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The Green Lunch Box

Author : Becky Alexander
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The Green Lunchbox is packed with delicious, healthy, plant-based lunches for busy people who care about waste and the environment but can't afford to compromise on convenience. Making your own lunch just a few times a week saves money, packaging and precious time in your lunch break. Discover simple, short recipes for hot boxes, soups, salads, wraps and snacks that make the most of your everyday fresh and store cupboard ingredients. Learn to love your leftovers, master the art of batch cooking and discover ingenious sustainable ways to pack (and eat) your lunch.

The Green Hornet Lunchbox

Author : Shirley Gordon
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Joey's delight with his new lunchbox is dampened when he discovers his best friend, Anthony, eats in the school cafeteria.

Warman s Lunch Boxes Field Guide

Author : Joe Soucy
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You can't help but relive fond memories of childhood when you spend time with this celebration of meal-time nostalgia. Explore photos and learn about collector prices for metal lunch boxes, many including bottles, from the early 1950s to the more modern reincarnations of the 1980s. Enjoy an overview of this hip collectible arena from the author, a man who's accumulated every lunch box of every type ever made.

Vegan Lunch Box Around the World Large Print 16pt

Author : Jennifer McCann
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If you think vegan lunchtime means peanut butter and jelly day after day, think again! Based on the wildly popular blog of the same name, Vegan Lunch Box offers an amazing array of meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free meals and snacks. All the recipes are organized into menus to help parents pack quick, nutritious, and irresistible vegan lunches. Ideal for everyday and special occasions, Vegan Lunch Box features tips for feeding even the most finicky kids. It includes handy allergen-free indexes identifying wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free recipes, and product recommendations that make shopping a breeze.

Lunchbox Funbox

Author : Divya Rao
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We all know how fussy kids are when it comes to food. Sometimes they dont like the color, particular vegetable, the shape.or sometimes its just that they dont want to eat the same thing again & again! It becomes so difficult for us as parents to cope up with such situations day in, day out especially when we have to pack our kids lunchbox that plays a vital role in their nutrition regime. LunchBox - FunBox is a book that brings to you tantalizing, simple, tasty & easy to cook vegetarian recipes which can turn your kids LunchBox into a FunBox!!

Lunchbox Salads

Author : Naomi Twigden
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Fun, flavour-packed 'al-desko' ideas for every working day! Invest in a lunchbox you love and fill it with these amazing recipes. They are packed with flavour and nourishment to keep you happy and your stomach content. Food-loving Naomi and Anna are trained chefs and have poured their lunchmaking-wisdom into this handy book, ensuring their recipes take no more than 30 minutes to make, transport well and will last up to 2 days in tupperware. Recipes are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers. And there are loads of tips to help you customize recipes to your heart's delight.

53 Healthy Lunch Box Recipes for Babies Toddlers and Kids

Author : Jayalekshmy Velswamy
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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53 Healthy Lunch Box Recipes for Babies,Toddlers and Kids is a must have eBook for parents with school going toddlers and kids. All the recipes are not only tasty, but healthy and nutritious too.

I Quit Sugar The Lunchbox Book

Author : Sarah Wilson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is a 'best of lunch' compilation from Sarah's previous print-only books (Simplicious and I Quit Sugar for Life) in one handy eBook. The midday meal is a great opportunity to ensure you get a big nutritious hit in the middle of the day. We're constantly asked how you should go about doing this if you're a desk worker, shift worker, a parent packing kids lunch or anything in between. So we've shared with you all of our ingenious ideas for toting, heating, dressing and adding pizazz to boring lunches.

Best Lunch Box Ever

Author : Katie Sullivan Morford
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Best Lunch Box Ever is full of recipes, ideas, and strategies for packing creative and healthful lunches for kids, solving what is for many parents the most taxing of daily chores. Kids will love the scrumptiousness, while busy moms and dads will appreciate the quick and simple solutions for wholesome, balanced meals developed by Katie Sullivan Morford, a registered dietician and mother of three. The 65 recipes are easy, delicious, and-best of all-packed with nutrients for well-rounded lunches and snacks, including Deconstructed Caprese Skewers, Easy Cheesy Thermos Beans, Pesto Pita Pizza, Cinnamon Wonton Crisps, Parmesan Kale Chips, Crispy Applewiches, and more.

The Organic Lunchbox

Author : Marie W. Lawrence
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Taking the mystery out of making nutritious meals that your kids will love, The Organic Lunchbox has a variety of options that are sure to tantalize even the most finicky taste buds. Divided into categories, including Breakfast for Lunch, Hot or Cold, Vegetables on Parade, Soups and Sandwiches, and Something Not Too Sweet, you’ll find fun and often finger-friendly fare such as: Classic mini pizzas Broccoli cheese soup Sweet potato chips Crunchy French toast fingers Meatloaf cupcakes Lemon-lime gel with blueberries The easy-to-follow recipes, many of which are geared to kid- or family-friendly preparation, will include peanut-free and tree nut-free options. In addition, The Organic Lunchbox will include information on purchasing and utilizing organic ingredients and tips on which types of food are most important to consider when looking for the organic designation. Lawrence also offers helpful suggestions for making kid-size portions, serving options, and storing until they’re ready to be packed into a lunchbox.

How Lunchbox Jones Saved Me from Robots Traitors and Missy the Cruel

Author : Jennifer Brown
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Luke Abbott's school is the losing-est school in the history of losing. And that's just fine for him. He'd rather be at home playing video games and avoiding his older brother Rob and the Greatest Betrayal of All Time. But now he's being forced to join the robotics team, where he'll meet a colorful cast of characters, including: Mikayla, the girl who does everything with her toes; Jacob and Jacob, who aren't twins but might as well be; the sunflower seed-obsessed Stuart; and Missy the Cruel, Luke's innocent-looking bully since they were six-years-old. But it's an unlikely connection with a mysterious boy known only as “Lunchbox Jones" that will change Luke's life. Turns out, Luke and Lunchbox Jones have a lot more in common than just robots . . . .

Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox

Author : Michael Buckley
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the New York Times bestselling author of the Sisters Grimm and NERDS comes a new action-packed middle-grade series with aliens, robots, and kids saving the world! Finn Foley has a lunchbox, and when he opens it, weird things come out . . . like a seven-foot-tall robot and a strange, blinking device that glues itself to his chest. The lunchbox also opens wormholes--shortcuts through space--that take Finn to the farthest corners of the galaxy. Sounds awesome, right? Not so much. Rocketing through the cosmos attracts the attention of the Plague, a race of gigantic bugs. The thing on Finn's chest belongs to them--it's the most dangerous weapon in the universe--and they want it back. To fight the Plague, Finn will need the lunchbox, as well as an unlikely squad of assistants: Lincoln, the bully; Julep, the coolest girl in school; Kate, Finn's unicorn-obsessed little sister; and Highbeam, a robot spy from another galaxy. If they can learn to work together, they just might have a chance, but the bugs are coming, and they'll stop at nothing to get their weapon--even if it means destroying the world.

The Lunchbox Book

Author : Katerina Dimitriadis
File Size : 32.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Are you bored of pre-packed sandwiches and soggy salads? Reclaim your lunch hour as The Lunchbox Book shows you how to liven up your lunch box. With more than 100 easy, healthy and varied lunch ideas from around the world such as Mexican Schnitzel Burritos, Layered Orzo Salad and Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins, you can change the way you think about your packed lunch. The clever weekly lunch planners will help you save time, save money and reduce food waste. Includes vegetarian options plus fun ideas for communal office lunches, sweet treats, grab-and-go breakfasts, seasonal recipes, using up leftovers and more. With advice on preparation, storing, transportation and time-saving make-ahead ideas, The Lunchbox Book will ensure your lunch is truly grab-and-go.

Marcy and Her Friends

Author : NEC Iankowitz
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The first Marcy story was written to help my own second grader confront issues surrounding disorganization. The second story was created to help her deal with a classroom bully. That story was read by me to her class and received so well that it was followed, by popular demand, by twenty more. The series developed as the wishes, fears and frustrations of my daughter's classmates, (and of several teachers), were reflected by Marcy who handled the problems they inspired. As my daughter grew, the Marcy stories served to remind her of many personal accomplishments. Then, once my younger daughter entered second grade, she was comforted by the stories until she began to face difficulties not yet handled by Marcy. Suddenly, Marcy had to discover a whole bunch of new adventures both in school and during summer sleep away camp. This book is geared towards first through third graders and has been piloted to students 7-10 years of age. It is a read aloud "imagination series" and intended to provide an interactive reading experience. Students are encouraged to see Marcy through their own eyes, as Marcy has neither race nor religion of her own.

The Kids Mini Lunchbox Book

Author : I Quit Sugar
File Size : 35.75 MB
Format : PDF
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Whole Green Catalog

Author : Michael W. Robbins
File Size : 83.48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A consumer's reference to green living counsels readers on how to identify truly eco-friendly products and includes reviews and advice for everything from home furnishings and appliances to toys and clothing. Original.

The Little Lunchbox Cookbook

Author : Renee Kohley
File Size : 33.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Exciting Whole-Food Lunches You’ll Be Proud to Pack and That Kids Will Love to Eat! Pack your child a healthy, tasty lunch the easy way! Each lunchbox focuses on just one nutrient-dense homemade component that can be prepped ahead of time for easy grab-and-go options on busy days. Prep a big batch of Carnival Copycat Corn Dogs and stick them in the freezer— they’ll defrost just in time for lunch. Make The Best Chinese Takeout Copycat for dinner one night and you can pack the leftovers in the kids’ thermoses later that week. And what could be easier than letting your child assemble their own lunch with a chapter full of healthy Lunchables ® copycats? From Pizza Lunchables ® Copycat featuring whole-food pizza crust and customizable toppings, to Easy Homemade Cracker Stackers Lunchables ® Copycat, you’ll find tons of ideas to make lunchbox prep fun, nourishing, and practical. Renee Kohley, author of Nourished Beginnings Baby Food, has compiled this delicious, allergen-friendly collection of gluten-free lunches to make sure every child has the energy they need to power through the busy school day. Fill a lunchbox with no-fuss sides like seeds, crackers, and fresh fruits with a single from-scratch item for a balanced meal that your kids will be excited to eat. With so many great choices, you’ll never have to wonder what you should pack for lunch again. *All recipes are gluten-free and allergen-friendly!*

Pandora s Lunchbox

Author : Melanie Warner
File Size : 53.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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CULTURAL STUDIES. In the tradition of "Fast Food Nation" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma" comes an "indispensable," (New York "Newsday") fascinating, and cutting-edge look at the scary truth about what really goes into our food. If a piece of individually wrapped cheese can retain its shape, color, and texture for years, what does it say about the food we eat and feed to our children? Former "New York Times" business reporter and mother Melanie Warner decided to explore that question when she observed the phenomenon of the indestructible cheese. She began an investigative journey that took her to research labs, university food science departments, and factories around the country. What she discovered provides a rare, eye-opening--and sometimes disturbing--account of what we're really eating.

Lunch Bags

Author : Design Collective
File Size : 45.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Brown bag lunches don’t have to be in brown bags! Sew colorful, customized baggies, bicycle bags, totes and more with these fun patterns. Why shouldn’t your lunch bag match your personal wardrobe and eco-conscious lifestyle? The projects you can create with this book include sandwich wraps, baggies, bicycle bags, picnic bags, and totes—quick and easy to make with basic sewing techniques. Customize the outside with your favorite fabrics and insulate the inside. You can waterproof it with laminated cotton, oilcloth, nylon, or vinyl. Projects are fun, functional, and reusable—to make your sack lunches even greener. Bags can be washed in your dishwasher or washing machine. Today's hottest designers share their sewing savvy with 25 projects, from a simple sandwich wrap to a sophisticated shoulder bag. Everyone in your family will want one!

Lunchbox and the Aliens

Author : Bryan W. Fields
File Size : 47.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Lunchbox felt odd. He wondered how he had known how to open the place where all the yummy stuff was kept. He wondered why he seemed to know so much about these strange animals he was with. He wondered how he knew he was wondering. Lunchbox is your average basset hound: round, floppy, and not too bright . . . until he's abducted by aliens. Then he suddenly becomes a lean, mean, garbage-machine-making, uh, machine. Frazz and Grunfloz, the hapless aliens who abducted Lunchbox, have set him the task of converting Earth's trash into froonga, a food adored by aliens and dogs alike. Will Lunchbox and his boy, Nate, solve the world's garbage crisis and form the first interplanetary alliance? Or will the fate of the whole solar system come to rest on whether Lunchbox can ever learn to catch a Frisbee?