack, Professor of Marketing, School of Business and Economics, Thompson Rivers University "More than simply comprehensive, this work includes information and considerations that are rarely addressed in other guides, including information related to selecting supervisors and alternative forms of research methodologies and format styles." - Adrienne Boulton-Funke, Assistant Professor, Art and Design, Missouri State University Lorrie Blair is a Professor of Art Education at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. With over 25 years post-secondary teaching experience, she has held positions at universities in the United States and Canada. She is active as a supervisor of MA and Ph.D. thesis students and was a recent recipient of the Faculty of Fine Arts Distinguished Teaching Award."

Graduate Faculty Handbook

Author : Ohio State University. Graduate School
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The University of Virginia Record

Author : University of Virginia
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A Handbook for Teachers of Italian

Author : Anthony S. Mollica
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Alumni Newsletter

Author :
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