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The Great North Road Then and Now

Author : Chris 'Wolfie' Cooper
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THE GREAT NORTH ROAD-- since 1922 classified officially as the A1 has been the main route between London and Edinburgh since earliest times, but roads change, and so much of the original has since been bypassed leaving an intriguing trail of discovery for author Chris 'Wolfie' Cooper. As we travel the 400 miles, we follow every twist and turn of the old road, past the remains of bygone carriageways, forgotten byways, dead ends, and wayside rest houses of distant memory, and even trace parts which have completely disappeared.

The Great North Road

Author : Charles G. Harper
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Reproduction of the original: The Great North Road by Charles G. Harper

Great North Road

Author : Peter F. Hamilton
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Great North Road is a standalone science fiction adventure from Peter F. Hamilton, the author of The Night's Dawn trilogy. When attending a Newcastle murder scene, Detective Sidney Hurst finds a dead North family clone. Yet none have been reported missing. And in 2122, twenty years ago, a North clone billionaire was horrifically murdered in the same manner on the tropical planet of St Libra. So, if the murderer is still at large, was Angela Tramelo wrongly convicted? She never wavered under interrogation, claiming she alone survived an alien attack. Investigating this potential alien threat now becomes the Human Defence Agency's top priority. St Libran bio-fuel is the lifeblood of Earth's economy and must be secured. A vast expedition is mounted via the Newcastle gateway, and experts are dispatched to the planet – with Angela Tramelo, grudgingly released from prison. But the expedition is cut off deep within St Libra's rainforests, and the murders begin. Angela insists it's the alien, but her new colleagues aren't sure. Did she see an alien, or does she have other reasons for being on St Libra? Praise for Peter F Hamilton: 'The most powerful imagination in science fiction' Ken Follett 'Novels that combine fantastic speculation with incredible detailed imagining of the lives we will lead' Guardian 'This is thrilling stuff; compulsively readable and abundantly full of ideas' The Times 'Reaches another level of excellence . . . Brilliant' Locus

The Great North Road York to Edinburgh

Author : Charles George Harper
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Example in this ebook Chapter I At last we are safely arrived at York, perhaps no cause for comment in these days, but a circumstance which “once upon a time” might almost have warranted a special service of prayer and praise in the Minster. One comes to York as the capital of a country, rather than of a county, for it is a city that seems in more than one sense Metropolitan. Indeed, you cannot travel close upon two hundred miles, even in England and in these days of swift communication, without feeling the need of some dominating city, to act partly as a seat of civil and ecclesiastical government, and partly as a distributing centre; and if something of this need is even yet apparent, how much more keenly it must have been felt in those “good old days” which were really so bad! A half-way house, so to speak, between those other capitals of London and Edinburgh, York had all the appearance of a capital in days of old, and has lost but little of it, in these, even though in point of wealth and population it lags behind those rich and dirty neighbours, Leeds and Bradford. For one thing, it has a history to which they cannot lay claim, and keeps a firm hold upon titles and dignities conferred ages ago. We may ransack the pages of historians in vain in attempting to find the beginnings of York. Before history began it existed, and just because it seems a shocking thing to the well-ordered historical mind that the first founding of a city should go back beyond history or tradition, Geoffrey of Monmouth and other equally unveracious chroniclers have obligingly given precise—and quite untrustworthy—accounts of how it arose, at the bidding of kings who never had an existence outside their fertile brains. When the Romans came, under Agricola, in A.D. 70, York was here. We do not know by what name the Brigantes, the warlike tribe who inhabited the northern districts of Britain, called it, but they possessed forts at this strategic point, the confluence of the rivers Ouse and Foss, where York still stands, and evidently had the military virtues fully developed, because it has seemed good to all who have come after them, from the Romans and the Normans to ourselves, to build and retain castles on the same sites. The Brigantes were a great people, despite the fact that they had no literature, no science, and no clothes with which to cover their nakedness, and were they in existence now, might be useful in teaching our War Office and commanding officers something of strategy and fortification. They have left memorials of their existence in the names of many places beginning with “Brig,” and they are the sponsors of all the brigands that ever existed, for their name was a Brito-Welsh word meaning “hill-men” or “highlanders,” and, as in the old days, to be a highlander was to be a thief and cut-throat, the chain of derivative facts that connects them with the bandits of two thousand years is complete. To be continue in this ebook

The Great North Road the Old Mail Road to Scotland York to Edinburgh

Author : Charles G. Harper
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"The Great North Road, the Old Mail Road to Scotland: York to Edinburgh" by Charles G. Harper. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Hawkesbury River

Author : Paul Boon
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The Hawkesbury River is the longest coastal river in New South Wales. A vital source of water and food, it has a long Aboriginal history and was critical for the survival of the early British colony at Sydney. The Hawkesbury’s weathered shores, cliffs and fertile plains have inspired generations of artists. It is surrounded by an unparalleled mosaic of national parks, including the second-oldest national park in Australia, Ku-ring-gai National Park. Although it lies only 35 km north of Sydney, to many today the Hawkesbury is a ‘hidden river’ – its historical and natural significance not understood or appreciated. Until now, the Hawkesbury has lacked an up-to-date and comprehensive book describing how and when the river formed, how it functions ecologically, how it has influenced humans and their patterns of settlement and, in turn, how it has been affected by those settlements and their people. The Hawkesbury River: A Social and Natural History fills this gap. With chapters on the geography, geology, hydrology and ecology of the river through to discussion of its use by Aboriginal and European people and its role in transport, defence and culture, this highly readable and richly illustrated book paints a picture of a landscape worthy of protection and conservation. It will be of value to those who live, visit or work in the region, those interested in Australian environmental history, and professionals in biology, natural resource management and education.

Recollections of a Scientist Volume 2

Author : Norman N. Greenwood
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Recollections of a Scientist, Volume 2 Expanding Horizons England and Europe (1948-1951) This illustrated book is the second volume of Memoirs of a distinguished, internationally renowned scientist, Professor Norman N. Greenwood, FRS. It takes up the story of his life from the first moment he arrived in England as a research student from Australia in September 1948. Term had not yet started in Cambridge so he spent a hectic first month visiting and getting to know the members of his parents' families who lived in London and Brighton. He also spent some time in the delightful countryside around Guildford and the Surrey Downs with a fellow passenger, following a shipboard romance during the long trip from Melbourne. He then visited the recently inaugurated Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell in Berkshire (where his former research supervisor was now a senior scientist in the chemistry division) and had the exciting experience of seeing Europe's first, recently commissioned nuclear reactor in operation. In Cambridge he took up residence in a set of rooms in Sidney Sussex College and began research discussions with Professor Harry Emeléus, FRS the most distinguished inorganic chemist in the UK at that time. The unique charms of the Cambridge Colleges and the arcane procedures of the University itself are affectionately described, and at various places throughout the book there are graphic representations of life in Cambridge in the late nineteen-forties. An early example is his description of the University's decision to allow, for the first time in its seven centuries of existence, women to be awarded substantive degrees (rather than merely titular ones). The first such degree to be conferred on a woman, in an appropriately grand ceremony, was on the enormously popular Queen Elizabeth, consort of King George VI (later known as The Queen Mother). At a more mundane level, post-war austerity necessitated the rationing of food and many other items at levels that were even more severe than those in operation during the war (WW2). The list given of a week's rations is a salutary reminder of those days. Norman is a past master at describing in accessible terms the research work that he was doing in the laboratory and its wider significance. He also gives perceptive descriptions of the international group of research chemists working in the laboratory at that time and of many members of staff. As earlier in Melbourne, he made the most of opportunities to attend lectures by famous visitors and distinguished members of the University in other departments of the University. There are memorable descriptions of a course of lectures given over two terms by Bertrand Russell on Philosophy, and numerous other lectures by Science Nobel Laureates. Vacations provided a wonderful opportunity to visit other places in England and Europe. Just before Christmas 1948 he went with the Oxford and Cambridge Ski Clubs to Sestriere in the Italian Alps, a splendid location for skiers of all abilities. Directly following this, and with virtually no money left, he spent a memorable Christmas and New Year on his own exploring the wonders and glories of Paris. And what wonders he describes. He had a room in the Latin (student) Quarter at 350 francs per night (i.e. 35p or £0.35) for bed and breakfast at the then exchange rate of £1 ~ 1000 francs. The next vacation, at Easter, was to southern Scandinavia to visit his sister, Margaret who had married a Swede in 1946 and was living on a small island in the Baltic Sea just off the coast near Karlskrona. [Volume 1 of these Recollections was dedicated to her on the occasion of her ninetieth birthday in 2012.] The journey was also memorable for a different reason for it was on the Flying Scot, en route to Newcastle upon Tyne to catch the ferry to Bergen in Norway, that he first met Kirsten Rydland whom he later married in 1951. [This Volume 2 is dedicated to her.] Norman was cl

In New Japan

Author : Aylwin Bowen
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The Great Northern Coalfield

Author : Aidan Doyle
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This account is about the closing of Ellington Colliery as a result of flooding of a working coal face from adjacent abandoned workings, and the risks involved in extracting alternative reserves. It was the last major mine in the once globally important Great Northern Coalfield, which, for over 1,000 years, provided fuel and employment and consolidated communities and created a unique regional culture.

The Isles

Author : Norman Davies
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The bestselling and controversial new history of the 'British Isles', including Ireland from the author of Europe: A History. Emphasizing our long-standing European connections and positing a possible break-up of the United Kingdom, this is agenda-setting work is destined to become a classic. 'If ever a history book were a tract for the times, it is The Isles: A History ... a masterwork.' Roy Porter, The Times 'Davies is among the few living professional historians who write English with vitality, sparkle, economy and humour. The pages fly by, not only because the pace is well judged but also because the surprises keep coming.' Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Sunday Times 'A book which really will change the way we think about our past . marvellously rich and stimulating' Noel Malcolm, Evening Standard 'A historiographical milestone.' Niall Ferguson, Sunday Times 'The full shocking force of this book can only be appreciated by reading it.' Andrew Marr, Observer 'It is too soon to tell if [Norman Davies] will become the Macaulay or Trevelyan of our day: that depends on the reading public. He has certainly made a good try. This is narrative history on the grand scale - compulsively readable, intellectually challenging and emotionally exhilirating.' David Marquand, Literary Review

The Battles of St Albans

Author : Peter Burley
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St Albans is unique in having been the site of two pivotal battles during the Wars of the Roses, yet this is the first book-length account to have been published. It offers a gripping account of the fighting, and of the politics and intrigue that led to it, and it incorporates the results of the latest research. The authors also plot the events of over 500 years ago onto the twenty-first century landscape of St Albans so that the visitor can retrace the course of each battle on the present-day ground.

English Reports in Law and Equity

Author : Edmund Hatch Bennett
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Africa s Great North Road in a Vw Camper

Author : Ted Jones
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Emma and I most cordially invite you to accompany us as our special arm-chair guest on an overland journey through the most exciting continent on the Planet Earth. We shall begin our journey in Cape Town, South Africa in the fall of 1964. During the following ten months we will travel and camp along Africa's Great North Road. A variety of recently created nations and peoples, a few still struggling to be free, will be visited, among them, South Africa, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and the Congo. There are, at present, more than 700 separate tribes living south of the Great Sahara Desert. Obviously all of them cannot be included. However, we will visit and camp-out with the typical African where he lives, whether it be an Afrikaner living in one of the exclusive multi-level homes cut into the rock cliffs overlooking the Bay of Cape Town surrounded by twelve-foot walls capped with broken glass and razor wire or a Wanderobo tribesman dressed in a loincloth and carrying a bow and sheath of poisoned arrows met along a primitive dusty track running through the Bush country of Tanzania. Our self-contained VW camper gave us the freedom to camp along the streets of any city or village or along the track where Native Africans were living much as they have for many hundreds of years. Please be prepared, watching people and so-called "wild" animals can take many hours and, in some instances, the supply of daylight runs out. Frequently camp was made along the track out in the Bush and was visited by elephants during the night or a pride of lions stopping by to sharpen their claws on our tires. In one instance several elephants stripped branches off a tree under which we were camped - not one of them touched the camper! It was not unusual to be awakened early in the morning by curious men, women and children who wondered what we were doing; curious but quiet and polite. We never experienced an unpleasant incident while camped out in the Bush. Getting lost in the Congo could have been a fatal mistake! My lack of attention exposed us to an outlaw group of renegades left over from the Tanzania-Uganda War. A serious effort has been made throughout to record the details and opinions as the events took place and our conclusions were formulated. The events, we think, have been accurately recorded. The opinions represent our personal interpretations and tentative conclusions. It is our sincere hope that an open-minded reading of our book will increase the degree of public conscious awareness, with respect to the critical predicament of the African peoples, their culture, environment, wildlife and other natural resources.

Coaching Days and Coaching Ways

Author : William Outram Tristram
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Straight True

Author : Hugh Soar
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The arrow, essentially a specialized spear, is among the most ancient human inventions and can be found in cultures throughout the world. The need to launch a projectile farther and with greater accuracy than is possible with the human arm gave rise to a variety of solutions. Spearthrowers which extend the length of the user’s arm and therefore transfer greater power to the projectile were developed far back in prehistory, and both the American Indian atlatl and the Australian woomera are examples of this technology. Blowpipes, too, are recorded in various cultures and represent another ancient technology. It was soon discovered that a stringed bow could launch a small spear-like projectile we now know as the arrow, and this combination became the dominant method for shooting projectiles for tens of thousands of years. A wonderfully simple device, the arrow and bow revolutionized both hunting and warfare, not only because of the speed, force, and accuracy that could be achieved, but by the fact that the arrow makes almost no sound as it flies toward its target, providing an essential element of surprise. In The Arrow: A Brief History, Hugh D. H. Soar describes the transition from hand-thrown spear to bow-launched arrow and then follows the arrow’s developments in cultures around the world and across time. The book describes arrows found in Neolithic sites; those used by North and South American Indians—including a detailed discussion of poison- tipped arrows; arrows used in China, Japan, and Mongolia; and finally the arrow in Europe, where it was successfully paired with the longbow during the Middle Ages. The author completes his survey with the changes in technology introduced during the twentieth century though the use of aluminum and other light-weight metals as well as synthetic materials to construct parts of the arrow. Relying on his considerable knowledge accumulated through decades of research, the author provides the reader with an appreciation for a humble device that, coupled with the bow, changed the history of the world.

Proceedings of the Parliament of South Australia

Author : South Australia. Parliament
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The Great North Road

Author : Frank Vigor Morley
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A social history of Britain told with the 400 mile stretch of The Great North Road from London to Edinburgh as the unifying element.

For Love of Kitty

Author : Kathleen Judd
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Lady Katherine Wellmore, known as Kitty to her family, is the daughter of the Duke of Wenton. Although a little reticent to leave their country estate to go to London for her introduction to the society of the haut ton, at first she finds it enjoyable, until the rumours start. When someone tries to murder her and blame the Prince Regent the world becomes a very dangerous place. This is a case of treason. After Waterloo the agents of the crown have returned home with little to interest them. One in particular is Richard Trevane, Fifth Earl of Pengarron. Harassed by the matrons of the ton he should at least find peace at home but his mother is determined to marry him to someone of her choice. Restless and besieged he needs something to occupy him, some cause on which to use his over active intellect. When he discovers Kitty hiding on his estate in Cornwall he finds he has more of a cause than he had intended, but can he save her?

Westmorland Alone

Author : Ian Sansom
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Welcome to Westmorland. Perhaps the most scenic county in England! Home of the poets! Land of the great artists! District of the Great Lakes! And the scene of a mysterious crime . . . Swanton Morley, the People’s Professor, once again sets off in his Lagonda to continue his history of England, The County Guides. Stranded in the market town of Appleby after a tragic rail crash, Morley, his daughter Miriam and his assistant, Stephen Sefton, find themselves drawn into a world of country fairs, gypsy lore and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. When a woman’s body is discovered at an archaeological dig, for Morley there’s only one possible question: could it be murder? Join Morley, Miriam and Sefton as they journey along the Great North road and the Settle-Carlisle Line into the dark heart of 1930s England.

The Secret History of the Roman Roads of Britain

Author : M.C. Bishop
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There have been many books on Britain's Roman roads, but none have considered in any depth their long-term strategic impact. Mike Bishop shows how the road network was vital not only in the Roman strategy of conquest and occupation, but influenced the course of British military history during subsequent ages. The author starts with the pre-Roman origins of the network (many Roman roads being built over prehistoric routes) before describing how the Roman army built, developed, maintained and used it. Then, uniquely, he moves on to the post-Roman history of the roads. He shows how they were crucial to medieval military history (try to find a medieval battle that is not near one) and the governance of the realm, fixing the itinerary of the royal progresses. Their legacy is still clear in the building of 18th century military roads and even in the development of the modern road network. Why have some parts of the network remained in use throughout?The text is supported with clear maps and photographs. Most books on Roman roads are concerned with cataloguing or tracing them, or just dealing with aspects like surveying. This one makes them part of military landscape archaeology.